Recap | Make It Right | s02e08

Okay, it’s late and I’ve got work tomorrow but we are still doing this. Let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.) But, I think by this point everyone else has watched all the episodes except me. Lol.

We start this episode with a shirtless Tee coming out of shower and any scene with shirtless Tee is a good scene. Then, quite randomly, his mother’s hot, new, and young boyfriend (who may or may not have hit on Tee and whose name I forgot) comes over to apologize and says that he has stopped his playboy ways and is committed to his mother as he loves her very much.

As I was watching this scene, I was wondering why that guy would come all the way and explain all of this to Tee. I mean it doesn’t relate to the plot at all. Like, we do care about Tee’s mother but this scene made no sense. But, when the guy actually started to explain and said that loving two people at the same time can be tough and choosing one takes time, I was like – ahh, I get it. You are trying to explain Fuse’s indecision with this parallel story-telling. Subtle. But also, f you. Think about the other person at the end of your stupid indecision that is hurting so much. Ugh.

Anyway, from subtle to extremely overt, MIR talked about orgies this episode. Yes. It went there. I mean, am I even allowed to feign surprise at this point? P’Tern, the male version of Jean, is lounging near a pool when he strikes up a conversation with a semi-naked guy next to him and invites him to their pre-arranged “group activities” and slaps his butt while he’s leaving. I mean … I have no words. P’Tern was so adamant about getting back with Book but unable to hide his true evil self, he is still going around participating in “group activities.” I guess, it suits his character very well, being a villain and acting all douchey. Poor Book.

Talking about poor Book, he’s still shaken up from that video leak. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to go through such a thing. At least, Frame continues to be there for him and keeps bringing him food. He looks quite down as well and seems affected by the whole ordeal as well as Book refuses to let him comfort him. However, it also looks like things are improving. Even though Book is not ready to open the door (to his heart – MIR is really big on symbolism), he appreciates all that Frame has done for him. So, he passes on a small note that says ‘thank you’ through the gap under the closed door. Frame looks very pleased and so does Book. ❤

On the other side of town, the spawn of Satan – Jean and her friend Ploy are out having lunch when P’Ti, the supposed cousin from Hong Kong, arrives. It’s clear that P’Ti is not P’Ti (confirmed by Ess later in the episode) and he’s secretly dating Jean. But, there’s also a lot of eye-f**king going on between Ploy and P’Ti, which means that he’s a total playboy and something will happen between Ploy and this guy later.

In the next scene, the boys all claim that they are stressed and decide to go to karaoke, as one does when one’s stressed. This results in the most awkward scene ever with Tee in the middle and Fuse and Cid sitting next to him in each side while ‘Mo is singing. Thankfully (or un-thankfully?), one of the boys brings some news about spotting the boy that’s been hanging out with Jean. This prompts everyone (well, almost everyone) to go and investigate. The friend also explains that P’Ti is in fact France, a playboy and they see that he’s not with Jean but with someone else (no points for guessing).

This news devastates our Fuse, who remembers the ‘Jean ❤ France’ in Jean’s wall. So, he does what any heartbroken person does – gets drunk. I would say he deserves the pain but I’m a little bit sad because now, it will be upon Tee to take care of this drunken child. And as usual, he takes him home, holds him while he pukes, and wipes his dirty body. Clearly, he’s still in love. Let me say this again – Fuse doesn’t deserve Tee.

Another casualty in this whole ordeal is Cid. When Tee asked him if he was okay going home alone (as Tee had to take this man child home with him), Cid bit the bullet and said he’s okay with it even though clearly, he wasn’t. On top of that, when he calls Tee later and when Tee officially shuts him down by saying nothing will happen between them, not to wait for him, he’s not ready for anyone, etc., I was literally crying. 😦 You deserve something better as well Cid.

While all of this conversation was happening, Fuse was eavesdropping in the background and when he subtly inquires about it, Tee confirms that he’s not dating Cid and doesn’t like him that way. This makes Fuse very happy (obv.) and he starts to mumble things about him and Jean when Tee cuts him off and says that there’s no need to say anything and he’s fine with them being just friends and then, leaves to go home.

