Recap | Make It Right | s02e13

Finally, it’s the penultimate episode of MIR Season 2. We are almost there yorobun. We will finish this soon. Let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

So, it’s almost the evening of the beach trip. Tee is just chilling and being all touristy by snapping some beach photos for the ‘gram when Fuse pops up and starts to say something. I think he’s about to confess his true feelings but he’s mumbling a lot and doesn’t seem to have the right words. To further complicate things, P’Nine appears in the middle of the confession derailing Fuse’s thoughts. So, he just chickens out and says that he only wanted to take a picture together with Tee.

Later in the evening, Fuse and Tee are sitting together and Fuse is live streaming when Copter comments and asks about their relationship. Fuse gets flustered and says that he can’t answer that as he’s still not ready. Jeez, it’s the second last episode dude, when will you be ready to confess? Anyway, then, the boys gather to eat dinner. While Tee goes to fetch Fuse, the others start to whisper together and plan something.

When everyone arrives, the boys decide to play the infamous King card game where if you get the King card, you can order anyone to do anything. There’s lots of kissing involved but in the last game, Lokmo orders everyone to close their eyes except Tee and fuse and tells them to speak their heart out to each other and confess their feelings. Lol. So, cringy.

After some awkward silence, Fuse finally starts his big confession. He says that he’s known Tee for a long time and that Tee’s been always there for him, including during the Jean episode. Then, he starts to cry and apologizes for being selfish and giving him false hope. He finally says that he can’t live without Tee. Tee then wipes Fuse’s tears and consoles him by saying that he has never stopped loving Fuse and will always be by his side, no matter what.

I was about to be pissed as no one had said I love you after all this but thankfully, Tee says it first and later, Fuse repeats the same thing – “I love you too”. Aww. And, to celebrate this confession, the boys in the background cheer and make suggestive gestures. Classy. Also, they finally make it official and become boyfriends. They are about to kiss when they are interrupted by the ever-excited boys again. Ugh.

2 months later:

Well, that was a surprising time jump. It seems Mo wants Book and Frame to do a wedding photo shoot. I think I’m confused. Are they actually getting married or are they just doing a photo shoot for a magazine or something? If it’s a real marriage, where’s the proposal, are they even allowed to get married? If it’s not then it’s quite clever for MIR to give fans what they want without them having to actually get married. I like it.

As the scene progresses, I think they are just there to model for the photographer. Book and Frame end up posing in a traditional Thai wedding costume and the whole thing was really cute. Later, they talk about being together, loving each other forever, and even eventually getting married for real.

Meanwhile, Fuse and Tee are just getting used to being real boyfriends and are going on dates. There’s a whole lot of flirting, sweet talks, and wiping food off of each other’s mouths. Then, to really hone in the point that the ARE DEFINITELY IN FACT BOYFRIENDS, one lady from another table comes and asks them out on a date. To which, Tee deftly replies by saying that no, they are not available because they are boyfriends.

And like the spurned bitch that she is, she sits back down in her own seat angrily, and starts bad mouthing them saying that they are gays and are disgusting. Ugh. Sour grapes, much?

But, not to worry.  Tee and Fuse have their own supporters, who love them for who they are. And, to top it all off, the now-mature Fuse explains to Tee that it’s all okay as long as they both are together and are true about their feelings and it doesn’t matter what other people say. Oh how times have changed.

Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • While others are working, these two are just texting and flirting, even though they are RIGHT there next to each other. Priorities. +20

  • At least, he apologized right? +10

  • Finally, the confession. We have been waiting for a while, eh? +100

  • Yes, I will. +20 But, -10 for the interrupting boys. Where did they even get those fireworks thingy?

  • Frame’s the best boyfriend. +20

  • Denied again. Lol. +10

  • These two look super cute in this traditional Thai costume. +50


  • Someone’s in the mood. +10

  • I think I wanna marry you. +50


  • Tee and Fuse are sitting .. like .. right there! You are telling me they didn’t hear all that talk between Book and Frame? Pfft. -10


  • Come on! That wasn’t even a kiss. And, it was supposed to last 5 seconds. -10

  • Funniest thing Book has said ever. Lol. -10


  • When you have to swim now but have to model some hair products later. -20. But, who’s she, she’s pretty cute. +10

  • In the real world, Fuse would have been kicked out already. -10


  • What happened to tee’s hair? -10


Total: +220

Verdict: Now that we are winding down and coming so close to the end, the episodes are no longer filled with weird/dramatic story lines and thus, are becoming quite pleasant to watch.

