Yes, that’s me this episode, puking rainbow of happiness all over. When you think that the cuteness and sweetness level can’t be taken any higher, 2 Moons surprises you with a whole new level. Let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

Again, we start straight back from the previous episode. After the dinner, Kit thanks Ming for his help with the car and both return home. In his dorm, Kit can’t stop thinking about Ming and starts staring at his picture from the competition. I feel like he’s giving this whole Ming situation a serious thought and consideration. On the other side, Ming is also looking at his own picture but what he’s really doing is to see if Kit has liked that or not. I mean, been there right? #relatablecontent.

Back at Yamaha Music Center, Phana is asleep on the couch while Wayo practices. After finishing, Wayo comes near the sleeping beauty to watch him sleep. But, Phana catches him on the act and starts to tease him. He asks him to close his eyes (OMG, is it happening?) and starts to inch closer. Wayo opens his eyes and then Phana asks him if he will get punched if he kissed him right now (Omooo) and then .. kisses him .. on his nose?

OMG. STOP TEASING ME LIKE THAT! NOT COOL 2 MOONS. NOT COOL! Ugh. Okay, okay. Yes, it was cute af but when will I get the mouth-to-mouth action? xD

Next morning, Phana, Kit, and Beam finish their class and are just chilling outside. Beam then asks where Kit was last night. Kit just shrugs it off by saying he was at the gym but our dear private investigator extraordinaire Beam is like .. Nope. Totally saw you on a date with Ming. Then, both Phana and Beam continue to tease Kit. Beam teases him by saying that he has confidence in Ming’s determination while Phana gives his sage advice about love not being about the gender but about the person. Noice!

Then, Ming arrives and the others dutifully give them their space. While Kit is chastising him for stalking him, Ming demands Kit like his Facebook photos. Kit just runs away. Later at his dorm, after much deliberation, Kit finally likes Ming’s photo on Facebook (and immediately gets a thank you message). Then, continues his studying with a smile on his face. It seems he’s clearly into it and his denial phase is slowly giving away to acceptance.

Then, we get a scene where the P’s are scolding the N’s, which I think is a little unfair considering the amount of time they spend practicing everyday. Anyway, after a cute training montage everybody starts to leave. Phana comes to pick up Wayo after the piano practice as usual. He says all protective things to Wayo and drops him off at his door. So, gentlemanly!

At night, Wayo can’t sleep due to excitement of the competition and calls Ming. They just have a great gab session where they talk about the competition, their boy friends, etc. Like all of us, Ming complains to his best friend about his crush not answering his text and when he does, completely forgets about his best friend. Haha.

Anway, after saying goodbye to him, Wayo still can’t go to sleep and instead goes to Phana’s room. To his surprise, he sees Pringles there but Phana quickly takes control of the situation and announces that he’s going to sleep in Wayo’s room. Again, Wayo and Phana have a cute heart-to-heart in the bed where Phana says that Wayo is the most important thing to him and Wayo tells him that the song he is about to perform in the competition is only for him. (Awwwww. Puking. Rainbow.)

It’s the next day, the day of the competition and Phana is waiting alone in his makeup room. Kit and Beam arrive and when Phana voices his desire to see his precious Wayo, they all take him to the freshmen makeup room. Wayo then takes him aside to a quiet corridor. He says to him that he is a little worried about messing up during the competition. Phana just dismisses that by saying not to worry as he will love him no matter what (well, not the exact words, but you know, the same sentiment 😛 ). And then, to my (and possibly Wayo’s) surprise, he gives him a quick kiss on the cheek. I guess, we are slowly progressing towards the big moment? One can only hope so.

Arbitrary Points Counter:

  • I mean, God is meant to be started at and admired. +20


  • Yes, I agree. It’s cute af. +500


  • Why does 2 Moons have all the cute guys? They should lend some to MIR. +10


  • Beam – the private investigator. +10


  • Phana and Beam giving Kit and Ming some S P A C E. +20


  • When you’re in love, you do everything for the other person. +20


  • You hang up. No, YOU hang up. Phana can’t get enough of Wayo. +50


  • Pringles is looking fresh as hell at 2 am. But, if you want to seduce God, you gotta look pretty. -10


  • Phana has his priorities straight. +100


  • Picture perfect. +100


  • Ded. +500


  • All I want for Christmas is YOUUUUU. +1000


  • Finally! They are holding hands!!! +500


Total: +2820

Verdict: Puking. Rainbow. All. Over. Plus, I need some mouth-to-mouth action, yo! 😛

Next episode: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, I love you. 6, 7, 8, 9 I love you.

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