Then, outside the room door, for some reason, Tee is all smiles. Why is he happy though? Did I miss something? Is he happy to be just friends? Is he happy because he senses Jean and Fuse are dunzo? Is he happy that he confessed his true feelings to Fuse (again)? Is he happy that he’s finally over Fuse? I don’t know. I’m confused.

Anyway, the next day in school, instead of sending the video of France and Ploy to Fuse, Ess “accidentally” sends it to Jean, who is understandably livid. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went on a killing spree. We will see.

Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • Any scene with shirtless Tee is a good scene. +50

shirtless tee.PNG

  • Is it bad that I want to see a fan-fic written about these two? +5


  • “Group activities”? Color me intrigued. I’m sure we will get to see some “group activities” in the coming episodes. +10



  • Yok’s analogy about life being like an elevator is pretty on point. +10


  • The thank you note from Book was really sweet. And, he looks amazingly cute in those green stripes. +20


  • This cousin from HK is pretty easy on the eyes, no? And, that hair flip tho! +10


  • The most awkward karaoke ever. +20


  • Cid and Tee are in their own world and not bothered about Fuse’s senseless drama. +10


  • Tee’s still the ever caring boy friend, ready to take care of the man-child Fuse. +50


  • I don’t know the reason but he’s happy at least? +20



  • When did Rodtang become famous? Lol. -5


  • He will do it alone. He doesn’t need you two. -50



  • MIR continues to put additional nail into the coffin that was CidxTee. Forget me Cid. </3 -50


Total: +100

Verdict: Sing with me Tee:

“Three, don’t be his friend
You know you’re gonna wake up in his bed in the morning
And if you’re under him
You ain’t getting over him”

Next episode: What will happen to Book and Frame?

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Recap | Make It Right | s02e07


Yes, I’m still alive and well. Lol. Instead of giving a lot of excuses, let’s just recap, shall we? (Spoilers, obv.)

The leaked sex-tape continues to wreak havoc in MIR land. Now, even Book’s parents are involved! Along with a policeman uncle, Book’s parents have come to his condo to talk about the leak and boy, they are not happy. While it’s natural to feel angry in this type of situation, I felt that they were unnecessarily harsh on Book. Also, instead of being concerned about their son and his mental health, they were more concerned about what others will think of them now. The only helpful person out there was the police uncle, who said that they will be trying their best to identify the perp who leaked the video.

After squabbling for a while, Book’s parents give him a stern warning and leave. As he is about to return to his room, Book finds P’Tern (the guy who shot the sex video) waiting there for him. It turns out he’s really apologetic and wants to get back with Book (???). In the beginning, Book isn’t having any of it but then we see him slowly relenting to P’Tern’s pressure (No!). After telling him that he will call later, P’Tern leaves.

To make the event more dramatic, Frame drops by with some food. Frame and P’Tern pass each other but they don’t know each other (yet) so nothing happens. Unable to face Frame, Book closes the door in Frame’s face. I think in Book’s life, Frame is the only person who is concerned about his well being. He even tells him that he wants to be there for him but Book is like a sulky teenager who just wants to be left alone, thank you very much. But thankfully, Frame isn’t deterred and promises to come everyday to check on him (aww!).

Then, we move on to Tee and Fuse. In their college, the hot (and only) teacher wants to play a little game. It involves two boys being tied together while they go about researching animals. It’s not as sexual as it sounds but looks fun nonetheless. My only question is, why didn’t my school do activities like this? Anyway, Tee and Fuse get tied together (obviously). And, it’s just an excuse for them to talk and bond (again). However, as usual, as they are about to get closer, Jean comes and ruins everything. Ugh.