Next episode: Are Book and Frame really getting married? I’m confused.

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Recap | Sotus S: The Series | s02e01

Omg, I’m so hyped for this. First of all, thanks to Delightful and Pinkmilk subs for doing the god’s work. Also, while searching for the Engsub videos for Sotus, I came across videos that specifically had – no comments – in the title. Lol. It’s so funny that people are demanding super clean viewing experience and are getting it as well. I actually like the comments on the videos but again, that’s just me. Anyway, let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

A little bit of background: Last season, Kongpope and P’Arthit used to study in the same university, where P’Arthit, the senior, was the head hazer and Kongpope was a mere freshmen. They used to butt heads all the time but even with all those arguments, they eventually ended up falling in love. The second season is a bit of a time jump, I think about  ~3 years from the events of the first season.

We start the episode with this wonderful picture montage of what our precious couple has been doing for the past few years. We see photos, valentine’s day gifts, graduation pictures, movie stubs, etc. I must say, I’m really impressed with the initial setup and direction of the episode. I feel like it’s very thought out, and the production value seems quite high.

Then, the camera pans to sleeping P’Arthit and Kongpope, who’s trying to waking him up. I thought that they had moved in together but sadly, it turns out he’s just there to wake him up as it’s his first day of work. But, the lazy P’Arthit ends up sleeping a little more than intended even though he has a personal alarm clock. If someone woke me up like this, I would be up in no time.

Even though he’s a little bit late, Kongpope makes sure that his boyfriend looks sharp on his first day of work. Aww. This scene also reminds me of the wedding scene in Looking where Russell Tovey’s character does similar thing to Jonathan Groff’s character. It’s homely-romantic shit like this that makes me scream inside with happiness.

So, in this season, we find out that the roles are reversed for these two. First, our Kongpope is the head hazer at the uni lording over innocent freshmen.


Meanwhile, P’Arthit is the newbie at his work. He looks totally out of place but definitely adorable! The series itself comments on this and I really like the juxtaposition between Kongpope’s and P’Arthit’s roles.


At the uni, Kongpope channels his inner P’Arthit and launches on the same speech about how the gear represents something or the other and how they need to work together, etc. Then, he assigns the juniors to collect 1000 signatures from the seniors in their cheer book. However, this time he’s not like the previous hazers. Apparently, he’s kind and wants them to know that they don’t have to collect all 1000. In the cheer meeting as well, he discusses about the need to be less harsher and cut down on stupid (my word) and heavier activities.

But of course, what’s cheer time without an edgy freshman who doesn’t like to follow rules. Presenting Mr. Daechawut, who is clearly just over it.

I’m so edgy.

At the office, P’Arthit is assigned to the Purchasing dept instead of Production dept where he interned and wants to go. I guess that’s life where you don’t always get what you want. SOTUS teaching life lessons, ya’ll. Lol.

Later that night, most of the gang from last season meet up at P’Bright’s new bar to catch up.


Here are a few things that are going on in their life:

  • Aim still likes May but hasn’t had the chance/courage to express his feelings.
  • P’Bright opened up a new bar (the one that they are in)
  • P’Nott is doing his Masters
  • One of the P’s unemployed while the other one got drafted for the military.
  • Kongpope also complains about how little time P’Arthit and him are spending together (I guess this will be further expanded upon in the series and some competition will be introduced as well)

After everyone leaves, Kongpope offers to drop P’Arthit home (I love how Kongpope has taken the more – caretaker like – role this season). On the way, P’Arthit inquires about the hazing and slyly asks him if anyone’s giving him trouble like in his year (referring of course to Kongpope himself). To which, Kongpope confidently replies by telling him not to worry as he had already passed the test for the worst case scenario so he’ll be able to handle anything.

Then, we are shown a flashback of that ‘test’, where Kongpope auditions to be the head hazer and the seniors (including P’Arthit) are the judges. The worst case scenario test Kongpope was talking about was the one where he had to haze P’Arthit, who was acting as a freshman.

Okay, first of all, doesn’t this looks like a cult? Like, candles? Seriously? You are telling me they had all the time in the world to light them and place them just so? Haven’t they heard of electricity?


