No preamble today. Let’s recap (Spoilers, obv.)

So, we start episode 2 in the bathroom (where else?). Yok is pooping while Mo is on the other stall besides Yok trying to woo him. It’s all very romantic /s. With farts and poop-splash noises as the soundtrack of their romance, Mo finally manages to get Yok’s phone number and declares his intent to pursue Yok.

To be honest, the dialogues in these scenes are actually pretty funny and quite good (or at least the translations). But, but, but, the splash noises man … I don’t even know what to say. Anywho, even though I’m not happy, Mo is definitely happy with the progress he’s made and even though he gets teased about it, he’s still in good spirits.

Meanwhile, Rodtang is just chilling in the basketball court. You know, now that he’s famous and stuff – I guess, he can just chill. 😛 Then, in the midst of that chill sesh, the music teacher (I’m assuming) comes and starts to give some constructive criticism about the band’s performance from the previous episode. He says that they need a little bit of heart and soul in their music, which is currently missing. Rod’s “friend” promptly blames Rod and says that since he’s busy doing all other shiz – they haven’t been able to practice. Rod then asks the teacher to help them improve and the teacher agrees.

I have so many questions – a. Why is that teacher so young/hot? b. Why is he so interested in this particular group? c. Was he watching them perform last episode? Why wasn’t I paying attention? d. Is it bad that I think that this teacher and Rod should start getting it on? Haha.

Anyway, after this interaction, the basketball team comes (with Nine) to practice in the court. Apparently, Rodtang is also in the team but hasn’t been coming to the practice as Rod’s trying to do it all (drums, drama, band, basketball, etc). And, the guy named Lamom (legit – the coolest name ever) isn’t happy. He starts shouting at Rod and they nearly get into a fight. Luckily, Nine interferes and protects Rod and covers for him.

Meanwhile, the it couple of the moment – Book and Frame – are busy playing house. Surprisingly, Frame is now cooking for Book and tending to his needs and all in all, is very caring. This is illustrated further when Frame gets some messages from his fan club in the middle of their homely dinner and ends up deleting them and blocking them instead of reading/replying. He then goes on to tell Book that he’s not that sort of guy anymore because he now has a boyfriend! (Awww … this reminds me so much of 2 moons.)

Then, we see Yok hatching a plan with Christina to get back at his mom for giving him grief about being gay. And, I think that plan involves Yok making Mo as his boyfriend as we see him asking Mo to move in with him and giving him an underwear as a present.

I mean … again … so many questions. a. Do these teenagers not have any parental supervision? b. Are they so independent/mature that they decide to live alone/move in together on a whim? c. Are all of their parents so rich that they can afford individual condos for their children? d. How are these teenagers so sexually active and mature? (I’m just envious, that’s all. Haha)

In the land of Tee and Fuse, Tee has conveniently moved to Fuse’s house to “tutor him” (again, none of their parents have any problem with this). And they even setup a future plot point here when Tee invites Fuse back to his condo. We can see that out of these two, Tee is definitely the happiest  as he is looking forward to spend more time with his beau. But, it’s MIR and they can’t seem to tolerate seeing Tee this happy. So, when they’re on a date and Tee is about to say something cute and romantic, MIR thrusts Jean back into the picture. Apparently, the guy Tee and Fuse saw with Jean was just her brother and she still thinks that Fuse is her boyfriend.

The episode ends with a long montage of Tee being sad and melancholic.

Arbitrary Points Counter


  • Tee’s  – surprise~~. His English is so cute. +20


  • Boom Moments. +50


  • Batman, Superman, Ironman? – No, I want to be YOUR-man. Hahahaha. I know it’s bad but this was the good kind of bad. +50
  • These two are #couplegoals. +100


  • Also, when did Book become so hot? He was definitely cute but I don’t remember pausing episodes to stare at his face. +100
  • I live for Boom’s happy face and expressions. +100


  • Even though he acted like a b*tch, Lamom has such pretty eyelashes. +25


  • Jean’s brother is so cute though. I mean, even though he looked interested in Fuse, I think he should be Tee’s boyfriend. +10



  • Splash – splash. -100000
  • Yes, I know Line produced the series. So, any sponsoring thing is inevitable. But, they literally shoehorned the tutorial on how to use Line Messaging Services twice in this episode. -1000
  • The fight between Rod and Lamom seemed so fake. -100
  • The thigh grab and the underwear gift from Yok was not for me. I don’t support this unholy union. -50


  • Why can’t MIR see Tee be a little bit happy? And, he even got a sad and lonely montage! Ugh, and he’s also such a martyr, sacrificing his happiness for that of the others. -1000

Total: -101,695

Verdict: Not. Literally, nothing exciting or of any significance happened this episode. People were just randomly coming and going in the show. People were giving advice and no one seemed to be actually following it. I don’t know. I think they just ran out of story, it seems. And, why is everything/everyone so sad and miserable. That’s why, I’m paying attention to these weird details, which otherwise I would have been too busy too notice. The only good thing about MIR right now is Frame and Book and Boom (not Tee, the character). Hopefully, MIR can recover as the season goes along.

Next episode: I don’t know. I was so bored, I just closed my browser.

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