Jean and Fuse then go on a date and later, Jean lures (lures! lol) Fuse to her house and tries to seduce him! Oh my god. MIR, you never fail to amuse me. Fuse is like a deer caught in a headlight, unable to do anything while the predator (lol) moves in for the kill. But, as he sees ‘Gyne ❤ Fra ce’ (the name of that guy that Jean kept telling was her cousin from some other country, I believe) in Jean’s wall, he snaps out of it and makes a quick exit, leaving Jean high and dry.

Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • Even though they are high on the ass-o-meter, at least, they are fashionable af? +5


  • This is on the hot list because Frame is such a supportive boyfriend and doesn’t give up easily. +20


  • Ooooooohhhhh. The dramatic lift entry, slow motion death stare – MIR knows drama. +5


  • Of course, the school in MIR would play these kind of games and of course, these two would end up being tied up. +10 for staying true to MIR DNA.


  • The shade. +50


  • Omo, that girl is me irl. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Lol. +20


  • Maybe it’s because I’m writing a recap after several months or maybe it’s because I’m a romantic at heart, but damn, these two look so good together here. +50


  • And in typical MIR fashion, even though they are in the middle of their assignment, they are just like – f**k it, let’s go and have a picnic. +20


  • This is here only because of how awkward and scared Fuse looks. Lol. +20



  • All the adults ganging up on poor Book wasn’t cool. -50
  • I do not support this. Hopefully, Book can find some courage and motivation to stay away from P’Tern. -20


  • This one’s on the NOT list as well because how sad Frame looks here. Invite your boo inside Book. 😦 -20


  • The spawn of Satan herself. -100


Total: +10

Verdict: If we forget about the cringe-fest seducing scene at the end, this episode was surprisingly okay. It might be also due to the fact that I’m watching this episode after taking a break for a looong time. Whatever the reason, I do hope MIR stops torturing my Tee soon.

Next episode: We find out what’s going on with the “cousin” from HK.

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Recap | Make It Right | s02e06


Yes, I’m back (again, lol). It took several months but I think I can finally finish MIR2 recaps. Let’s get started. (Spoilers, obv.)

It seems MIR’s episode 6 is all about torturing its characters.

a. Cid

In this episode, Cid finally proposes to Tee officially by offering a bouquet of flowers only to get turned down. While Tee says it’s because that he’s not ready and they are still in school, we all know it’s actually because he is still in love with Fuse. Later, Cid seems to have gained some traction (as he was chosen to escort Tee back to his house) but tbh, I don’t think TeexCid will happen, like – ever.

b. Tee

At this point, I would be surprised if MIR didn’t torture Tee emotionally in some way. He moves out of Fuse’s house but we can clearly see through his longing looks that he’s still hurt and wants to be with Fuse. He obviously also wants Fuse to say something and disclose his feelings towards him but gives a disappointed look and leaves with Cid when Fuse does nothing. Poor Tee doesn’t get what he wants either.

c. Fuse

The only good thing about this episode is that we get to see Fuse getting hurt as well. First, he cries when he observes the bouquet incident between Cid and Tee. And later, he acts jealous and irritated when he finds out that Cid is the one driving Tee back home. But, as usual, he doesn’t do anything about this because he’s a stupid fuccboi. 

d. Book

And obviously, MIR had to spoil one good thing that was left in the show – Book and Frame. It was their 2 month anniversary (has it only been 2 months? It feels like 2 years no? 😛 ) and everything was going great. Frame had prepared a surprise dinner and even given him a couple ring but it all came crashing down when Book’s sex tape leaked. Book is of course devastated but he also ends up pushing Frame away by saying that he wants to be alone. I’m sure that he just wants to protect Frame and doesn’t want him to deal with all the drama but still it’s hard to watch them go through this.

e. Frame

The success story of MIR – Frame – also had to endure some hardships this episode. After going through all that trouble, he had to leave Book as Book wanted to be alone after the video leak. He definitely wants to be a supportive boyfriend but Book keeps pushing him away. The episode ends as Frame leaves the room but I’m sure that he’ll find a way to come back.

[I think there’s a love triangle going on between Lukmo, Lukmo’s old girlfriend and Yok. But, as always, we won’t get into that.]

Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • Them thicc arms. +20


  • Our Tee is certainly multi-talented. +10


  • Cid knows how to propose. +10. Bonus +5 for Tee being shirtless.


  • Bitch! After making Tee suffer through all of that, I ain’t even sad. +50


  • #couplegoals +20


  • Frame’s surprise is on point! Plus, he makes sure that Book’s hair is perfect. +50


  • I am so jealous! +25


  • Yes, P’Tern is the villain but damn he knows how to execute a perfect surprise as well. +10


  • Cid is enjoying this wayy too much 😛 +15



  • I haven’t been following their story line but these two do make a very cute couple. +10



  • Look at that sad face! Hopefully, Cid will find happiness with someone else. -20


  • Tee continues to suffer! -50



  • Why is everyone crying in this episode? -50


  • -100 for terrible B plots.

Total:  +5

Verdict: This episode barely manages to remain on the hot side. However, it is still filled with more sad moments than the happy one. And, the B plots continue to remain terrible. Even if MIR pairs off Tee and Fuse in the end, I feel like the damage has already been done and I won’t be able to enjoy their reunion that much. And about the sex tape – I do applaud MIR for having the courage to explore an important topic but I don’t think it was executed well.

Next episode: Tee and Fuse get tied up.

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Recap | Make It Right | s02e05


Side note: *Happy fuckin’ birthday to me. Sad reacts only*

I have many excuses. Since I am an adult now, I have many responsibilities. It’s not that those responsibilities kept me from writing these recaps but more like, the effort required to think about those responsibilities and wallow in self-pity kept me from doing anything. I am sorry. I will try to do better. Anyway, let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

Do I even remember where we left off? Hmm, let’s see.

Oh, yes. Book ran off thinking that his video~ had leaked and Frame also ran after him. Thankfully, it’s not one of his and both boys breathe a sigh of relief (along with me). Frame promises that whatever happens, he will be there for Book. Later in their condo, they continue their cuteness where Frame admits to Book that he has made him a better person. Then, Book channels his inner Ed Sheeran and asks – 🎵 When your legs don’t work like they used to before. And I can’t sweep you off of your feet. Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love. Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks 🎵. To which Frame obviously replies – 🎵 And darling I will be loving you ’til we’re 70. And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23 🎵.

However, all this is making me a little bit uncomfortable. Specially, how they keep on mentioning the video stuff and how it affects the people involved. Foreshadowing?

Side note: In this season, we haven’t seen any other kids in the place they call college. What happened? Were they not allowed to shoot during school time? Budget issues?

Anyway, with Fuse and Tee, Fuse is still trying to slide into Tee’s DM in school but it looks like Tee’s over it and ignores him. Fuse then asks if he wants to go to the tutoring school with him and complains that Tee doesn’t have time for him anymore. Okay, hold up. Are you fracking kidding me? Are you blind? You are the reason why this is happening. You are the reason that he is sad and you still have the balls to say that. Smh.

Thankfully, Tee leaves Fuse (for now) behind to go to the tutoring centre with Cid. Seriously, they look so cute together. Even though Tee keeps demurring, this needs to happen. I was also pleasantly surprised by another meet cute that happened between Tee and a hot guy when they are returning home. A second hot guy for Tee? Yes, please. However, my happiness doesn’t last long when it turns out that he was there with another guy and also, he is his mother’s boyfriend (!!!!!). :O

So, Tee’s mother has been dating that guy (Pob) and comes to Tee’s condo with him to get his approval. Even though Tee knows about Pob and his true nature, Tee (the ever-generous, possessor of infinite heart, our lord and savoir) says yes. When his mother goes out of the room, Pob emotionally blackmails Tee to not say anything to his mother about his dalliances with other guys. Tee tries to warn his mother later but can’t do it seeing how happy his mother is (at least at that moment) with Pob.

Unfortunately, this leads to his breakdown in the rain and he goes to the only person he knows and feels comfortable with – Fuse. It’s so sad to see that Tee feels that he has no one to turn to except Fuse, who doesn’t even love him.

