2 Moons is cranking up the sweetness level and I’m living for it. It’s done right and is just the perfect amount. (Unlike the shit storm that is Make It Right 😛 ). Although, when will Phana and Wayo kiss? Let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

We continue straight from last week’s episode where Wayo is rushing to meet Phana for the lunch date. When Phana sees Wayo coming out of Ming’s car, he gets a little jealous and starts interrogating him a little but that turns into flirting quite quickly. Then, they go to the cafeteria to eat and again, more flirting ensues with lots of cute dialogues. There they talk about their family (we find out that Wayo is an automobile heiress lol) and also the fact that Phana is a little insecure and a little jealous that Wayo is becoming so popular with other boys (okay, just Forth).

After lunch, Wayo goes back to practice and meets the sista’, who is showing him their Facebook photos and that Ming is getting more likes than him. But, he tells him not to worry because the popular award will go to the one who receives the most roses at the day of the ceremony. Now, I feel like Ming will win the Campus Moon but Wayo will get the popular vote due to the fact that Phana will buy him a whole bunch of roses. We shall see. Again, Wayo gets a call from Phana (he can’t stay away from him) and wants to drop him off to his piano practice and asks him to wait.

Side note: Does Wayo not have any classes? I mean he’s in uni and stuff and Phana is seen going to classes daily but it seems Wayo doesn’t have anything to do except the practice sessions, right? Is that how it works in Thailand? Like for the first few weeks, the new comers don’t have to attend classes?

Anyway, after the practice, Wayo is waiting all by himself for Phana as he’s late. And, to utilize this opportunity, out comes Forth (of course). He offers him a ride home but Wayo declines saying that he’s waiting for someone. (P’Forth, pick me. I will ride you with you anytime.) Forth asks him who that person is but Wayo stays silent. So, Forth doesn’t push it and offers to stay until that person arrives. There’s some touching and flirting but it stops the moment Phana arrives. Forth is of course surprised and takes his anger out on Phana. Phana apologizes but Forth warns him not to do this again (cause Wayo is a precious little princess 😛 ) and walks off.

Side note: Why is everyone so concerned about Wayo waiting alone in the uni? I’m sure it’s not a dangerous place and Wayo’s a grown man. (Actually, I’m just envious because I have no one that cares so much like that 😥 .. ugh .. these BL shows will be the death of me)

After he goes, Wayo tries to reassure Phana that it’s okay and they go together to Yamaha Music School (#sponsored) to practice. The store man conveniently gives them the key and trusts them to close the shop after they finish. To be rich and privileged. Oh man. Anyway, Wayo starts to practice and asks Phana not to stay there (coz it’s a love song and he wants to Phana to see at the competition for maximum love impact). Instead, Phana goes to buy food for Wayo while he practices.

While eating, Phana brings up Forth again but Wayo quickly shuts him down by telling him not to worry too much as Phana has already won – a long time ago! Hot damn!

Next, we see our second couple, Kit and Ming in the gym. Ming is practicing Muay Thai and Kit is secretly checking him out. Ming calls him out on that but Kit denies it and runs away. Ming follows him but Kit tries to leave (again) but his car won’t start. Ming calls a mechanic for him and while they fix his car, Ming takes Kit out on a dinner date.

There they talk about the upcoming competition and Ming asks Kit to support him. At first, Kit is quite reluctant but after Ming’s relentless pleading, he agrees. And, he also asks Ming for a treat if Ming wins the title. Ming gets very happy and promises to work hard and win the title for him.

Arbitrary Points Counter:

  • When did Phana become Wayo’s mother? +10 for being a caring boyfriend though.


  • This is getting to be a regular habit, isn’t it? +50


  • I’m the one at left upper-corner, jumping over the table to touch my God. +20 for realness.


  • When you convince your boss that the task at hand takes three people instead of two. +10


  • I have no idea wtf this is. -10


  • OMG. Staph it. Staph touching him. Wayo and Phana haven’t even held hands yet! -50


  • However, the whole thing gets over as soon as Phana arrives. You tried Forth, you tried. +20


  • Again, another habit. +50


  • Phana is in love with Wayo’s lips. +50


  • Yes, he did Wayo. Yes, he did. +1000


  • It seems the roles of master and slave has reversed. +10


  • Busted! +20


  • So. Damn. Thirsty. +100


  • I love the fact that Ming is so committed to Kit, he has KitKat everywhere. +20


  • Kit realizing that other people find Ming hot too! +10


Total: +1310

Verdict: Yes, 2 moons knows how to make our hearts swoon. But, where is my kiss?

Next episode: More Kit and Ming shenanigans.

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