You know what happened today? My [nonexistent] ovaries? They exploded. Sigh. This episode was everything a fan girl could have ever asked for. Thank you drama gods. Your generosity knows no bounds. Let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv).

So, we are still in flashback mode in Beam’s car. We learn even more new things:

  1. The first time when he realizes that this Wayo is his Wayo, he actually pictures him in the old school clothes with those cute glasses. He also confirms to Kit and Beam (and to us) that he still likes him.
  2. Phana’s immediate thought after deciding that he wants to pursue Wayo is to buy him a pink milk.
  3. When he came to meet Wayo during practice (missing his lunch, and getting scolding from Auntie professor), he was actually bringing Wayo a pink milk but due to Forth being there, couldn’t give it to Wayo. 😦
  4. In the resort, when Wayo asked if Phana had met the right one, we screamed – “Yes, it’s you!” at Wayo from our screens. Unsurprisingly, that’s exactly what Phana was saying as well, albeit quietly and from inside the bathroom.

Sensing that Phana needs help, Kit and Beam ask if he’s still into Wayo. Phana wonders if Wayo’s still into him and whether he should pursue him or not. Then, Beam says that it doesn’t matter, what matters is that Phana likes Wayo. He also tells Phana that he cares too much about what others think and asks him to follow his heart instead. They also tell him not to let Wayo get away this time. Awwwwwwwww! Kit and Beam are such good friends! Phana decides that he will definitely pursue Wayo – “I won’t let him be single for a long time.”

Then, on Forth’s car, we see a lovelorn Wayo. Ming and Forth look worried but as soon as messages from Phana start to arrive, his smile returns. Phana sends a picture of that note Wayo had written to him back in high school and apologizes for pretending to not know about Wayo’s feelings. Basically, he confesses to Wayo that he likes him and asks him out for a date.

Finally!!!! Omg!!! Hallelujah, it happened finally!!!

When they return back to the city, Phana goes in search of Wayo but Wayo is still mad that Phana did nothing even though he knew about his feelings the whole time. However, after a quick kick in Phana’s shin, Wayo agrees to go eat with Phana. The dish? Sushi, of course. And, it is the best date ever. It’s perfect – there’s cute flirting, light teasing, and plenty of confessions. Phana tells Wayo that he is indeed pursuing him. Wayo smiles, I smile. Ahhhh, I’m so happy right now.

Next morning, Wayo receives a phone call from Phana. He has come to ask Wayo to eat breakfast with him. Lol. So clingy. 😉 Then, he sees the shrine. I’ve been telling you Wayo, you gotta tone it down a notch. However, it works in his favor. While other people would have run away faster than Usain Bolt after finding that out, Phana finds it endearing and even wears that gift (bracelet) that Wayo had bought for him years back.

Then, they go to eat. It’s very cute, as usual. But, this time, Pringles drops by. When Phana wipes the food from wayo’s lips (yes, that happened), Pringles gets upset and demands that Phana drop her off at school. Wayo looks very uncomfortable but Phana knows what’s up. So, like a pro, Phana asks Wayo for permission. OMGGGGG. I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW, YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA. Hahaha. After assuring him that nothing will happen between them, Phana gives him a note (similar to the one he received from Phana) and asks him to open it later.

The note it turns out says – ‘You always have my heart.’ v.v

Can’t. Contain. This. Heart. Argh.

Then, Wayo goes for his usual competition practice, where he gets a phone call from Phana asking him out for lunch (omg boy, leave Wayo alone 😉 ). He says that he will pick him up at 12.30 from the dorm. Then, he gets a second phone call from Ming and they both go to the Medical building to spy on Kit and Phana. Ming confesses to Wayo that he likes Kit (Awww). After the talk, Wayo realizes that he will be late for his lunch date with Phana and asks Ming to drop him off and the episode ends there.

Arbitrary Points Counter

  • Today saw the return of the iconic song 1, 2, 3, 4. Can’t wait for the competition performance. #hype. +10
  • Awwww, our Phana with the pink milk. +10 for the effort and -10 for Forth for intruding.


  • Can someone Phana wish me good night like this everyday? +20


  • The whole texting thing between Wayo and Phana was done really well. +100
  • I literally lol’d when Wayo kicked Phana. +200


  • Of course, Phana has a fan club and of course Wayo is a part of it and bought the photos from them. +20
  • Both of them can’t stop smiling. Love is in the air~ +100


  • The chef gives a knowing look. +50


  • In my opinion, this scene was one of the best of the series. It is shot beautifully and portrays the heart and soul of the series perfectly. +1000


  • Phana inspecting Wayo’s room (for future use 😛 ). +10


  • Wayo trying (but failing) to protect his dignity. Lol. I told ya Wayo, you gotta be a little discreet with the stalkeriness. +20


  • Phana now has eyes only for our Wayo. Aw yisssss! 😀 +1000


  • You are absolutely right Phana. You gotta ask your bae’s permission to take other people in your car instead of your bae! +100


  • I mean, isn’t this the cutest? +500


  • Lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. You won Wayo. Chill. No need to be afraid of THOT. +1000


  • I have officially died and am now in heaven. +2000


Total: +6130

Verdict: Best episode till date. ‘2 moons’ – you always have my heart. Okay, bye.

Next episode: Kit and Ming go on a date.

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