Secondly, I didn’t expect the test to go where it actually went. I mean, I should’ve anticipated it but I was pleasantly surprised nonetheless. To test Kongpope, P’Arthit pulls the same exact shit that Kongpope pulled in his first year when P’Arthit was the head hazer i.e., – “I will take you as my wife if you don’t give me the gear because as your husband what’s yours will be mine so the gear will be mine as well”.

Let me tell you, I was totally screaming and was like, yass P’Arthit, you tell that Kongpope! Lol.

But but, our Kongpope’s also not that dumb and fires back.

This makes P’Arthit, who’s not so keen on PDA, very uncomfortable and passes Kongpope immediately.

The next day, P’Arthit goes to his new department and is introduced to everyone. His manager, P’Danai seems very nice and kind and welcomes him to the department. There’s Som-oh, P’Danai’s secretary, who mistook P’Arthit as an IT guy earlier. Then there’s also P’John, the assistant manager, who steals other people’s food. He is cute and seems friendly enough.

Not only do I steal food, but I steal hearts as well.

The only person not quite friendly is P’Earth, who sits beside him. She actually ends up sending P’Arthit to this another strict boss lady, who eats poor P’Arthit up because he didn’t recognize her. Excuse me? It’s his first day for god’s sake. Can’t you cut him some slack? You know what? You don’t deserve P’Arthit.


Oh, before I forget, there’s also Bonus, the fish.

Later, the nice boss, Mr. Danai, takes all of them to dinner as a welcome gift to P’Arthit. He also mentions that his son is starting university this year. And I bet, it is none other than our favorite trouble maker.

What has he been up to you ask? Oh, nothing major. He just casually refuses to do the chicken dance and goes on about how stupid the whole hazing thing is (which I totally agree with btw).

However, the interesting thing here isn’t Daechawut’s (what’s his nickname btw?) attitude but P’Tew’s reaction to Mr. Dae’s attitude. He sees that Dae is quite opposed to all the cheer activities and takes it upon himself to educate and help Dae out in these troubled times. His explanation on his interest on Mr. Dae? Apparently, he has the same student code as him when he was a junior. Pfftt. Lame.

P’Tew’s the part of the establishment, setting all the rules, while Dae’s the heady rule breaker, opposing said establishment – they are destined to fall in love.

Just look at P’Tew flirting by saying that he is the one who wants Dae to know him. I bet he also wants him to do other things. 😛

Verdict: Wow, what a refreshing pace of change for me. I hadn’t expected SOTUS to be so .. well .. professional about all of it. Like, MIR screams amateur hour but everything in the first episode of SOTUS seemed well thought out. We will just have to see if it manages to maintain it.

Next Episode: More edginess from Mr. Troublemaker.

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Recap | Make It Right | s02e12

I feel like most of the scenes in this MIR episode were quite repetitive and nothing really substantial happened. I also have no idea how they are going to stretch this to two more episodes. Anyway, let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

In these final few episodes, we are 100% on board for Tee and Fuse reunion. After having a heart to heart and possibly dinner together, we see that it’s Fuse’s turn to reminisce and write in the diary.  I guess, it’s MIR’s way of showing that Fuse has always been in love with Tee and they are meant to be.

Meanwhile, Book and Frame also spend their time repeating the same dialogues again and again, albeit in a different setting every time. First on a balcony and later when they are having a dinner at a fancy restaurant with a huge ass aquarium. There, Frame tells book that he wants to forget the past and move ahead with Book by his side. Book is also very thankful for everything that Frame has done (and talks about something that happened in season one that I can’t remember). Then, they toast to each other’s future and do a weird chant – “Book fan Frame” – a couple of times (this one was possibly for the fans).

Later, all the boys are playing basketball in the college when Mo announces that he’s the organizer for the farewell program for the 12th graders and wants all of their help. They produce a video and prepare some balloons. And, after that sweat breaking work, Mo announces that they should go to the beach as a reward. And of course, everyone joins in for that beach trip.

After they arrive at the place, everyone is having fun, playing games and just appreciating each other’s company. This felt very nostalgic and like the last ‘farewell’ episode where we bid goodbye to the good old days. Then I remembered we still have two more episodes. Anyway, after the group activities, Frame and Book lounge beside the sea and repeat the same – thank you for being by my side, let’s move ahead etc. – dialogue again. Frame also gives Book the promise ring back (I didn’t even know Book had returned it. Lol) and reiterates that he will not be a hoe anymore and keep all the thirsty bitches by the bay.