This show can’t let Tee be happy. 😦

Can you tell that this pic is edited? Didn’t think so.

But, Tee gets to spend some quality time with Fuse and we see what could have been if these two were together – their innuendo filled conversation, shirtless (but sexless) sleepover, and the flirty breakfast time. Alas, this happiness is cut short when Fuse mentions that he has to go to the school with Jean. To which Tee, the epitome of grace and sadness, says that he understands and this is enough for him.

First of all, Tee – you deserve so much more than that stupid Fuse. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again – he doesn’t appreciate you and you need someone who knows your worth. However, I can also understand where Tee is coming from. We can’t help who we fall in love with. So, with heavy heart, I will just say this – I will be happy if Tee’s happy. Sigh.

[As usual, I will be skipping Rodtang and Mo’s storyline. If you have to know, Rodtang is still acting obnoxious and running away from his responsibilities. Nine is still covering for Rodtang. Lamom still has the prettiest eyelashes. And, Mo and the gang are still the weirdest. Seriously, I think I saw Mo bringing an adult diaper as a gift to Yok’s mother. Whaa?]

Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • #couplegoals and that back hug! +50


  • #couplegoals2 +50


  • #savage. +20


  • Tee now has a reason to smile. +25


  • You don’t need to count anything Cid. You are perfect. +30


  • Who is she? +10 for making my heart beat a little faster.


  • You do you Tee’s mom. You don’t need anyone’s approval to live your life. +25


  • Yesss, daddyyy! +1000


  • Bitch, let Tee show you how it’s done. +500





  • Dude, he’s literally right there. If you want to talk about him, maybe go a little farther? -10


  • F you MIR for making Tee cry. -1000


Total: +700

Comment: The only ‘Hot’ episode till date. That too, it’s only because I skipped all the unnecessary parts and because Tee continues to be the one true hero and because ‘Book and Frame’ continue to be the #couplegoals. I was about to give -∞ for making my Tee cry. However, I felt like I’ve been overly harsh on this show and there were some genuinely good moments that I enjoyed. So, I changed my mind. I don’t know why I’m explaining myself. Okay, bye.

Next episode: Cid, it’s time to show your magic.

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Recap | 2 Moons | s01e12


Omg, the end of an era. Lol. We have finally come to the last episode of the season and I am glad to say that they saved the best for the last. Let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

So, it’s after the big competition and Phana tells Wayo that the 9999 (approx.) rose bouquet was actually from him and gives him even more (!!) roses (being rich and privileged man, ugh 😛 ). Phana then asks Wayo for a kiss. At first, he demurs but after gathering some courage, he tries to sneak a kiss on the cheek while Phana is looking away. But in typical rom-com fashion, Phana turns at the right moment and they end up kissing on the lips! Omg, yass .. God does exist.

Meanwhile, Kit is trying his very best not to go to the dinner with Ming but Beam (the shipper of KitxMing) isn’t having any of it and leaves Kit no other option but to go on that dinner. In the car, Ming  gets a congratulatory phone call from his ex gf and let me tell you, Kit is jealous af and also a little hurt. Kit continues to sulk and Ming has to explain that Muwan is just an ex and that he will stop talking to her and court Kit exclusively. Kit only looks happy when later, Ming “breaks up” with Muwan and says – I like you – to Kit. He even gives him his first-place shash! Later, we see them flirting cutely over good night text messages. Fellow fan girls, Kit is definitely feeling the love.

Now back to Phana and Wayo. They are back at the dorm where Phana is planning something for Wayo with the help of Beam (it’s looks like a present). When he goes down to meet Beam and looks at the secret gift, it turns out to be the wrong one. So, they decide to go directly to the sales lady to get the correct one. Due to traffic and the magic of story telling, this process takes a little bit time and when he is back at Wayo’s room, Wayo is already in bed and a little mad. However, Phana (ever the charmer) manages to win him back by giving him the gift that he worked so hard to get. It turns out to be a matching bracelet (white in color) that Wayo had earlier given to Phana! They look so cute together with that bracelets. Ugh. Dying.

