Surprise! Guess who’s back to recap BL shows? It’s meeee! 😛

2 moons is a BL story between Wayo and Phana, who attend the same university as senior and junior students. It was adapted for TV from the story written by chiffon_cake. Obligatory thanks to them and the English subtitle maven PinkMilk, who’s doing the god’s work. Amen. Now, let’s recap! (Spoilers! Obv.)

Firstly, Who’s who?


  • Wayo: Our cute protagonist, who is in love with Phana (right from high school!). Has a shrine with Phana’s photo in his room.
  • Phana: The gorgeous and mysterious love interest of Wayo. Medical student, heart breaker.
  • Ming: Best friend of Wayo. Cheeky but hella’ supportive of Wayo and his love for Phana. Likes to disappear when Phana appears to talk to Wayo.
  • Forth: A senior in the same university. He likes Wayo and is currently pursuing him. Possible love interest of Beam.
  • Kit: Friend of Phana. Possible love interest of Ming. Those dimples though!
  • Beam: Friend of Phana. Possible love interest of Forth. Dresses really well.

What happened?

The first scene starts with a cute interaction between a bruised basketball kid and another kid with glasses trying to take care of a kitten. I’m not a 100% sure but these two could be the childhood version our main two pairs. And, I am guessing that the basketball kid (Phana) fell in love with the kid with glasses (Wayo) from that very moment and has been yearning for his loveee ever since! Haha. Well, we shall see.

But, in the present time, things couldn’t be more different. So, Wayo (our protagonist) gets into same university as his best friend Ming and his love interest – Phana. (You see, Wayo – low key – just followed his crush from high school to university. And, he has a shrine dedicated to Phana in his dorm room. It’s not creepy at all. At all.) However, every time Phana and Wayo meet, they just butt heads. Wayo even admits himself that he can’t help but be a jerk to him. Honestly, I get that. You want to fall in love and hold hands and spoon for eternity with your love interest but when your love is not reciprocated, the jerk-ness comes from within.

Then, to kick start the story, we arrive in a orientation-like day, where freshmen from different majors are gathered together. The senior conveniently announces that they are selecting the Moon and Stars for the year (like homecoming King and Queen). And of course, Wayo gets chosen as a Moon for his faculty and of course, his crush Phana was the previous Moon and of course, there’s a tradition where the previous Moon takes care of the new Moon of the faculty. We also find out that his best friend Ming has also been chosen as the Moon from his faculty. He is there to keep an eye on Wayo and support his love for Phana. Aww!

Side note: I have been loving this tradition of selecting Moon and Star (well  – just the Moon) in all these BL dramas. So many possibilities for dramatic story lines!

Anyway, Phana and Way continue to be cold to each other. When Way sees Phana flirting with his dorm neighbor Pringles (whatever her name is), our boy gets jealous and starts swearing at Phana. In the room of Moon and Stars (for lack of a better term), they continue this banter, where Phana chides Wayo for drinking the pink milk and Wayo bites back by saying it’s none of his business. These kids! When will they start smooching?

It seems like things are progressing between them in the next scene, where Phana is buying his not-pink milk and Wayo is standing next in line at the food counter. To Wayo’s (and mine) surprise, Phana orders a pink milk and slides it to Wayo! ZOMGGG!! It was sah cyatt!!!!! I died. Best scene of the episode.

However, Wayo’s (and mine) happiness doesn’t last long. It turns out Phana is being generous and buying a drink for everyone. Ugh. What does a boy have to do to feel special around here? Wayo is visibly upset and goes outside the building and starts screaming. And there ladies and gentlemen, we meet Forth – possible love interest of Wayo – looking all angsty, who happens to be watching Wayo scream.

Arbitrary Points Counter:

  • Ming is the kind of best friend you want. He knows you are crazy but supports you nonetheless +50
  • Slow motion entrance #1 +100


  • Where are my flowers? Where are my fans? Where are my gifts? -10


  • Phana’s magnetism and charm is at such a high level that all he has to say is – “concentrate in class” and all the audience goes batshit crazy. +20


  • That shrine. Not creepy. At all. Btw, does Wayo not think about what happens if anyone sees this? Like, what if a friend comes to his dorm to crash? Or, like, what if they come to do a study night? Isn’t he scared of being found out? It’s so … public .. and out there! – 100


  • Slow motion entrance #2 +50 (for the fan effect)



  • Best scene of the episode. +100


  • When bae giveth. +50


  • When bae taketh away. – 100


Total: 160

Impressions: I didn’t think I would enjoy this series as much as I actually did. In my opinion (and I’ve not read the original novel and didn’t even know this series’ existence), the casting choice and the overall tone was just right. A solid start.

Next episode: Both Phana and Wayo have competition.

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