The Highs and Lows of ‘What the Duck: The Series’ (Ep 5 + Ep 6)

Okay, so this week, I actually went ‘What the F Duck?’ when I was watching the episodes of WTD. So, well done I guess? I am still shocked and want to know where did all of that come from as the first four episodes were pretty tame and didn’t give a clue that this would happen. Spoilers ahead.

High: Additional cast members (by which I mean Art and Mew).

After watching episodes 5 and 6, I am firmly on board the ArtxMew train. WTD was getting a little boring as we’ve had to watch Oat and Pop do nothing for 30+ minutes over and over again. So, these two were a welcome relief. They added the spice and jolt that the series needed to stay interesting.

Low: The product placements.


While I do believe the need of product placements (hey, I’m looking for a sponsor myself 😉 ), it’s really hard to get it right. Plus, when you’re on a diet like myself and haven’t touched a pizza in 4 months, seeing the main character gleefully gobble them up will definitely leave you feeling frustrated and annoyed.

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The Highs and Lows of ‘What the Duck: The Series’ (Ep 3 + Ep 4)

Hello kids. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to complete the SOTUS S recap until coming Saturday. So, I’ve decided to do this quick and short ‘Highs and Lows’ for ‘What the Duck: The series’ episodes 3 and 4. I will catch you on Saturday.  Spoilers ahead.

High: The episode length

Finally, this week’s episodes were a lot more manageable with each of them being around ~30 minutes. It makes the watching experience a lot more pleasant and makes my job a lot more easier. Thank you WTD team. ❤

Low: Oat. Still.


Like last week, people have been talking about Oat and Pop’s chemistry but I don’t know man. I just don’t see it. Probably, the annoying-ness of Oat’s character doesn’t help either (more on it below).


However, I can’t say no to them thicc arms.

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Recap | Together With Me: The Series | s01e02

Watch episode two of ‘Together With Me: The Series’ with English subtitle here.

You know, I legit have all the time in the world to do so many things (including writing these recaps) but I always end of procrastinating and not doing anything. Maybe, it’s because I have too much time? I don’t know. How will I ever improve? Ugh. Anyway, let’s recap. Spoilers ahead. 

Last time, the episode ended in a cliffhanger when Knock mistakenly grabbed Korn’s hand in the middle of Amphawa market. This episode, we continue from there. While everyone is shocked and they know something’s up, none of them say anything out loud and carry on like nothing happened. The group continue their tour of Amphawa on a boat with Knock and Plern Pleng (PP) in the front acting all ‘couple-y’ and Korn and Yiwha at the back with Yiwha passing snide comments.

Later in the evening, Knock and PP return to Knock’s house after a full day of activities where she “accidentally” knocks over (see what I did there) the lunch box that Korn brought over in the last episode. She says sorry and Knock pretends to be okay with it and tells her not to worry about it. They then talk about his childhood and how he was so close to Korn and how he used to row the boat in the river to see him. (Wow, that’s dedication.) PP seems jealous but Knock tries to reassure her by saying that he’s just a friend and she’s his girlfriend. Pfftt, we will see how long that will last.

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Recap | SOTUS S: The Series | s02e04

So, I found this amazing website today: Pealsview, that has recapped several episodes of Love Sick. Their reviews are clever and full of insights into the story and the characters of the series. But, it also made me a little bit sad as I could never come up with such brilliant materials on my own. My recaps are just a bunch of words with shallow observations. And mostly, it’s about objectifying hot dudes. Sigh.

Can you tell that I’m in need of some attention today? Anyway, let’s recap. Spoilers ahead.

So, where were we? Last episode, Arthit wasn’t pleased with Kongpop’s surprise visit to his office. While returning to his room, Arthit tells Kongpop that he’s a busy man and is constantly meeting with clients at work. So, if he turns up unannounced, Konpop might not be able to meet him and Arthit doesn’t want Kongpop to waste his time waiting for him.

While it’s a reasonable explanation, I do feel that he’s still not comfortable about showing his relationship to his office mates. Also, I felt that in the previous episodes, the relationship between Arthit and Kongpop was being sidelined in favor of the uni and office stories. But thankfully, that situation gets rectified here with plenty of scenes where we see them spending quality time as a couple.

As soon as they reach the room, Arthit is quite concerned about the cleanliness of his place and without hesitation Konpop just straight away starts helping him clean it and even does the dishes.

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Recap | Together With Me: The Series | s01e01

Watch episode one of ‘Together With Me: The Series’ with English subtitle here.

Oh, hello there. What’s this? It’s me riding the wave of “popularity” of the outfit posts that I did for Yiwha.

As usual, let’s start by thanking the actors, the writers, the production team, the stylist, the uploaders, and the subbers (Lazysubber). Without you, whatfangirl wouldn’t exist. Let’s recap. Spoilers ahead.

Premise: If you didn’t know, ‘Together With Me’ is sort of a prequel of the ‘Bad Romance’ series that came out in 2016. It chronicles the story of how ‘Knock and Korn’, one of our favorite BL couples, came to be. I had tried watching ‘Bad Romance’ earlier but hadn’t been able to get past the first episode. So, I had a vague idea about the premise but didn’t have much hope for the series as whole. But, boy was I in for a big surprise or what.