Side note: I also love how we just swept the threesome under the rug and aren’t talking about it at all.

Meanwhile, Fuse and Tee also spend some quality time alone in the beach. They are happy, flirty and Tee even sings. Then, Fuse sort of admits his feelings by saying that Tee is the best part of his life now. Awww. Then, they have their – walks on the beach while holding hands – moment.

Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • I will always be by your side #1. +10


  • Denied. Lol. +20


  • Strangely, I support this unholy union. Lol. +10 And, another +50 for Cid’s choice of T-shirt. He has a great fashion sense.


  • Book appreciation thread. Look at that smile. Look at that silky smooth hair. All on point. +100


  • Fuse practicing his grand proposal. +10


  • When you are the only one excited for trip in the group. +10


  • All their outfits are super. But, I am in love with Book’s pineapple T-shirt. +20


  • The boys having fun. I weirdly have FOMO now. +20


  • I will always be by your side #2. +20


  • And they lived happily ever after. +50



  • They worked so hard! Look at all the balloons they prepared for the farewell. -10


  • Two chairs that near to the sea? It looks dangerous and highly impractical. Lol. -50. Another -50 for the ‘May I sit here’ when he’s already sat down.


Total: + 210

Verdict: The episodes in Thai BL series where they all go on a trip outside the city are generally fun and this was no exception. It’s just that things were a tad bit repetitive and I have no idea what they will pull out for the next two episodes when this one felt like the ‘farewell’ one.

Next episode: The boys play the infamous “I’m the King” card game.

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Recap | Make It Right | s02e11

I’m desperately waiting for the Eng sub of Sotus S. Are you guys excited? I know I am! Anyway, let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

After all the events from last episode, Tee is in a trance – a love trance, if you will. He’s thinking about that kiss with Fuse and seems to have fallen in love all over again. His friend – Copter – asks if he had confessed his feelings to that person. To which Tee replies – not yet (are you serious, like … are we watching the same show? Didn’t you just say that you like him in the last episode?) Anyway, the helpful friend then tells him not to lose the chance and express his feelings towards that person. To help him articulate, he suggests writing all his feelings down in a diary.

Of course, what a wonderful idea. Why hadn’t I thought of that before? Love problems? Why, just solve it using a diary, duh! /s

This gets even more ridiculous when we see Lokmo suggesting the same thing to Fuse. His reasoning? He thinks that Fuse seems a little bit stressed and the diary might help him out. And conveniently, he whips out a diary to give to Fuse. I do not understand the rationale behind this but … sure. Then, we see a good old MIR montage of both Tee and Fuse staring at their diary and reminiscing about their good old days. I guess, it sort of works and helps them remember the good times and establishes their love for each other.

The next day, in their tutorial class, Cid is sitting with Tee. Then, when Fuse enters and starts flirting with Tee, Cid is all kinds of supportive (ugh) and the other two are like – don’t worry, you will find the right person (more ugh). It gets even more awkward when Jean comes in. After the class finishes, she apologizes to Fuse and asks if they can get back together. But thankfully, Fuse says no and leaves with Tee.

Later, they sit together and rehash their whole – omg, I’m so confused and omg, I will accept your decision no matter what – routine. In the end though, Frame promises that he’s finally made a decision and is sure about his choice. We don’t see what that decision is (even though we know it’s Tee) because I think MIR is setting up for a big proclamation of love for the coming episodes. We shall see.

Meanwhile, after that suicide attempt, Book is recovering in a hospital with Frame by his side. Then, we see P’Tern arrive in the room where he apologizes to Book and asks if he needs anything. To which, Book replies by saying that he doesn’t need anything as now, he’s got Book by his side. Aww. Later, we see the same thing happen with Book’s parents. They apologize (so much apologizing this episode) and ask Frame to take care of him. And take care of him, he does. From ironing his clothes, helping him shower ( 😛 ) to supporting him in the school among all those stares, he’s there with him in every step of the way. Book seems to appreciate this very much and promises not to do anything to jeopardize this ever again.

Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • Tee has fallen hopelessly in love. Again. +10


  • Omg, young Tee! Awwww. +10

young tee.PNG

  • I will always be by your side. +300




  • Yasss, Daddy! Choke me! (Hahahahahahah) Seriously, he’s so hot. ❤ +500


  • Finally, we get to see more students in the college. +10

more students.PNG

  • Thank god, the impossible has happened. Fuse has made a choice and it’s not Jean. And, that backhanded comment about ‘we can still be friends’? Lol. Gold. +20


  • Not gonna lie, this scene was well shot and captures the soul of MIR pretty well. +10



  • Errmm. This style’s a no. -20


  • You are having a hard time Frame because you are pushing it on grass! -10


  • Are those egg crates as decorations? -20


  • And, what’s happening in these scenes? Without context, it just looks terrifying. -100

whats happening.PNGwhats happening2.PNG

  • Hell NO! Cid doesn’t deserve this. If you want to just pair the third wheels, it’s just lazy writing. Nope. Try again. -5000 just for insinuating this could happen.


Total: -4290

Verdict: It wasn’t a good episode and was a little slow as well. Also, I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve said this before (I do love to repeat myself) but at this point, I think I’m just hate-watching MIR. You might have realized this as well – I am a bit harsh on it. It’s just that I was promised all the fluff but ended up getting all these serious issues that I didn’t want to think about. Lol. Having said that, I do not think MIR is that bad of a show. After watching that last scene with Tee and Fuse, I sort of get and appreciate what they are trying .. and that’s the keyword here – trying .. to do. It’s the trials and tribulations of growing up – all the love, the indecision, the heartbreaks, and the drama.

Anyway, just thought I would explain myself a little bit.

Next episode: Looks like we are going on a trip to the beach.

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Recap | Make It Right | s02e10

I got my English test results today. I did great! Lol. Let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

Okay, let me just say, I totally thought that the third person in the threesome was that cute teacher from the school! I swear! The only reason why I didn’t mention it in the last recap was because I wasn’t 100% certain. But, it did turn out to be the teacher. Oh, boy. A teacher involved in a threesome with two students? MIR, you have once again outdone yourself.

So, after Frame realizes that the other two parties in the threesome are P’Tern and his teacher, he immediately launches into a combative mode. He punches P’Tern and asks why he’s doing this to Book (hypocrite much?). P’Tern clarifies that he’s in a relationship with the teacher – Fit (very fitting :P) and not Book. He also explains that they are only doing this because they love threesomes (so kinky). This calms Frame down a bit. Then, P’Tern asks Frame to be with Book as Book seems depressed and needs someone to take care of him.

And, you would think that after receiving such advice, Frame would go straight to Book and be there for him. But, no. He goes to a tattoo removal clinic (which is obv sooo not sponsored) and asks the kind doctor to remove his ‘Frame Book’ tattoo. First of all, when did he get that tattoo? Is my memory that bad? Was it in this season? Anyway, the kind doctor asks the reason for the removal. Frame then says that keeping the tattoo is of no use because it has already gone from his heart. Damn, son. Then, the kind doctor helpfully narrates and guides us through the whole tattoo removal procedure which is 100% safe and leaves no traces after it is done (as I said, not sponsored at all).

The next day, Book finally decides to come back to school and asks Frame to pick him up. When they meet, Book apologizes and says that he cares a lot about Frame and decided to stay away because he felt guilty about the whole ‘sex-tape’ incident. Instead of coming clean about the threesome, Frame just says that from now on, he will take care of Book and if anyone tries to tease him, he would take care of it. Then, in school, that’s exactly what happens. In the urinal (where else?), Frame and Book overhear some students making fun of the sex-tape (with very specific gyrating motions) but Frame quickly shuts them down. However, this affects Book a lot and in the end of the episode, he takes some pills and attempts suicide. Gosh, is there nothing that MIR won’t attempt to tackle? These are all serious issues and I feel like MIR is just doing them to show that they are doing them.

Meanwhile, in Tee and Fuse land, it seems Fuse has lost his mind. He’s started being a lot clingy and even stalks Tee throughout the day in the school. It seems he really wants to live with Tee in his condo as he constantly reminds Tee of the same promise he made earlier in the season. Even Tee wonders why Fuse is acting this way and decides to just avoid him altogether and goes to the tutoring place straight away instead of waiting for Fuse. And in the tutoring place, a really weird interaction happens between Cid and Tee where Cid encourages Tee not to run away from his feelings towards Fuse (??).

