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Before we start recapping the second episode, let’s just take a moment and thank the lords above for giving us @gxxod4 and @bbasjtr. Awwww!!! Look how frackin’ cute they are! Sigh!!

Okay, now that’s over with, lets start the recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

We continue from the last episode, where Wayo was shouting outside and Forth asking him to calm down. (One thing though, when Forth introduces himself – why does Wayo start laughing? Can someone from the Thai community explain this inside joke to me? I’m lost.)

Then of course, Phana makes his appearance and the whole back and forth banter starts again. Wayo is still salty over the whole – everyone gets a frozen milk – thing and opens his wallet and tries to return the money to Phana but Phana is like – nah, go eat some ice cream with that money instead! Lol. And, the most funny thing is Forth standing their awkwardly witnessing this whole exchange.

Later, Wayo gets invited to drink by Ming. While rushing there, he meets Kit (another senior from high school and Phana’s friend). And, unlike Phana, Kit recognizes him immediately. Naturally, the conversation turns to Phana and Wayo asks him not to mention to him that he’s from the same high school. Kit says okay and takes his number to – “stay in touch”.

Side Note: Is it just me or 2 moon’s background soundtrack is eerily similar to Weeknd’s – I feel it coming?

Anyway, while drinking Wayo keeps looking for his precious Phana but he’s nowhere to be seen. While he passes out in his room, we see that he gets a phone call at 3am from Kit? And, with all the knowledge we possess from watching BL dramas, we all know by now that – it’s soooo not Kit calling him. It has to be Phana!

Next morning, Kit introduces him to another pretty boy – Beam (same story as Kit, high school senior, friend of Phana). Wayo then inquires about the phone call and Kit and Beam look awkwardly at each other and tell him that they just wanted to ask him to come out to drink with them. Lol. Lies! Then of course, Phana comes along (he just swings by everywhere where Wayo is!). Again, the whole banter. Yada yada.

Later that night, Ming invites him again to go out drinking but Wayo declines cause ya’ know – she needs her beauty rest. Then, we see that the whole senior gang has come to his floor. Phana then asks him to give this *important* paper to the girl next door (Pringles) as they have to go study. Wayo is like – what will you give me? I’m not doing this for free. Lol. And, Phana is like .. mm .. how about this small ass chocolate. These boys!

Flashback time: Adorable baby Wayo is going to ask Phana to be his boyfriend but overhears him talking to his friends and saying that he can’t see himself falling in love with a boy. Poor Wayo. He is crushed.

Back in the present, we see Wayo waiting till late to return this *important* papers but he then sees Phana coming home with Pringles! He is pissed and hurt. Phana tries to explain but they both end up arguing again.

Next day, emo Wayo is emo. Ming casually mentions that Phana might be into Pringles. This pushes Wayo over the edge and he decides to play hookie for the day. He goes to a nearby pond and starts to throw rocks. And in comes the mysterious Forth, who manages to convince him to go back. I mean, with a face like that if he told me to go dance in the rain, I would totally do that. In between that, there’s also a conversation about how Phana also has a hard time because he’s so perfect, rich, smart, and desired by all the girls (and boys). Yeah, sure.

Forth drops Wayo to practice (in that bad ass motorbike of his) and after the practice asks Wayo for his number and casually asks him if he would like to get dinner together. Wayo agrees. Then, right on cue, Phana appears. They argue for a bit and Phana leaves because he has an exam later. Then Ming appears and gives Wayo a pink milk and tells him that it’s from Phana (Aww!) and this time it’s only for him (Lol) Upon hearing this, he rushes to wish Phana luck. Now, it’s Phana’s turn to demand something from Wayo. He’s like – what will you give me if I come first? Then, Wayo’s like – chocolate? Then, Phana’s like – nah son, let’s go for sushi instead. Lol.

What I love about these two is that without knowing, they have already become so possessive and demand attention from each other. They also take care of each other and disguise this fact in these supposedly “aggressive” comments.

Anyway, of course, Wayo is elated. But then, he gets a text message from Forth reminding him of their dinner together! Lol. Wayo’s in trouble. Who will he choose to go to dinner with?

Arbitrary Points Counter

  • Okay, is it just me or during the first scene with Forth, Wayo, and Phana, Forth’s … let’s say, package .. looked really weird? I’m not gonna screenshot it (I know, I’m surprised too) but you can check it out yourself. -10
  • Phana wants to know if Wayo and Ming are a thing and slips that question casually in the conversation. +20
  • Wayo says that he likes girls! Lol. O.K.A.Y. Wayo, we believe you 😛 +10 for his adorable naivete.


  • They’ve got to stop with these ridiculous intro videos. -20


  • Phana being low-key jealous of the girl. +10


  • Wtf is this? I’m sure that basketball is soo dirtyy. Ew! -50


  • Remember this from SOTUS? – 20 as it still gives me nightmares.


  • Yes, mama needs her beauty sleep. +25


  • One more button? 😛 +100


  • Phana’s face when Wayo says he won’t do it for free. +50


  • Wayo is so extra. Along with the shrine, he has prepared a custom made bracelet for Phana. These rich people, man. +50


  • Ming’s the best. +50


  • Where can I find a guy with Bentley to like me? -10 for making me sad.


  • Phana doesn’t miss a beat and demands things right back! +20


Total: 225

Impression: I’m already becoming a big fan of this BL. I need more.

Next week: What’s Wayo going to do?

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