Recap | Make It Right | s02e05


Side note: *Happy fuckin’ birthday to me. Sad reacts only*

I have many excuses. Since I am an adult now, I have many responsibilities. It’s not that those responsibilities kept me from writing these recaps but more like, the effort required to think about those responsibilities and wallow in self-pity kept me from doing anything. I am sorry. I will try to do better. Anyway, let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

Do I even remember where we left off? Hmm, let’s see.

Oh, yes. Book ran off thinking that his video~ had leaked and Frame also ran after him. Thankfully, it’s not one of his and both boys breathe a sigh of relief (along with me). Frame promises that whatever happens, he will be there for Book. Later in their condo, they continue their cuteness where Frame admits to Book that he has made him a better person. Then, Book channels his inner Ed Sheeran and asks – 🎵 When your legs don’t work like they used to before. And I can’t sweep you off of your feet. Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love. Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks 🎵. To which Frame obviously replies – 🎵 And darling I will be loving you ’til we’re 70. And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23 🎵.

However, all this is making me a little bit uncomfortable. Specially, how they keep on mentioning the video stuff and how it affects the people involved. Foreshadowing?

Side note: In this season, we haven’t seen any other kids in the place they call college. What happened? Were they not allowed to shoot during school time? Budget issues?

Anyway, with Fuse and Tee, Fuse is still trying to slide into Tee’s DM in school but it looks like Tee’s over it and ignores him. Fuse then asks if he wants to go to the tutoring school with him and complains that Tee doesn’t have time for him anymore. Okay, hold up. Are you fracking kidding me? Are you blind? You are the reason why this is happening. You are the reason that he is sad and you still have the balls to say that. Smh.

Thankfully, Tee leaves Fuse (for now) behind to go to the tutoring centre with Cid. Seriously, they look so cute together. Even though Tee keeps demurring, this needs to happen. I was also pleasantly surprised by another meet cute that happened between Tee and a hot guy when they are returning home. A second hot guy for Tee? Yes, please. However, my happiness doesn’t last long when it turns out that he was there with another guy and also, he is his mother’s boyfriend (!!!!!). :O

So, Tee’s mother has been dating that guy (Pob) and comes to Tee’s condo with him to get his approval. Even though Tee knows about Pob and his true nature, Tee (the ever-generous, possessor of infinite heart, our lord and savoir) says yes. When his mother goes out of the room, Pob emotionally blackmails Tee to not say anything to his mother about his dalliances with other guys. Tee tries to warn his mother later but can’t do it seeing how happy his mother is (at least at that moment) with Pob.

Unfortunately, this leads to his breakdown in the rain and he goes to the only person he knows and feels comfortable with – Fuse. It’s so sad to see that Tee feels that he has no one to turn to except Fuse, who doesn’t even love him.

This show can’t let Tee be happy. 😦

Can you tell that this pic is edited? Didn’t think so.

But, Tee gets to spend some quality time with Fuse and we see what could have been if these two were together – their innuendo filled conversation, shirtless (but sexless) sleepover, and the flirty breakfast time. Alas, this happiness is cut short when Fuse mentions that he has to go to the school with Jean. To which Tee, the epitome of grace and sadness, says that he understands and this is enough for him.

First of all, Tee – you deserve so much more than that stupid Fuse. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again – he doesn’t appreciate you and you need someone who knows your worth. However, I can also understand where Tee is coming from. We can’t help who we fall in love with. So, with heavy heart, I will just say this – I will be happy if Tee’s happy. Sigh.

[As usual, I will be skipping Rodtang and Mo’s storyline. If you have to know, Rodtang is still acting obnoxious and running away from his responsibilities. Nine is still covering for Rodtang. Lamom still has the prettiest eyelashes. And, Mo and the gang are still the weirdest. Seriously, I think I saw Mo bringing an adult diaper as a gift to Yok’s mother. Whaa?]

Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • #couplegoals and that back hug! +50


  • #couplegoals2 +50


  • #savage. +20


  • Tee now has a reason to smile. +25


  • You don’t need to count anything Cid. You are perfect. +30


  • Who is she? +10 for making my heart beat a little faster.


