Different ‘couple’, for a change. Pic courtesy: @__DreamCatchers

I think it’s time for me to appreciate other pretty boys in the series as well. Case in point – Beam and Kit. As characters, these two are really supportive of Phana and Wayo and as actors, they are simply gorgeous. Kit can kill anyone with that dimple and Beam is the epitome of sophistication. Anyway, let’s recap! (Spoilers, obv.)

So, where were we? Oh, okay. We are in the same place where Wayo practices for the competition. Phana and gang are outside, as usual. I don’t know about the others but Phana is waiting for Wayo. Inside, Wayo is worried that Phana hasn’t eaten. Ming then encourages him to go outside and ask Phana to go and eat. When Wayo does that, Phana instead drags him to eat with him. All the while, Phana’s gang keep teasing them. It’s so cute that everyone’s really supportive of their ‘relationship’.

Then comes that epic car scene after the dinner. (Look below for the gifs. Because Phana is such a tease, angry reacts only! 😛 )

After the practice, Ming notices that Phana is still waiting for Wayo. When he tells him that, Wayo says that it might not be the case and he doesn’t want to have too much hope. Ming, ever the best friend, then immediately goes to Phana and acts all possessive in the hopes to make Phana jealous.

And of course, Phana is jealous. In the car ride back home, Phana name drops Ming and Forth as Wayo’s suitors and tries to flirt with Wayo. But surprisingly, Kit and Beam (the PhanaxWayo shippers, the original fandom) become concerned too. They think that Ming likes Wayo and Kit volunteers as tribute to find if it’s true or not. It seems things are about to get interesting for Ming and Kit. Can’t wait.

Then, it’s time to go to camp. Ming and Wayo are in the bus whereas Phana, Kit, and Beam are in the car. But suddenly, Phana receives a phone call from Forth saying that Wayo has become bus-sick and is vomiting. After making sure that Forth is not sitting with Wayo, Phana makes Beam stop the car and go back towards the bus. And, at the stop, Phana offers to take Wayo in the car.

Side Note: Have you guys noticed – every Thai BL drama has to have some resort outings?

In the car, Wayo is sleeping but due to the motion of the car, his head is swinging from side to side. The fandom then suggests that Phana help Wayo lay down so that he doesn’t get a concussion. Phana mulls over whether or not to do this but then decides to do it anyway and puts Wayo’s head in his lap. OMG. What even!!!!! In the middle of the ride, Wayo tries (and I use the word try very loosely here as Wayo was enjoying the lap ride, too much in fact!) to get up but Phana forces him to rest. And inside, Wayo must be like – best car ride ever!

When they get to the resort, Ming and Wayo get assigned to the same room. And, you know Phana is going to squeeze in somehow. He makes an appearance while Ming and Wayo are pillow fighting and of course he gets jealous and after declaring that he will sleep in the sofa, he takes off. Now, of course we know that he will not sleep in the sofa, right. 😛 Ming is then like – omg, gotta find a new room and leave you two love birds alone (we know where you can go Ming! 😉 ). Then, he asks Wayo to rest for a while and Wayo asks him to wake him up later for the meeting.

After a while, someone does wake up Wayo but that turns out to be P’Phana! They continue to tease each other and somehow that teasing turns physical. Wayo starts to tickle Phana but Phana then turns around, catches Wayo’s arm and pins him on the bed. Omg, omg. Wayo on the bottom, Phana on top of him. Sparks are flying – they might kiss? And, then .. what?? WTF!!?? Why did it end there?? Blasphemy!! That was unnecessarily cruel!! Nooooo…

Arbitrary Points Counter:

  • Have you looked at the moon of the college? +50


  • Such. A. Tease. -25


  • Phana is salty. +10


  • Kit appreciating Ming’s good looks. +25


  • Ming, Beam, and Kit all discuss Wayo and Phana as if they are already a couple. +10
  • This gem. +10


  • I spy with my tiny eye, an anchor tattoo. +20


  • Aww, look at Phana all worried about Wayo. +10


  • I love the fact that everybody just hands Wayo over to Phana and have no qualms about him taking care of him. Basically, everyone knows Wayo is Phana’s. +50


  • Beam is worried about Wayo throwing up in his car. Lol. +10
  • Phana’s face – he’s clearly enjoying this. +25


  • Wayo is the ‘young master’ after all. +20


  • This is our reaction as well after seeing the scene. +15


  • Can Phana wake me up daily like this? +20


  • If you mess with the bull, you get the horns. +50


Total: 300

Impression: So many things happened! I’m still a little sad due to the fact that the episode ended in such a cruel cliffhanger though. 😥

Next Episode: Will Phana and Wayo kiss???

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