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Yes, I know it’s 8 weeks late and I know I can never ‘Make It on Time’ for ‘Make It Right’ 😛 but hey, better late than never right? I’ve many many excuses (one of them being 2 moons) but let’s not get into that. One important thing though, since I’m also recapping 2 moons, it will invariably affect my recaps for ‘Make It Right 2’. I know it’s a different type of BL show but I can’t help compare the two and make snap judgement. Haha. Also, before we begin, thank you to the creators and the actors of the show, the uploaders and subbers, and the fans themselves!

For today’s recap, we will just discuss what’s happening with our major characters since the last season and my opinions on it (as I have a lot of it). (Spoilers, obv.)

Tee x Fuse:

Okay, first of all – HOW IS FUSE STILL IN RELATIONSHIP WITH JEAN AND HOW IS TEE STILL OKAY WITH THAT? Didn’t we resolve this already last season? If they repeat this whole thing, I’m going to be super pissed. And also, Fuse is poor now? I don’t know where they are going with this but I don’t like it.

Anyway, throughout the first episode of the second season, we see Tee head over heels in love with Fuse. He is the optimist, the martyr, who is very considerate of everyone else’s feelings except for his own. Fuse, on the other hand, I don’t really know what he is doing tbh. He has just become this whiny b*tch, who says he’s going to break up with Jean but the moment he sees her with another boy, changes his tone and wants to fight. Of course, Tee manages to calm him down but we will see if he keeps his promise to Tee. Ugh, boy, you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

Book x Frame:

I don’t know how but Book and Frame are apparently living together now. And surprisingly, they have become my new favorite couple in the show. They are in love, they are sexual and there’s a sense of progress there, unlike Tee and Fuse. Yes, Frame is still a horny-ass sex addict and Book is still a little insecure and shy BUT we also see growth there. Frame is now a little more considerate of Book’s wishes and feelings and Book is a little more daring (that butt grab? I was about to die!)

Even though it has the most prettiest boys and the cutest story, 2 moons is so chaste that I feel like I will get my virginity back after watching the show. But MIR – it isn’t afraid to push that sexual boundary and I also commend the actors for committing to it. I don’t even think we will get a kissing episode in 2 moons anytime soon but MIR had the main couples sleeping in the first episode itself!

The Boys:

So, apparently, the three boys live together as well. I don’t know why the writers decided to do that but … yeah. In this episode, Mo is still a little heartbroken from that event last season. So, his friends advise him to try out dating guys instead (such good friends). And of course, Frame gives a thumbs up for this idea. Then comes the ridiculous story line/meet cute that I’ve ever seen in life where Yok (the creepy guy from last season) and Mo cross path.

Look, I’m not denying the type of show that MIR is. It’s campy, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it’s not afraid to offend people. HOWEVER, there’s fun-omg-such-a-guilty-pleasure-camp and MIR camp. Yok wants to take a dump. He is clutching his stomach and farting while Mo, really has to pee. And, they both are in search of a toilet to relieve themselves. In this rush to get to a toilet, they collide with each other (in slow motion) where Mo falls on top of Yok. And, just like that another couple is born.

I … I … I give up, MIR. You win.

Nine and Rodtang:

So, in season 2 of MIR, Rodtang is famous (and is a singer). Don’t ask. Even the show doesn’t know why. Nine is still in love, while Rodtang – I don’t know what’s happening there.

Arbitrary Points Counter


  • MIR, Y R U baiting us like this? +20


  • When Nine presses the elevator button for Rod and uses the stairs – it was sweet. +10
  • #couplegoals +50


  • Bed bath? Yes, please. +20


  • Boom’s famous eyebrows. +50


  • The boys imitating Book. +20


  • I. Need. Some. Water. Ugh. Doesn’t this remind you of Daniel Craig’s scene in Casino Royale? +5000


  • And of course, after seeing Book, Frame is like – yeah, nah – let’s have sex.+20


  • The infamous butt grab scene. +1000


  • Tee and Fuse’s teacher is so cute. +20
  • Matching T-shirts are still a thing with these two. Although, swapping would be better? +100



  • I love camp. I love cringy and cheesy stuff. The only reason this is here is because I don’t believe it. Yet. -100


  • Listen to your sister, Fuse. -100


  • Why is everyone doing the “ass-digging” thing? -20
  • Why does everyone live in the same damn condo? -10
  • Okay, MIR – I would like a warning before you play a woman moaning in a porn scene in one of your episodes so that I can mute the volume and avoid the suspicious looks of others in my vicinity.  -100
  • So, you want to tell me that these boys watched Book and Frame smooch and have sex? -50


  • The “meet cute” between Mo and Yok. -10000


  • Fuse losing it because Jean is with another guy. Ugh, get over it. -100

Total: -4170

Verdict: Not. MIR is veering on the side of becoming a little boring (except for the Book and Frame story line). So, I hope that future episodes are a little more exciting. Furthermore, 50+ minutes per episode, without anything happening, is a little too long in my opinion.

Next episode: More of the same thing. Jean looks like she is still in the picture.

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