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Have you ever cried looking at a picture because the subject is just too beautiful? Like, their beauty transcends everything and the only thing left for you is to cry? No? Me neither. Let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

So, we are now returning to the resort with Phana, Wayo, and the two girls. And, this stupid Phana is playing gentleman and offering to carry Kookgai’s bags. Ugh. You carry your own damn bags girl. And why is she touching my Wayo’s man! Please 👏 keep 👏your 👏 hands 👏 off 👏 of 👏 him! Then, she also has the audacity to “seduce” him by taking him to her room! Ugh. This of course makes our already emo Wayo even more emo. He is just hanging out in the balcony alone and being sad when Phana  appears! Yasss! He cares and doesn’t want to leave Wayo for other random-ass thirsty people.

But, Phana isn’t out of the water just yet. Wayo questions him (again) about his priorities and Phana explains (again) that he isn’t a philanderer anymore (because he’s found his one true love :P) and he asks Wayo to trust him as he won’t lie to Wayo. And, this of course makes him all smiley and dopey-faced-cute-ball that we all know and love.

Meanwhile, in the other room, all the boys are gathered to drink some blurry alcoholic beverages. Except Ming, who apparently, was standing in the beach after Kit told him not to follow him and stay there. Omg! First of all, yes, it’s cheesy and a totally cliche scene. But also, how cute is that! And, Ming looks so pure and so innocent. I mean – as I always say – what did we do to deserve to have someone like Ming in our life? Like us, even Kit can’t stay angry at those puppy eyes for too long. When he asks Ming why he did what he did, Ming explains that it’s not because he wants to look cool but it’s because he values Kit’s words and wants to obey them. Damn! Y u gotta be so deep Ming?

Back to Wayo and Phana – it’s the next morning in bed and it’s their usual couple-y shiz. I swear, if they just made a TV show about these two lounging around their bed room doing random couple-y things, I would watch the shit out of that show. Just saying. Anyway, things get steamy when Shorty goes into shower with the promise of being fed breakfast by Phana but comes out of it to find Ming, Forth, and Phana (and us!) staring at his sexy shirtless bodayyy.

Let’s make this clear. I really don’t believe that Wayo just randomly decided to come out of the shower with nothing on but a towel. He clearly wanted to seduce Phana with his sexy bodayy. Of course, he got a little more than he bargained for as Ming and Forth were also present to witness this glorious scene. Anyway, Ming quickly leaves but Forth and Phana stand their with their mouth open, unable to look away from our pretty boy Wayo. Phana quickly realizes this and not wanting to share Wayo with Forth manages to take Forth out of the room. When they are outside, Forth ends up telling Phana that he likes Wayo. (Ugh. What is happening??) After this confession, instead of saying – No, you can’t have him as he’s mine – Phana just runs away.

After the photo shoot for the competition, Wayo is in the beach clicking pictures when Phana comes in with a soda that Wayo had asked him earlier to buy for him. Then, things become a little serious. Phana (obviously rattled by Forth’s confession) tells Wayo about Forth liking him and asks if Wayo likes Forth back. This of course, tips Wayo over the edge and he explodes by saying that why is Phana helping Forth hit on him. But, Phana can’t understand why Wayo is upset (cause he likes you, duh!). This angers Wayo even more and he says that Phana can’t even understand what’s going on and doesn’t see the situation clearly. And, after that, Wayo runs away crying.

(Omg, you guys! Just fracking say I like you and kiss already! :P)

Anyway, Phana runs after Wayo but finds out that he already left with Forth in a car. He gets upset and sits in Beam’s CRV and starts staring out of the window in an intense fashion, which means – it’s flashback time.

Things we learn from the flashback:

  1. Adorable young Phana saw adorable young Wayo and it was love in first sight.
  2. Adorable young Kit and adorable young Beam helped him find info about Wayo.
  3. Phana was in denial about his love for Wayo from pretty early on.
  4. In the scene where young Wayo goes in to confess to Phana, Phana actually goes outside and finds a note from Wayo confessing his love for for Phana. (So, he knew all along?????? Then, why all this … nonsenseeeee…. Ughhh)
  5. The night when Wayo got a phone call from Kit, it was actually Phana calling him (as we suspected)
  6. That night, Phana also tells Kit that he is hesitant to pursue Wayo as he thinks things may not be the same as when they were little (Ahh, maybe our perfect Phana is afraid that Wayo has moved on. Hmm. Makes sense, I suppose)
  7. We already knew that Phana cared for Wayo but I was so happy to see the extent of that. We find out that Phana gets as excited as Wayo (if not more) to impress the other. That face when he found out he had topped the test and that he gets to share this with his crush? That’s the face of a person in love!

Arbitrary Points Counter

  • Koogkai, please stop. No touching my Wayo’s man. -100
  • When bae says he will steal your food but actually ends up stealing your heart. +25


  • Ming getting his right to sit by Kit’s side. +10


  • Again, the symbolism on this show is too hard to understand. +10


  • Omg, hahaha. So opportunistic! +25


  • When Phana says he didn’t do anything, Wayo looks almost … disappointed? Only me? Okay. 😛 +10


  • The thirst is real. +200


  • Phana not wanting to share Wayo. +50


  • Ming’s antics. +10


  • Hello, is it me you’re looking for? +10


  • #entourage #celebritylife. +15


  • When you’re high af but still have to act normal in front of your parents. +5


  • Phana shows everyone how it’s done. +50


  • Yasss … Slayyy Ming! +50


  • 💔 -100


  • I like that 2 moons at least thinks about continuity quite well. While returning from the resort, Wayo goes back in Forth’s car and not the bus due to his nausea issues with poor people transportation. +10
  • These young Kit and Beam are totes adorbs. +20


  • Kit, ever the investigator, helps find out Wayo’s name for Phana. +10
  • So cheesy, yet so cute. +25


Total: 535

Impressions: Finally! Things are starting to happen and people are starting to talk about their emotions. I want Phana to stop being in denial or stop being scared and start pursuing Wayo seriously. Kit, Beam, and Ming already know Phana and Wayo are destined to be together. It’s high time that Phana and Wayo realize this as well.

Next episode: Phana gets touchy feely with Wayo.

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