  • You do you Tee’s mom. You don’t need anyone’s approval to live your life. +25


  • Yesss, daddyyy! +1000


  • Bitch, let Tee show you how it’s done. +500





  • Dude, he’s literally right there. If you want to talk about him, maybe go a little farther? -10


  • F you MIR for making Tee cry. -1000


Total: +700

Comment: The only ‘Hot’ episode till date. That too, it’s only because I skipped all the unnecessary parts and because Tee continues to be the one true hero and because ‘Book and Frame’ continue to be the #couplegoals. I was about to give -∞ for making my Tee cry. However, I felt like I’ve been overly harsh on this show and there were some genuinely good moments that I enjoyed. So, I changed my mind. I don’t know why I’m explaining myself. Okay, bye.

Next episode: Cid, it’s time to show your magic.

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Recap | Make It Right | s02e04


I think, at this point, I’m just hate-watching this show. Haha. Let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

We are back in Fuse’s house, where it seems like Tee is still living there (but in separate bed 😉 ). It’s really sad to see Tee so resigned and melancholic but of course, fuccboi Fuse doesn’t care about it at all and just wants to know who Tee was talking to in the tutoring class. Ugh. And when Tee tells him he might move back to the condo, this attention seeker just goes ape shit and emotionally blackmails Tee into staying with him for a week.

We also get to finally see why Book was worried about Frame filming them having sex. Apparently, his previous boyfriend Tern used to always do that and Book used to let him do it even though he felt bad about it and now, he regularly gets nightmares. He explains all of this to Book, who on the surface seems okay and says all the right things like – I will always be there for you, it’s going to be okay, forget about it, etc. but inside, he seems to be definitely affected by this revelation. And, right after saying that he will always be at Book’s side, Frame leaves the bed to think about it all and starts messaging Fuse (and some another person named Ti (?)).

The next day, the boys gang (Yok, Mo, Frame, and Fuse) meet in the mall to have lunch and do whatever the hell teenage boys do. While doing that, Frame spots Tee and Cid, who are also out and about having some lunch. It’s finally so great to see Fuse being on the other side, watching his “lover” get all the attention.

There Cid is trying his level best to woo Tee. He cheekily asks if Tee has a lover, bats his eyelid, tries the famous Tee-eyebrow-game, and even tells him his plan to make a new lover (and gives him hints on who that might be). After that, they both go to a rooftop and start talking about life and stuff. It’s very romantic.

Tee also tells him that he lives in a condo because he doesn’t want to go back to his house, where his family is having some problems. Awww. And then, Cid basically lays his heart out for Tee saying that he gets him. Tee is the silent sufferer, one who doesn’t want to worry others with his problem. So, Cid offers his services. He says that he might not be able to solve all of Tee’s problem but will definitely be there to listen. Damn! This guy did it in 2 episodes flat what that fuccboi couldn’t do in 2 whole seasons – understood Tee for who he really is. But alas, MIR doesn’t like to see Tee happy for very long. So, when Cid leans in to give him a kiss, Tee moves back and asks to go home. I guess he needs more time.

On the other side, the boys gang are in a fancy hotel as Mo wants to take a poop. There they see Jean with that boy, who pretended to be her cousin, going inside the elevator together (gasps! clutches pearls!).

After seeing that, Fuse is obviously quite bummed and says that he doesn’t want to go back to his home. Frame, who’s also sad due to events mentioned before, volunteers to stay back with him and drink the night away. They then rent a room at the same hotel and start to drink. They get pissed drunk and nearly end up kissing but at the last moment, Fuse pulls back (wise move there mister) and they both go to sleep.

You know what, I think I finally get what MIR is trying to do. I think it’s going for the ‘real’ vibes like not the sweet candy romance but real, messy love story in real life, where people do stupid things when they get drunk and where it’s not always a happy ending. While I appreciate and respect that decision, for the love of god, PLEASE NO FRAME AND FUSE, PLEASE DO NOT CROSS THAT LINE!

Also, is it so easy to rent a room for teenagers when they are in school uniform? What about the alcohol? Where did they get the money to rent the room? And, why is the alcohol not blurred in this episode? Ugh. I am just not happy with this scene.

Anyway, in the morning, Tee wakes up to an empty bed. This boy is so concerned for Fuse’s well-being that even after all the shiz he’s put him through, he still calls around to see where Fuse might be at. Similarly, Book also seems sad that Frame isn’t there with him to go to school and has a really sad conversation with his mother over the phone.

The episode ends with the boys gang, including Book and Frame, in the school when Wit (I think) shares the info that a sex tape of a high school student has been leaked. Book obv. rushes out to see if it’s his video and Frame follows him. Oh boy, this is going to be a doozy.