Then, Phana officially asks Wayo to be his boyfriend and says that he loves him. While Wayo doesn’t say that he loves him too (well, he doesn’t need to as he rightfully pointed out .. his room is literally filled with Phana’s pictures .. so there shouldn’t be any doubts), they seal the deal with an official KISS! 😀 😀

Good lord. That was incredible. I was so afraid that they weren’t going to show this on the show but thankfully, I was wrong. Arghhhhhh. This makes me so happy.

Arbitrary Points Counter:

  • Please take care of me like that as well Dr. Phana. +100


  • Open sesame! +500


  • Wayo stealing a kiss. +200


  • Kit’s antics are totally <3. +50


  • He sulks really well too. +20


  • Kit’s face when Ming tells him that he likes him. Totally adorable. +50


  • Ming had 15 girl friends before Kit?? I mean, I am not too surprised but boy, try to keep it in your pants? -10
  • I did it for you! ❤ +50


  • Shots like these also makes me appreciate how high the production value of this series is. I really appreciate the production teams effort, especially the person, who checks/maintains the right time in Wayo’s bedside clock. I see you. +1000


  • Do you know why I love these two? They are cute, sure. But, they are also so normal. I realize Bas and God are beyond normal but I mean the relationship that they have. Easy, breezy .. cover girl. Sigh. +1000



  • I also love the fact that Phana is so comfortable with all of this and is so affectionate. Tell me this ain’t the cutest. +500


  • Phana sure does know how to charm his bae. +100



  • Matching bracelet? Pfftt .. corniest shiz ever. BUT .. this is what gives me life. +500


  • Fuck me. +∞


Total: +∞

Verdict: 2 moons has been the most unrealistic, romantic, fluffy BL drama to ever grace our screens. It uses the formula that Love Sick started and polishes with such precise brilliance that the outcome is this shiny love story that doesn’t deviate from its cute premise and panders a lot to its fans. Unfortunately, that’s what works for me and that’s what I literally live for. So, this was one of the best BL series I’ve watched till date. Can’t wait for season 2.

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Recap | Make It Right | s02e04


I think, at this point, I’m just hate-watching this show. Haha. Let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

We are back in Fuse’s house, where it seems like Tee is still living there (but in separate bed 😉 ). It’s really sad to see Tee so resigned and melancholic but of course, fuccboi Fuse doesn’t care about it at all and just wants to know who Tee was talking to in the tutoring class. Ugh. And when Tee tells him he might move back to the condo, this attention seeker just goes ape shit and emotionally blackmails Tee into staying with him for a week.

We also get to finally see why Book was worried about Frame filming them having sex. Apparently, his previous boyfriend Tern used to always do that and Book used to let him do it even though he felt bad about it and now, he regularly gets nightmares. He explains all of this to Book, who on the surface seems okay and says all the right things like – I will always be there for you, it’s going to be okay, forget about it, etc. but inside, he seems to be definitely affected by this revelation. And, right after saying that he will always be at Book’s side, Frame leaves the bed to think about it all and starts messaging Fuse (and some another person named Ti (?)).

The next day, the boys gang (Yok, Mo, Frame, and Fuse) meet in the mall to have lunch and do whatever the hell teenage boys do. While doing that, Frame spots Tee and Cid, who are also out and about having some lunch. It’s finally so great to see Fuse being on the other side, watching his “lover” get all the attention.

There Cid is trying his level best to woo Tee. He cheekily asks if Tee has a lover, bats his eyelid, tries the famous Tee-eyebrow-game, and even tells him his plan to make a new lover (and gives him hints on who that might be). After that, they both go to a rooftop and start talking about life and stuff. It’s very romantic.