The next day, when looking for Tee, Fuse comes across Tee’s phone at the computer lab with Copter. Under the guise of returning it to Tee, he takes the phone and heads towards where Tee’s sitting. He finds Tee just chilling and looking a little bit sad. This prompts Fuse to unleash his flirty side and he even sings the MIR theme song to him. This obviously makes Tee smile. Then, they kiss. Tee is still a little bit surprised by these activities and asks Fuse about it. Fuse then says that he’s still working on this and needs a little more time.

Really? After all of that, you STILL need a little more time to be with Tee? Smh.

Next, we get a delightful scene with Tee, his mother, and her lover. Apparently, Tee’s mother is leaving for England for 4 months, which means Tee and Fuse can move in to the condo and do … things.

Also, Fit and P’Tern break up because Mr. Fit finally realized how inappropriate the whole thing was.

Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • This is actually quite good advice but it’s a little weird coming from P’Tern of all people. +15


  • Tee/Boom’s expressions are really on point though. +10


  • Fuse’s got some guts. I will give him that. +20


  • And, they do sort of look cute in this. +25



  • You see, I’m not opposed to the threesome, I’m not even opposed to the teacher being a part of the threesome. It’s just – too many things are happening at the same time. -10


  • How did Fuse go from endearing to annoying piece of s*** in a span of one season? And, what’s up with the jazz hands? -50


  • I mean, the ‘tattoo’ is already .. sort of .. leaking. Should’ve just taken a shower to remove it. Lol. -10


  • This was supposed to be emotional but tbh, I just didn’t feel it due to the … aesthetics. Haha. -10


  • Also, in my opinion, Book should have confessed about the threesome. Maybe, it’s going to be a plot point later in the season? -20
  • When did Cid and Fuse become best friends? -10


  • What could have been. Sigh. -50


  • The kisses in this episode weren’t that great either. -5


  • Look at Tee/Boom’s face, he doesn’t seem happy. Lol. -10


  • And in this one, he’s physically recoiling. -15


  • I don’t believe, for a second, that Fuse is good in studies. -10


Total: -130

Verdict: I found this episode to be a little annoying (as you can see with lots of Nots rather than the Hots). Plus, MIR – please slow down with all these extraaa plot points. Let me catch a breath or two.

Next episode: Did Book die?

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Recap | Make It Right | s02e09

Okay guys, wtf just happened? Why didn’t anyone warn me? To be fair, there was that “group activities” foreshadowing in the previous episode but .. but .. I wasn’t prepared for this. Let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

First, let’s get the other story lines sorted. Jean is livid when she finds out that Ploy is going on dates with her precious P’Ti France. But, Ploy isn’t having any of it and asks Jean why does she care since France is supposed to be her brother. A valid point, which seems to be lost on Jean. She just says that she feels betrayed. Fuse also joins in the party and tells her that he feels the same as he knows everything about her cheating on him with France. Then, drama drama drama and finally, Fuse and Jean break up. Hallelujah.

After the break up, Fuse is now officially single (not for long). And who does he turn to? Tee of course, who’s always been there for him and this time is no exception. He informs Tee that he’s broken up with Jean and asks him if he’s mad because he’s been so fickle, with him leading Tee on and leaving him on a regular basis. Well Fuse, let’s see. Is Earth round? Is pizza the best food ever? Am I single? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. But, the ever generous Tee says that he’s not mad and he wouldn’t be there with Fuse if he was. Then, these two go back to holding hands, flirting, and doing cutesy things like the last eight episodes never happened.

So, does that mean that they are a couple now? Honestly, this was very anticlimactic and I’m not happy. This is like saying – “I chose you only because I found out my first choice was cheating on me and now I don’t have anyone.” Ugh. Having said that, I will definitely give props to Fuse for being a little self-aware and trying to make amends.

We also get a very sad scene between Fuse and Cid, where Cid bows out graciously from this love-triangle. He basically laments about unrequited love and tells Fuse that Fuse is the only one who can make Tee happy and is very important to Tee. Fuse seems happy with this confession and promises to take care of Tee. This scene was very difficult to watch for many reasons but like before, props to Cid for being this brave. I know it wasn’t easy. I am so proud of you Cid.

Anyway, now let’s move on to the main event – Book and Frame. After last episode, I really thought that things were going good between these two but apparently it’s not. Book continues to ignore and push Frame away. He says that he’s not ready and tells Frame to go home. Like a dutiful boyfriend, Frame does what he’s told and leaves Book alone.