So, the episode literally starts with a hot (and I mean scorching hot) sex scene between these two obviously, beautiful and sculpted young men. Like, who are these two hunks filling up my screen, who have muscles for days and abs for years. How can they be just so perfect and have I mentioned that they have great abs? ‘Together with me’, you have my undivided attention.

The next morning, one of the boys (Knock) wakes up first and realizes that he has slept with his best friend (Korn). He seems really shocked and concerned. And, what do you do after you’ve slept with your best friend? Post in a forum asking for advice that all of your other friends visit, of course! (This is a running gag but we will get to that in later recaps).

If you were all confused (like me) about who these pretty boys were, TWM has your back. It’s now officially flashback time. So, we find out that these two boys (Knock and Korn) are childhood friends who were separated when Knock moved away. Then, they reconnect after many years when they find out that they have enrolled in the same university (so convenient! Lol). In addition, we also get introduced to the other members of our TWM gang.

  • Korn: My favorite half of Knock and Korn. The haver of that great smile and those abs.
  • Knock: The second half of Knock and Korn and the confused one in the pair.
  • Yiwha: The queen herself – shipper of KnockxKorn and the mother of the gays.
  • Fai: Yiwha’s dorm-mate, partner in crime, and an avid football player.
  • Farm: KxK’s friend, who’s really cute and innocent and always uses polite language to everyone.
  • P’Phu: A senior at the uni who parties, sings, and is the best dressed among the boys.

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The Highs and Lows of ‘What the Duck: The Series’ Premiere (Ep 1 + 2)

I will just say it, I wasn’t too impressed with ‘What the Duck’ and I won’t be recapping it. However, since my new year resolution this year was to exercise (which isn’t going great) and to write more posts in this blog (which also isn’t going that great tbh), I thought I would write something about the series/episodes anyway.

So, I’ve compiled a list of things that I liked and didn’t like about the first two episodes. Keep in mind that these are 100% just my own opinions and you are free to disagree with any/all of it. Also, I don’t know if this is a one off for WTD or will continue for the rest of the episodes as well. Spoilers ahead.

High: The ambition of the series


We can clearly see from its premise that WTD is an ambitious project. While other BL series (that I watch) are stuck doing the same old thing in the ground, WTD has dared to soar into the skies. It tries to tell different love stories with the glamorous (and dramatic) flight industry as its backdrop and I believe, it should be commended for it. I’m also not opposed to the ‘pursuing-someone-for-a-bet-and-ending-up-falling-in-love’ trope they had going on for these two episodes. It’s an oldie but a goldy.

Low: The actual execution


However, WTD doesn’t quite stick the landing on the execution part. It’s not for lack of trying though as they do seem to have budget for airplane sets, fancy outfits, and relevant props. But, it lacks the polish that some other BL series have. I specially didn’t like the ‘truck scene’, which looked real bad. We will see if it changes in the coming episodes.

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Whatfangirl: Rewind 2017

This small post is actually just for me to appreciate the things that happened in 2017 and also appreciate all my readers who supported whatfangirl throughout the year.

In 2017, whatfangirl published 32 posts and out of those, ‘Make It Right’ recaps reigned supreme. It occupied all the top 10 most viewed posts in the stats. Clearly, people can’t get enough of TeexFuse and BookxFrame.

Top 10 Visitors:

There were a lot of visitors representing almost all the countries in the world that visited the website. From Fiji to Sudan, the data was quite diverse. But, after crunching the numbers, we found out that the majority of my readers were from United States.

Here’s a handy chart that I cobbled up together that shows the top 10 audience distribution according to the country.

1. United States 2. Philippines 3. Indonesia 4. India 5. UK

6. Singapore 7. Malaysia 8. Thailand 9. Australia 10.Canada


Top 8 weird search terms:

Readers find my blog in many different ways, google search being the number one source. Here are a list of delightful search terms that they used to visit my blog.

  1. tee and fuse nude
  2. is tee and fuse in make it right the series real gay
  3. wayo and phana shirtless pics
  4. novel 2moons phana jealousy
  5. make it right season 1 epi. 9 ringtone of tee for fuse
  6. book and frame have sex in the stairsmake it right season 2
  7. what episode of the make it right series does book and frame sleep togther for the first time
  8. wayo and phana kiss

Clearly, my readers aren’t just satisfied with the recaps of the series. The ‘so-and-so kiss’ and ‘so-and-so sex’ and ‘so-and-so-nude’ were the most searched and repeated terms that led readers to my blog.

Also, I love the fact that people are searching for exact moments like – ‘MIR s01e09 ringtone of Tee for Fuse’. Unfortunately, I believe whatfangirl didn’t have answer to that particular query.

Best Day:

In 2017, whatfangirls’s best day was during the end of the year – Dec 17, 2017. This was when we published the outfit ranking posts – part I and II for Yihwa of ‘Together with me’ series. It got picked up by one of the producers and was even noticed and re-tweeted by the actress herself. It was a great day, which I will cherish forever.

Thank you everyone for making whatfangirl’s 2017 such a great year and here’s to even more wonderful 2018!