Recap | Love Sick: The Series | s01e02


It’s the next day and Noh is blowing off some steam in a gaming cafe with his boys after that insane request from Phun the previous day. Later that evening, he realizes that he needs to talk this out with Phun directly and goes to his house.

It’s there that Phun finally explains why he wants Noh to be his fake boyfriend. Noh doesn’t seem too convinced but at the same moment, Phun’s sister Pang arrives at the scene. Sensing an opportunity, Phun introduces Noh as his boyfriend. Pang is super pleased. However, Noh is constantly protesting against this whole thing. Then, Pang suggests that Noh spend the night at their house as it’s already very late. Even though he protests further, Noh ends up agreeing to this ludicrous plan.

Then comes a really sweet scene where we see these two as just another normal teenagers and bonding over their love for video games and books. When it’s time to sleep though, things get super awkward. Noh puts a giant pillow in between them and commands Phun to not cross over. Phun immediately disobeys him when he hears Pang opening the bedroom door. It’s super cute and Phun sells it really well.

And, that’s it. I feel recapping this way will result in short pieces but it’s the right thing to do because all we care about is #teamphun&noh. Right?

The Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • Noh’s ‘Go, fuck yourself’ to Phun. Lol. So feisty. +10
  • Even though I won’t be recapping their story, Golf is super cute. +5


  • Noh’s mom and their maid being super cas and doing yoga. +5

giphy22 giphy23

  • Noh instantly imagines him and Phun as a couple during a gay news segment in TV. +10


  • Phun is already into Noh. He stalks him on Facebook and lies to his gf when she calls him. +5
  • That Vespa really suits Noh. Or, is it the other way round? +5
  • Phun explaining to Noh why he wants someone cute to be his fake boyfriend (+10) and Noh’s #humblebrag about how it’s not his fault that he is super cute with red lips and milky skin! (+10) 


  • The introduction of Angel’s gang. Fabulous. +10


  • This cute interaction. Phun wants him. +10

giphy26 giphy27

  • Phun is quick as a lightning to get into Noh’s pants. 😉 +15


Total: 95


  • I get that Pang supports them and is crucial to move the story along for Phun and Noh but dude, she is really creepy, clingy and has no chill. -20
  • What is with Thai BL dramas and their use of farting for comedic relief? I just don’t understand this. -20

Total: 40

Verdict: It’s definitely a HOT episode. (Although, I believe by not recapping the whole Jeed drama, all the episodes will be on the hot side but again, that’s a great thing!)

GIF of the episode: Even though there were many cute moments between Phun and Noh, the Angel gang were the best this episode.


Next episode: Phun and Noh get wet together.

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Recap | Love Sick: The Series | s01e01


Hello again! In between doing my regular ‘Make it Right’ recaps, I’ve also decided to recap the famous, the one of the original BLs – Love Sick: The Series.

Premise: It’s a love story between Phun and Noh. Phun’s father wants him to date his friend’s daughter but he already has a girlfriend. He thinks that he can get his father off his back by taking help from his sister – Pang. Pang, on the other hand, is all about that BL (boys’ love). So, he asks Noh to be his fake boyfriend to please Pang and get her to help his cause. And in the process, Phun and Noh fall in love.

Few things though:

  1. I’ve already watched the whole thing but I will be watching it again and recapping all the episodes.
  2. I won’t be recapping the useless girl drama in the series. I mean who wants to see the stupid stuff that Jeed does, right?
  3. I’m firmly on #teamphun&noh. So, no other OTP for these two. 😛
  4. A big thank you to Kudalakorn and other subbers for subbing the episode in English. What would we do without you?
  5. I will be doing the hot/not points and GIF of the episode as usual but only from episode 2.

Anyway, let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

The party:

The first episode of LS has been criticized a lot in the inter-webs and I think it is mostly due to the party scenes. It tries to establish the characters and the settings but fails to do it properly. Moreover, the scenes itself aren’t well shot and includes several unnecessary elements. Anyway, the birthday party is for Aim, Phun’s current girlfriend. Most of their friends are invited. They all have fun and get drunk (they don’t look 18 though) and Phun and Aim act all cute and cuddly. We are also introduced to Yu, who has a big crush on Noh. She basically manages to be Noh’s ‘girlfriend’ by sheer perseverance. She starts to tell everyone that she is his gf and in the end, Noh gives in to it. Other unimportant things also happen at the party and later, they all go home.

The school:

The scene after the party is much more successful in introducing the two main leads. We see that Noh is the president of Music club and is quite a popular guy. Phun turns out to be the smart one and is the secretary of Student Council. They know each other but both run in different circle of friends.

The conflict:

So, how do they become more than simple acquaintances? It turns out Noh’s budget for his music club has been reduced from 35k to 5k. His club had already ordered an expensive new drum set anticipating that money but now, they don’t have any money to pay for it. So, Noh goes to the Council room to find Fee, the president, to sort out the issue. However, Fee isn’t there but Phun is. Phun tells Noh that his junior, Ngoi, was bullied by other club presidents into reducing the budget for Music Club during the meeting. Noh gets very sad and randomly, Phun asks if Noh is willing to do anything to get that budget increased. Desperate Noh says yes and so, Phun tells Noh that he will fix the budget if Noh becomes his boyfriend (yaasss!) Noh is shocked (!!) and tells Phun to go fuck himself. Lol. So, feisty!

Who’s who?

  • Phun and Noh: Our two main leads of the series.
  • Aim: Phun’s present girlfriend.
  • Yu: Noh’s sorta’ girlfriend.
  • Nongnan: A friend of Yu and Aim. Loves Om.
  • Om: Best friend of Noh. Doesn’t like Nongnan.
  • Earn: One of the boys. Loves Noh.
  • Pang: Phun’s sister.
  • Fee: Student Council president.
  • Jeed, Grace, and some other girls: They are from the same school as Aim and Yu. Their story doesn’t matter.

Next episode: Noh and Phun spend the night together.

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