Can you see that I’m really obsessed with 2 Moons? I’m surprising even myself by the rate that I’ve been publishing recaps after recaps. 😛 I’m pretty sure I will be done with episode 5 (that came out yesterday) very soon as well. Anyway, let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

We start with Wayo having sushi with Phana. They’re both looking cute af. But I thought Phana went with Pringles? Wait, now Wayo is having noodles with Forth? What’s happening? How’s that possible? Unless … unless it’s a dream sequence! Ugh.

It seems Wayo has still not decided on what to do with the whole ‘two moons’ situation. Ming, ever the best friend, continues to tease him about that and asks him not to be a playboy. Lol. It’s so adorable that Ming thinks Forth has a chance. Wayo is totally blinded by his love for Phana. He has a shrine for god’s sake.

Then, we see Forth joining them to talk about the dinner. Ming cleverly invites himself for the dinner just to help out his best friend if things go south.

After Forth leaves, Phana comes in with his result from the test (he got the highest mark!) and asks to go for sushi. But before Wayo can say anything, Pringles waltzes in and steals my Wayo’s man away. Ugh. Well, at least Wayo now doesn’t have to choose right?

Forth, Wayo, and Ming go out to dinner. Wayo is obviously very sad and Forth is trying to ‘take care’ of Wayo and is very concerned. The conversation turns to Phana (when does it not?) and Forth lets it slip that Phana may in fact be single. Then of course, Wayo is all smiles and happy. After this, Forth is like – aww, you look cute when you smile, etc. And, I’m like – Forth! nah, it ain’t gonna happen bruh. 😛

Wayo is so obsessed with Phana that when he then hears Pringles come in next door, he immediately goes to her and asks where Phana is. She informs him that Phana is going to be late as he’s helping some other students out with their studies. He then starts to wait for Phana to come back to the dorm. While waiting it starts to rain outside and of course, he grabs an umbrella (you know where this is going, don’t you?).

When he sees the Bentley pulling up, Wayo goes outside and opens up the umbrella. Phana is surprised and as usual, they start to bicker like husband and wife – “Why are you late? Why haven’t you slept yet?” It’s adorable!

Wayo makes up an excuse of buying vitamin or something but Phana gets concerned and actually takes him to the pharmacy! During this exchange, two main things happen. First, the whole kdrama-slipping-in-the-rain-but-your-bae-is-holding-you-tight scene (detailed below). Second, Phana notices that Wayo is near-sighted (like that other Wayo (who is in fact the same Wayo, he just doesn’t know it yet) that he fell in love in school).

The next day, Wayo is practicing a dance with other moons and stars and this time he’s wearing glasses instead of contact lenses. Obviously, Phana enters and sees Wayo and realizes that it’s his Wayo! Yayy! Now, Wayo’s love will be reciprocated! And, after the practice finishes Phana offers a ride to the equally shocked Wayo. The episode ends with Wayo entering Phana’s Bentley to go together to the dorm.

Arbitrary  Points Counter:

  • This is what dreams are made of ~ +20 (Bonus points for YOU, if you recognize the reference)


  • Ming giving Wayo and Phana some s p a c e. +50


  • Phana shoving his marks in Wayo’s face. +20


  • Wayo thinks that the full marks is 100 and Phana (obviously hurt) corrects him. +10


  • Pringles 👏 needs 👏 to 👏 stay 👏 away 👏 from 👏 Phana! -50
  • Ming sneezes when Wayo thinks of him. Awww! +20


  • Best scene of this episode. +1000


  • I appreciate the romantic scene but they are **literally** like one meter away from the dorm. 1m away. Why was that umbrella necessary? And, it isn’t even helping them. Both of them are drenched!! I guess when you’re in love, you stop being rational. -10


  • This gem deserves its own post. Where do I start? Is it the heart touching melody? Or, the meaningful lyrics? Or maybe, it’s that visually arresting choreography. 1, 2, 3, 4 will go down in history as the most iconic song ever. +10000000


  • Ming says that he will only like someone if Wayo approves of them. Omg, this kid! +20
  • This cute interaction. But, girl! Don’t get any ideas. +10


  • His face when he finds out it’s his Wayo. +50


  • Wayo’s equally gobsmacked face when Phana offers him a ride. +50


  • Ming giving Phana and Wayo some s p a c e #2. +100


  • Ming is the real MVP of this series. He’s like Wayo’s concerned mother. +100


  • Me irl if I was dating Phana. +50


Total: 10001440

Impressions: Too many cute things happened this episode. I’m still awed by how pretty these boys are and how they fit their own roles perfectly.

Next Episode: Will Phana fall in love?

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