Tee also tells him that he lives in a condo because he doesn’t want to go back to his house, where his family is having some problems. Awww. And then, Cid basically lays his heart out for Tee saying that he gets him. Tee is the silent sufferer, one who doesn’t want to worry others with his problem. So, Cid offers his services. He says that he might not be able to solve all of Tee’s problem but will definitely be there to listen. Damn! This guy did it in 2 episodes flat what that fuccboi couldn’t do in 2 whole seasons – understood Tee for who he really is. But alas, MIR doesn’t like to see Tee happy for very long. So, when Cid leans in to give him a kiss, Tee moves back and asks to go home. I guess he needs more time.

On the other side, the boys gang are in a fancy hotel as Mo wants to take a poop. There they see Jean with that boy, who pretended to be her cousin, going inside the elevator together (gasps! clutches pearls!).

After seeing that, Fuse is obviously quite bummed and says that he doesn’t want to go back to his home. Frame, who’s also sad due to events mentioned before, volunteers to stay back with him and drink the night away. They then rent a room at the same hotel and start to drink. They get pissed drunk and nearly end up kissing but at the last moment, Fuse pulls back (wise move there mister) and they both go to sleep.

You know what, I think I finally get what MIR is trying to do. I think it’s going for the ‘real’ vibes like not the sweet candy romance but real, messy love story in real life, where people do stupid things when they get drunk and where it’s not always a happy ending. While I appreciate and respect that decision, for the love of god, PLEASE NO FRAME AND FUSE, PLEASE DO NOT CROSS THAT LINE!

Also, is it so easy to rent a room for teenagers when they are in school uniform? What about the alcohol? Where did they get the money to rent the room? And, why is the alcohol not blurred in this episode? Ugh. I am just not happy with this scene.

Anyway, in the morning, Tee wakes up to an empty bed. This boy is so concerned for Fuse’s well-being that even after all the shiz he’s put him through, he still calls around to see where Fuse might be at. Similarly, Book also seems sad that Frame isn’t there with him to go to school and has a really sad conversation with his mother over the phone.

The episode ends with the boys gang, including Book and Frame, in the school when Wit (I think) shares the info that a sex tape of a high school student has been leaked. Book obv. rushes out to see if it’s his video and Frame follows him. Oh boy, this is going to be a doozy.

Side Plots: I have no idea what’s happening with the plots involving Rodtang and Yok and Mo. With Rodtang, he’s trying to do everything but failing at all of them (I guess that’s the lesson?) And with Yok and Mo, Mo is still a prop for Yok to get back at  his mother.

Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • #couplegoals. +20


  • Me trying to avoid all my problems and responsibilities. +10


  • Boy, bye. +100


  • Someone make this shiz happen! +50


  • 🎵 I know I can treat you better than he can. And any boy like you deserves a gentleman. 🎵 +100



  • I don’t think MIR wants any of the couples to be happy. -100
  • What’s happening with Yok and Mo / Rodtang story lines? -50


  • And the fact that they insinuated that there’s some romantic connection between Yok’s mother and Wit? Ew. -100
  • And, for the love of god, never let this happen. -1000 for even going there.


  • Poor Cid. Crushed! 😥 😥 -100


  • Book’s GPA dropped from 3.94 to 3.90, a whopping 0.04 points, and his mother was very concerned. Asian parents, am I right? -20
  • What are those? -10 only cause I low-key love it. Haha.


Total: -1100

Verdict: As I said before, I think MIR wants to be a ‘real life’ relationship show with lots of ups and downs and ‘real’ dramas with ‘real’ consequences. It’s a very ambitious play but I don’t think it is working out for them.

Next episode: Finally, Tee seems receptive to Cid’s advances. I am actually excited about watching a new MIR episode this season! 😀

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Season 1 recaps: Here.

Recap | 2 Moons | s01e11


Welcome to the 74th Annual Hunger Games Kantapath Uni’s Star and Moon Competition 2017. I am your recapper – P’FanGirl and today, I shall be bringing you all the hottest gossips, drama, and the winners of the most anticipated gala event of the year. Shall we begin? (Spoilers, obv.)

First of all, let us all applaud the woman who seems to be the brain child of the ‘Star and Moon competition’, the one and only – Lady McLadyFace.


