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Have you guys been so obsessed with a TV series that you’ve started seeing the main characters in your dreams? I mean I’m sure you have (we are fan girls for a reason) but still, I didn’t expect 2 moons (especially, the actors) to occupy my mind this much. I know it sounds very cringe-y but there you go. That’s why, you are getting all these recaps one after another. Lol. So, let’s recap! (Spoilers, obv.)

We continue from the last episode, where Wayo and Phana are returning to their dorm on the Bentley. Phana is totally feeling it and so wants to take Wayo to a restaurant as he wants to repay the favor for helping him during the rain. I mean, bish, you two were drenched. That’s not called helping. Why don’t you just say that you want to go to the restaurant cause you loveeee him? Lol.

Anyway, they go to the restaurant, where they start discussing about the talent show in the ‘moon and star’ competition. Wayo says that he can play a piano but doesn’t know where to practice for the competition. And of course, Phana comes to the rescue! He says that he will help him but there’s a catch. Wayo has to be his servant until that time. Wayo agrees, in fact he agrees too readily! Inside I’m sure he’s all like – yaasss.

As part of that deal, Phana asks Wayo to come to his room in the morning and do his ‘worksheet arrangement’. Honestly, the whole thing just felt like a seducing act performed by Phana. I mean Wayo was just there pretending to arrange the papers. He was actually staring at Phana the whole time and Phana knew it. Have you seen those nature documentaries where beautiful male birds showcase their colorful feathers and sing and dance and prance to woo the female birds? Yes, it was like that.

After that, Phana offers a ride to Wayo to go to the competition practice. Of course, this makes Wayo beyond happy and he dashes away to get ready for his Price Charming. I really enjoyed the ‘getting ready’ montage here. However, everything comes crashing down when he goes down and finds that Phana is in fact giving a ride to Pringles and not him. Damn that girl! She is goood.

Wayo is obviously devastated but thankfully, there’s Ming. His best friend is always there to support him. Wayo pours his heart out and Ming is very understanding and empathetic. I especially love his line about managing hope and expectations. Sigh. Been there Wayo. Just hang on. Everything will be alright.

Speaking about Pringles, we also get to see her doing some recon work on Wayo. She goes to Beam and Kit and asks about the relationship between Phana and Wayo. Apparently, Phana wasn’t that into dropping off Pringles to school. He kept looking back at the rear view mirror and was looking glum the whole ride. OMG!!! Phana cares, you guys. I also loved how Beam and Kit just avoid Pringles’ questions regarding Phana and Wayo and shoo her away. They are fo sho’ PhanaxWayo shippers. Haha.

After the practice, it’s time to eat lunch. Ming tells Wayo that Forth has secretly asked him to help court Wayo. (What??? Where did this suddenly come from? I approve of this only because I can see jealous Phana.) Anyway, Forth shows up to take Wayo for lunch (Ming politely excuses himself) and while they go together, they meet Phana on the way (of course). This results in a very awkward interaction between the three. We see Forth looking very weird, Phana – a little jealous, and Wayo like the deer caught in the headlight. Sheesh. Phana had apparently come to the far side of his school just to meet Wayo (and have lunch) and after this disappointment, he goes back to his class (where he’s chastised for being late but it was like literally 30 secs). Then, out of jealousy (or out of love?) he asks his father to use the piano practice room to help Wayo. Aww!

After the class, Phana goes back to his usual post outside the ‘moon and star’ practice hall to wait for Wayo (it’s really sweet that in this short time, he has come to care so much about Wayo (well actually, this might not be the case because I think he’s always cared about Wayo, it’s just that he didn’t know this Wayo was that Wayo who he cared about, geddit? Lol.)). Then, Forth comes there as well and tells them about a one day camp for all the ‘moon and stars’, where they will shoot a commercial. Not wanting to lose to Forth (or most probably just to be with Wayo), Phana invites himself (and Beam and Kit) to the outing. Beam and Kit look amused but agree to it.

The episode ends with a cute scene where Wayo brings some food to Phana. Phana looked really tired and hungry and it was nice to see Wayo bringing the food and Phana accepting that. It has been really fun to see how both of them have become so possessive of each other and care about whether or not they’ve eaten, etc.

Having said that, there are still a few questions that have been left unanswered by 2 moons. Phana gets his food from Wayo but what about Beam and Kit? Aren’t they hungry? Why do they have to always follow Phana? Does no one care about them? We need someone to bring them food to eat pronto!

Arbitrary Points Counter

  • Phana and Wayo already bicker like a husband and wife. And, Wayo’s tirade on the thirsty ass girl was epic. Jealousy suits you Wayo and look how pleased Phana is. +100


  • That girl is me irl when I see a cute boy. +50


  • I didn’t know these two were this kinky! 😛 +100



  • Wayo waking up early, getting ready then taking a quick nap and being late is literally me. +10
  • I need some water. +100


  • Seduction 101. +50



  • All that dressing up for nothing :(. -100


  • Yass, crush it Ming. +20


  • You are telling me that Professor Auntie was that strict but allowed Phana to use the phone in class? Nonsense. –100
  • Phana asks his father (in that sweet tone) to use the piano practice room. +50
  • He is whipped my friends! +200


  • You know you are in love when you start getting possessive of each other.  +20



Total: 650

Impression: Actually, not much happened this episode. Still waiting to see a little more progress between Phana and Wayo. And of course, Ming and Kit and Beam and Forth.

Next week: Phana and Wayo, in a bed!

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