Then, Book receives a message from P’Tern asking to meet so that they can discuss few things. At first, Book refuses but finally agrees to meet with him. P’Tern is very apologetic and tells him that he’s concerned and feels bad for all that has happened. Book gets quite angry in the beginning saying that his life got ruined due to P’Tern but later, thanks him for teaching him not to trust anyone (??). P’Tern then invites Book to a dinner, which he accepts. (Whaa??? Why???)

Now, it would have been fine if this was a separate and contained event but MIR has been hinting towards a confrontation between P’Tern and Book for quite a long time. So, that’s what we get. We see that Frame hasn’t actually left and is still hanging around Book’s home. And most importantly, he has heard the conversation between these two. Clearly, he’s not happy about that and starts shouting at P’Tern and accuses him of leaking the video. He also gets very angry and starts to push P’Tern wanting to start a fight. Luckily, Book stops him and takes him away.

If you thought that this would be the end of the drama then you were totally wrong (like me). It seems this whole thing really affected Frame. He looks heartbroken over the fact that Book ignored him but was speaking affectionately to P’Tern. So, in a moment of weakness, he turns back to his playboy days and accepts an invitation to the “group activities” aka a threesome aka a threesome with P’Tern.

Then, to my surprise (again, why do I keep getting surprised?), MIR actually proceeds to show the whole thing in excruciating detail. We see Frame going into the hotel where he wears a blindfold and starts the “group activity” with P’Tern (they haven’t yet recognized each other at this point due to the blindfold). The episode then ends in a cliffhanger when Frame takes off his blindfold and realizes that he’s on top of P’Tern about to have sex.

Yes, that just happened.

Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • Finally, omg .. I never thought I would see this day. +10


  • The generosity of Tee knows no bounds. +25


  • Thank you <3. +50


  • Another class act. +25


  • Tee’s mom is realllyyy fashionable. +20 but what are those empty boxes in the background?


  • +100 for tackling the threesome subject matter and another +100 for make it look sexy (MIR does this very well).


  • Oooooooo, she’s pure evil. -10 (I’m the guy who’s like .. let’s film this shiz .. lol)


  • </3 -100 because this hits way too close to home.


  • MIR loves to push my buttons and succeeds. -1000


  • Looks so fake, no? -20


  • If you wear a blindfold, you become instantly unrecognizable. -100



  • Am I not a part of this threesome? Why are you ignoring me? -10


Total: -910

Verdict: I have said this before (I think) but MIR just loves to throw a lot of things in to a wall to see what sticks. It’s one of their more annoying traits (at least, you can’t say it doesn’t try right?) So, this episode wasn’t a good one. It was very anticlimactic and the threesome felt a bit too forced.

Next episode: Did Book die?

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Recap | Make It Right | s02e08

Okay, it’s late and I’ve got work tomorrow but we are still doing this. Let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.) But, I think by this point everyone else has watched all the episodes except me. Lol.

We start this episode with a shirtless Tee coming out of shower and any scene with shirtless Tee is a good scene. Then, quite randomly, his mother’s hot, new, and young boyfriend (who may or may not have hit on Tee and whose name I forgot) comes over to apologize and says that he has stopped his playboy ways and is committed to his mother as he loves her very much.

As I was watching this scene, I was wondering why that guy would come all the way and explain all of this to Tee. I mean it doesn’t relate to the plot at all. Like, we do care about Tee’s mother but this scene made no sense. But, when the guy actually started to explain and said that loving two people at the same time can be tough and choosing one takes time, I was like – ahh, I get it. You are trying to explain Fuse’s indecision with this parallel story-telling. Subtle. But also, f you. Think about the other person at the end of your stupid indecision that is hurting so much. Ugh.

Anyway, from subtle to extremely overt, MIR talked about orgies this episode. Yes. It went there. I mean, am I even allowed to feign surprise at this point? P’Tern, the male version of Jean, is lounging near a pool when he strikes up a conversation with a semi-naked guy next to him and invites him to their pre-arranged “group activities” and slaps his butt while he’s leaving. I mean … I have no words. P’Tern was so adamant about getting back with Book but unable to hide his true evil self, he is still going around participating in “group activities.” I guess, it suits his character very well, being a villain and acting all douchey. Poor Book.

