^ me irl – excited when I get to watch a new episode of ‘2 moons’ every week. Anyway, let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

So, our big question last week – do they kiss on the bed? Not even close. Ugh. Phana goes all alpha on Wayo and pins him down and does nothing (except some light teasing) while Wayo just stays still with his eyes shut. Why, 2 moons? Why? Where’s the fan service? Have you seen MIR 2? People are getting naked, slapping each other’s butts there. And here? Nothing! Not even one kiss. This slow burning romance thing is really testing my patience.

Anyway, after putting on some makeup, contestants prepare for the photo shoot (the actual reason why they are there). The stars start to frolic in the pool while the moons play beach football. Wayo goes to sit at the bench after playing for a while and we see Forth there too. Forth gets concerned that Wayo shouldn’t be playing football so soon after that whole vomiting ordeal. Little does he know, our doctor Phana has cured him of everything. Haha. Apparently, Forth came there with his other friends but due to a flat tire couldn’t arrive in time.

Then, the doctor gang arrives. Kit brings Wayo water (of course, under the order of the campus moon). I really like that Phana stays a little away from all of them and pretends as if he is not concerned about Wayo’s well being at all. Forth then invites them for a drink later at his room. They accept. But, when Forth invites Wayo, Phana (the husband) quickly interjects and gives the excuse of him needing rest. As if. You just don’t want Wayo to be with Forth, man.

Then, the gang starts to leave but as Kit is about to turn, our Ming arrives and starts to flirt cutely with Kit. Forth and Wayo watch this interaction and later, Forth asks Wayo if Ming likes Kit. He then uses this to segue into asking Wayo the same question – who does he like? Poor, Forth. This is just a very sad scene. Even though Wayo praises Forth for his looks, we all know this is never going to happen. And, I think even Forth knows it.

Back in the room, Ming is about to go drinking with the gang when Wayo asks him if he likes Kit. To which he says – only if you approve. Awwww … tell me, what did we do to deserve a best friend like Ming?

After he leaves, Phana comes in to change before going out drinking. Suddenly, a girl pops in the room asking for Phana’s help to move sofa. Mmm… okay??? When he’s done, she asks him if he could stay with her as she’s alone. This girl! However, to her dismay, he says no as Wayo’s alone in his room as well. Hah! IN. YOUR. FACE!

Wayo is secretly watching this interaction and asks him why didn’t he accept the girl’s offer (for fun times, I’m assuming). Phana then says that even if he was like that earlier he’s doesn’t do it anymore. Wayo is then like – Why? Have you met the right one? And, Phana blushes and doesn’t say anything. Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Phana has found you Wayo. You are the right one! Then, after showering, Phana looks in no mood to go out. When Wayo asks why, Phana says it’s because he doesn’t want to leave him alone. Awwwwww! And then like a couple, they settle in the bedroom and relax.

On the other side, Ming is in full pursuit mode of Kit. He goes to Kit and Beam’s room to ask Kit to go buy ice for the drinks with him. At first, Kit declines but after persistent bell ringing by Ming, Kit reluctantly agrees. Under the false pretext of taking pictures of a moon (so fitting), he takes Kit to a beach. It looks really romantic, you guys. He cleverly manages to get Kit’s phone number as well but unfortunately, it annoys Kit too much and he storms out of there.

Back at the room, Wayo and Phana are just chilling. But, it turns out Phana is still very much concerned about Wayo and is actually looking for piano pieces for Wayo to play in the talent round. OMG! This guy. Ugh. Where do I find a man like that?? Okay, this slow burning romance might be good after all. I said might. Wayo then constantly asks for Phana’s opinion on which song to choose but Phana wants him to choose his own song that reflects his inner feeling. So, I’m guessing it’s going to be a love song dedicated to Phana?

Then, Phana stands up and says that he’s going to buy some food for Wayo. Wayo tags along and they go to this cute grocery shop. Unfortunately, the girl gang comes there as well and asks them to wait so that they can go together. Phana agrees to do that and this makes Wayo very sad. Seeing that, Phana becomes even sadder. Inside, Phana must be like – “Don’t be sad. It’s just because I’m a nice guy. I don’t like her. I like you.” Lol. Dudes, just say that you like each other already and start kissing! 😛

Arbitrary Points Counter:

  • All that build up in the bed amounted to nothing. Where is my kiss? -100
  • Although, he did say he wanted to tickle Wayo’s neck with his mouth (something got lost in translation here but I think the general vibe remains the same). +10


  • This lipstick scene. He’s the prettiest of them all. +20


  • Why aren’t there shirtless boys in the pool photo shoot? -50
  • 2 moons needs to stop putting Forth in such sad situations where he can’t have anything that he wants. -100
  • #sponsored. -10


  • Well at least, this is a nice surprise. +50


  • Don’t worry Wayo, we were all distracted by that perfect behind. +500


  • When Phana asks what he intends to do if he doesn’t want to sleep, Wayo thinks about their “sexy” scene in the head. Classic. +10
  • This Kooky chick needs to lay off  my Wayo’s man. -100
  • Wayo is clearly not impressed with Kooky’s attempt to flirt. +20 for the expression.


  • I agree with Jay from PinkMilk. Phana with his hair down looks HOT. +100


  • Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand the metaphors used in the show. +50


  • This line though. ❤ +25


  • Focus Wayo, focus. +100


  • Doctor Phana! You can’t just say these random things and expect me to be okay. +500


Total: +1025

Impression: A little slow episode. I guess I can tolerate this slow burning romance. But, can’t wait it to spill over and cause major drama. We need to see some loveee happening between these two pronto!

Next week: Time for all the moons to court Wayo.

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