The Highs and Lows of ‘What the Duck: The Series’ (Ep 11 + Ep 12)

Even if everything else in WTD may be a hit or miss, it knows how to get its audience hot and bothered with its sex scenes. So, be prepared. I’ve managed to gif some of them for your viewing pleasure. Also, spoilers ahead. 

Low: Editing, again.

The episodes became a whole lot inconsistent again. Episode 11 was about 25 minutes long and for the first 8-9 minutes of it … literally nothing happens. I’m not even exaggerating. I don’t mind shorter episodes if it is warranted but if it is repeating the same scenes over and over again, it’s just … bad, very bad.

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Recap | SOTUS S: The Series | s02e09

It’s episode nine and we finally got the kiss that we deserved (with tongue!) between Arthit and Kong (took them long enough). Also, here I am – single af, sitting alone and depressed and writing recaps about a kissing couple (of a fictional BL show) on Valentine’s Day. The irony isn’t lost on me.

Anyway, let’s recap. Spoilers ahead.


It’s a new day at Ocean HQ and Kong and Arthit have just arrived at work. In the elevator, Kong complains to Arthit that he’s a little bit tired as he couldn’t sleep well last night. Upon hearing this, Arthit gets visibly concerned and tells him to go home instead as he might have a fever but Kong declines to do so. At this moment, P’Durian enters the lift as well but surprisingly, instead of being a PDA-phobe, Arthit ignores her completely and tries to hold Kong’s hand right in front of her! (Is this what we call – character development?)


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An Ode to Todd’s Bed-hair in SOTUS S

My eyes seek refuge, it is the shine that blinds me

My hopes and dreams, paused and put aside

Like the waves of the ocean, it reminds me

Untouched, untamed, unrivaled; our hero’s pride


O, how perfect! thou hath always been

Yonder long and luscious mane of power

The head of the bed, praised and seen

That thou, tangled and messy like an intricate flower.


Gasp! It’s a chameleon! Changing colors on a whim,

From blackest of the black to that of golden brown

Nurtured by nature, fighting the enemies of wax and trim

How it rests on that enchanting face; it is a prince’s crown.


O, the sweet song of memories, it sings and sings!

It pines for the love of mother Earth

Unrequited, not returned, the love is lost in the wings

But from ashes it will rise and prove its worth.


Again, I am the summer wind circling around you

Let me run through those dreamy clouds and lips

It falls, one sweep; you tuck it in and give that smile

That which could launch a thousand ships.


© whatfangirl, 2018.

Recap | SOTUS S: The Series | s02e08

I usually write these recaps after dinner. However, I still get hungry the moment I sit down and fire up my computer. And, even though I know I will definitely get hungry, I am never prepared. For example, right now I’m hungry but there’s nothing to eat in my fridge and it’s too late to go out to get some. Ugh. Please someone get me some food. Please.

Before starting, just a disclaimer that today’s recap is a little bit different as it doesn’t follow the chronological order of the episode but instead focuses on what happened to our characters. So, let’s recap. Spoilers ahead. 

Kong and Arthit


Last episode, SOTUS S ended on a cliffhanger but weirdly, it was never mentioned in this episode. Kong and Arthit go straight from fighting to working very closely on the presentation for the new product competition (Arthit is making a grill that doesn’t emit smoke).  While Kong is helping Arthit, Arthit is acting like a mother and telling Kong not to stare at the computer screen for too long as it might affect his eyesight. Oy vey.

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Recap | SOTUS S: The Series | s02e07

You know, I’m a big fan of pretty people. But also, I’m not pretty at all. So, it’s quite sad to realize that these pretty ones are so out of your league that there’s virtually no chance that you’ll ever be together with them. (They probably don’t even know you exist.) Sigh. Anyway, let’s recap. Spoilers ahead.

So, after he finds out that Kong has moved next to his apartment, Arthit is pretty angry. He doesn’t answer his door, doesn’t pick up Kong’s phone, and is generally avoiding him at all cost. Kong tries his best to talk to him but to no avail.


Since Arthit isn’t responding to his calls, Kong goes into full ‘make-up’ mode. He leaves food for Arthit in front of his door (like Book and Frame) and even buys pink milk for him and P’Earth (because he’s nice like that). He leaves it on his desk at the office and to make sure that Arthit knows about it later, P’Todd is there to witness this scene.

Nai looks like he’s enjoying his music a little too much, doesn’t he?

After that, Kong meets up with Nai and P’Durian to start his intern journey. P’Durian, with her fabulous earrings, then assigns Kong to the production department while Nai gets to go the quality control department.

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Recap | SOTUS S: The Series | s02e06

Hello kids, how are ya’ll doing? Did ya’ miss me? 😛 I missed you guys a lot. Again, like all of my resolutions, this one fell apart pretty quickly, eh? Haha. I’m sorry but I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Sometimes I feel like I’m just .. I don’t know .. failing at life. So, I just freeze and ignore everything that’s happening around me.

Anyway, on that very positive note, let’s recap. Spoilers ahead.

thevatikong >> concept: me, in a car with my boyfriend and we play my favorite game – praise Mr. Sun.

We continue from the last episode where we saw Kong tagging along with P’Earth and Arthit to inspect some factories. In the car, P’Earth wants to know more about Arthit and how he used to behave during their uni days. When Kong tells her that Arthit used to be the head hazer and used to pick on him, she’s quite surprised (since, Arthit  acts very differently in the office). Arthit isn’t amused by this and tells Kong to stop laughing and stop talking about him. But of course, Kong continues to chuckle and tells him that he’s just telling the truth. (Lol. Such a smart ass.)

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