Talking about poor Book, he’s still shaken up from that video leak. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to go through such a thing. At least, Frame continues to be there for him and keeps bringing him food. He looks quite down as well and seems affected by the whole ordeal as well as Book refuses to let him comfort him. However, it also looks like things are improving. Even though Book is not ready to open the door (to his heart – MIR is really big on symbolism), he appreciates all that Frame has done for him. So, he passes on a small note that says ‘thank you’ through the gap under the closed door. Frame looks very pleased and so does Book. ❤

On the other side of town, the spawn of Satan – Jean and her friend Ploy are out having lunch when P’Ti, the supposed cousin from Hong Kong, arrives. It’s clear that P’Ti is not P’Ti (confirmed by Ess later in the episode) and he’s secretly dating Jean. But, there’s also a lot of eye-f**king going on between Ploy and P’Ti, which means that he’s a total playboy and something will happen between Ploy and this guy later.

In the next scene, the boys all claim that they are stressed and decide to go to karaoke, as one does when one’s stressed. This results in the most awkward scene ever with Tee in the middle and Fuse and Cid sitting next to him in each side while ‘Mo is singing. Thankfully (or un-thankfully?), one of the boys brings some news about spotting the boy that’s been hanging out with Jean. This prompts everyone (well, almost everyone) to go and investigate. The friend also explains that P’Ti is in fact France, a playboy and they see that he’s not with Jean but with someone else (no points for guessing).

This news devastates our Fuse, who remembers the ‘Jean ❤ France’ in Jean’s wall. So, he does what any heartbroken person does – gets drunk. I would say he deserves the pain but I’m a little bit sad because now, it will be upon Tee to take care of this drunken child. And as usual, he takes him home, holds him while he pukes, and wipes his dirty body. Clearly, he’s still in love. Let me say this again – Fuse doesn’t deserve Tee.

Another casualty in this whole ordeal is Cid. When Tee asked him if he was okay going home alone (as Tee had to take this man child home with him), Cid bit the bullet and said he’s okay with it even though clearly, he wasn’t. On top of that, when he calls Tee later and when Tee officially shuts him down by saying nothing will happen between them, not to wait for him, he’s not ready for anyone, etc., I was literally crying. 😦 You deserve something better as well Cid.

While all of this conversation was happening, Fuse was eavesdropping in the background and when he subtly inquires about it, Tee confirms that he’s not dating Cid and doesn’t like him that way. This makes Fuse very happy (obv.) and he starts to mumble things about him and Jean when Tee cuts him off and says that there’s no need to say anything and he’s fine with them being just friends and then, leaves to go home.

Then, outside the room door, for some reason, Tee is all smiles. Why is he happy though? Did I miss something? Is he happy to be just friends? Is he happy because he senses Jean and Fuse are dunzo? Is he happy that he confessed his true feelings to Fuse (again)? Is he happy that he’s finally over Fuse? I don’t know. I’m confused.

Anyway, the next day in school, instead of sending the video of France and Ploy to Fuse, Ess “accidentally” sends it to Jean, who is understandably livid. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went on a killing spree. We will see.

Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • Any scene with shirtless Tee is a good scene. +50

shirtless tee.PNG

  • Is it bad that I want to see a fan-fic written about these two? +5


  • “Group activities”? Color me intrigued. I’m sure we will get to see some “group activities” in the coming episodes. +10



  • Yok’s analogy about life being like an elevator is pretty on point. +10


  • The thank you note from Book was really sweet. And, he looks amazingly cute in those green stripes. +20


  • This cousin from HK is pretty easy on the eyes, no? And, that hair flip tho! +10


  • The most awkward karaoke ever. +20


  • Cid and Tee are in their own world and not bothered about Fuse’s senseless drama. +10


  • Tee’s still the ever caring boy friend, ready to take care of the man-child Fuse. +50


  • I don’t know the reason but he’s happy at least? +20



  • When did Rodtang become famous? Lol. -5


  • He will do it alone. He doesn’t need you two. -50



  • MIR continues to put additional nail into the coffin that was CidxTee. Forget me Cid. </3 -50


Total: +100

Verdict: Sing with me Tee:

“Three, don’t be his friend
You know you’re gonna wake up in his bed in the morning
And if you’re under him
You ain’t getting over him”

Next episode: What will happen to Book and Frame?

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