I mean, I’ve always wondered why did the university place so much importance on the competition and how did they have the budget to go to a resort for photo shoot etc. but after looking at the Dean of the college, I now have no questions.

I also love the fact that the whole show was devoted to the competition and we got to see every bit that actually mattered.

The show starts with the introduction round, where unfortunately only Wayo, Suthee, and Ming get screen time. And after the legendary performance of 1, 2, 3, 4 – the show moves to the talent round. Phana and the gang are watching and waiting to see their lovers on the stage but Beam complains about standing for too long and so, they all go to the waiting room to rest. In there, they see that Forth is wishing Wayo good luck for the competition. Phana looks jealous af but before he can do anything, he gets pulled aside by our very own Pringles. Unfortunately, Wayo witnesses the incident as well. Fortunately, Phana dismisses Pringles and says that he loves Wayo and not her. Aww yisss.

Phana then goes to meet Wayo but he doesn’t see him in the room with the other contestants. The sister informs him that he’s out with Forth to get his costume and music notes. This makes him bolt outside. There Forth and Phana share a terse conversation. Basically, Phana says that he likes Wayo and Forth says to never hurt him or he will be hurt. Classic love stuff. Wayo is still a little upset but Phana manages to charm him and everything is all right. Again, classic love stuff.

Now, on to the talent round. Unfortunately, Ming’s thing was … I don’t know what it was. Fortunately, Wayo’s performance was amazing. He dedicates the whole musical performance – ‘The Ordinary Man’ – to Phana and Phana, like us, is just mesmerized. I didn’t expect Wayo to sing that well tbh and the song choice was great (even though we all know Wayo is not ordinary at all). After the performance, Phana goes on stand by to give out the sash while Beam and Kit go to buy the roses for the popular vote for Wayo (you know where this is going, don’t you?).

So, when all of them stand to get roses for the popular vote, Wayo gets the most roses and a special 9999999 (approx.) roses bouquet from Phana. OMG, I’m crying. Where is my bouquet of roses?

Then, the winners are announced. Here are the title winners (only Moons because they are the only ones that matter):

  • Best Skin: Wayo
  • Most Popular: Wayo
  • 2nd runner up: Wayo
  • 1st runner up: Suthee
  • Winner: Ming

The episode ends with Phana and Wayo looking at each other, happy, and totally in love.

Arbitrary Points Counter:

  • Our boys appreciating beauty (except Phana as he knows where his true beauty lies). +10


  • For those wondering, Lady McLadyFace was wearing couture dress from Channel, jewelry from Warry Hinston, purse from Gukki, and the shoes from Banolo Mlahnik. +1000
  • For being the hottest boy on campus, Phana looked really stiff on the stage, eh? -10
  • But, he’s still the prettiest. So, +10 😛
  • Was there any doubt that 1, 2, 3, 4 wouldn’t be a legendary performance? +1000


  • Look at this perfect finish pose. Eat your heart out K-Pop dance videos! +500


  • Bye, Felicia! +1000


  • So, you’re telling me Wayo didn’t hear any of the conversation between Phana and Forth even though he was literally standing right there! -20


  • I’m sorry but Ming’s talent round was a little too cringey. And the pits. No. Sorry, I love Ming but no. -100
  • He’s not the sister but a fairy godmother. Granting wishes, bringing people together. Where is mine? +20


  • Bye, Felicia #2. Okay, sorry. This one’s a little sad. So, no points either way.


  • I love the way how this scene was shown. Wayo was singing just for Phana and Phana had eyes for only his Wayo. So, #personal and #romantic. +2000


  • Mr. Popular, getting all the roses. +100


  • 999999 (approx.) rose bouquet from his loverr. +1000


  • Phana doesn’t waste any opportunity to compliment his bae. +100


  • OMG, me? So unexpected! +100


  • Awwww, look how happy they are. Totally in love. +1000


Total: +7700

Verdict: I’m utterly delighted by this episode. Utterly, I tell you.

Next episode: 2 moons. I have warned you. If you are just f***ing playing with me, I will be very upset.


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