Side Plots: I have no idea what’s happening with the plots involving Rodtang and Yok and Mo. With Rodtang, he’s trying to do everything but failing at all of them (I guess that’s the lesson?) And with Yok and Mo, Mo is still a prop for Yok to get back at  his mother.

Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • #couplegoals. +20


  • Me trying to avoid all my problems and responsibilities. +10


  • Boy, bye. +100


  • Someone make this shiz happen! +50


  • 🎵 I know I can treat you better than he can. And any boy like you deserves a gentleman. 🎵 +100



  • I don’t think MIR wants any of the couples to be happy. -100
  • What’s happening with Yok and Mo / Rodtang story lines? -50


  • And the fact that they insinuated that there’s some romantic connection between Yok’s mother and Wit? Ew. -100
  • And, for the love of god, never let this happen. -1000 for even going there.


  • Poor Cid. Crushed! 😥 😥 -100


  • Book’s GPA dropped from 3.94 to 3.90, a whopping 0.04 points, and his mother was very concerned. Asian parents, am I right? -20
  • What are those? -10 only cause I low-key love it. Haha.


Total: -1100

Verdict: As I said before, I think MIR wants to be a ‘real life’ relationship show with lots of ups and downs and ‘real’ dramas with ‘real’ consequences. It’s a very ambitious play but I don’t think it is working out for them.

Next episode: Finally, Tee seems receptive to Cid’s advances. I am actually excited about watching a new MIR episode this season! 😀

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Recap | Make It Right | s02e03


Let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

The boys are having a late night swim in the condo (probably) and Fuse is still mulling over who to choose – Jean or Tee. Are you frackin’ kidding me? The choice is crystal clear. It’s Tee, it’s always Tee.

We then shift to Frame and Book. Frame is sneezing a lot and Book scolds him for swimming this late with his friends. Frame asks Book to pass some cold medicine from his bag but it turns out to be a Viagra of some sort (of course). This makes Frame horny and he literally starts jumping on Book and starts to film the escapade. At this point, Book has had enough of it and says that he doesn’t want to do it again, Frame makes inquiries as to why is that. Book just ignores it and Frame leaves it as well and they have normal happy sex. While this is an interesting territory and a new development, this scene was very choppy. And, I have no idea how MIR will handle a sex video story line.

Later, we see a very happy Book cooking for Frame while day dreaming and feeling nostalgic. Frame being Frame scares him out of the blue and Book ends up cutting his finger. Frame then proceeds to carry out the first-aid, explains that he loves him and wants to care for him and starts to cook for him.

Back in Fuse’s house, he’s trying to reach Tee but Tee’s phone is turned off. (He doesn’t know about the sad melancholic montage that Tee had last episode.) Then, when Tee returns, Fuse apologizes and says that he will choose Jean instead of him.


However, our lord and savior, the epitome of grace – Tee handles it well by telling Fuse to follow his heart instead. 😥 😥


Then, after all of this, he still has the balls to say let’s still be friends. Oh. My. God. Of course, he can’t let go of poor Tee and wants all the attention. Has he thought about how this makes Tee feel? Of course not. Tee just says that he needs some time to sort this out and they will always be good friends. And, they have breakup sex.

Rodtang is busy playing the cool dude and now apparently, has an assistant. He is cutting class and is still hasn’t gone to the basketball practice. The boy with pretty eyelashes is pissed af. Nine assures him that he will handle the situation and goes to look for Rod. Rod, on the other hand, gets caught by the young teacher but using his charms, he gets away. Nine, seeing this, isn’t happy and lectures him about being responsible and good person. Rod just rolls his eyes mutters something about wanting to take care of his family, etc. It seems he’s become too cool for P’Nine.

In school, Fuse still wants to be friends with Tee and invites him to do homework together and go to the tutoring class together. But, Tee cooly rebuffs his attention seeking attempt and walks away. Yass!!!! You show him Tee!

Then, in the tutoring class, it seems Jean has also joined the same place and she asks for Fuse’s bag and wants Fuse to sit with her instead of Tee. When Fuse brings him some refreshments, Jean calls him over and takes that too. Ugh. I would be angry but right now, all I can say is – good riddance.

Then, to my pleasant surprise, we finally get another suitor for Tee’s affection – Cid/Sid. About time MIR, about BLOODY TIME.

Few facts about the new suitor:

  • He looks hella’ fine.
  • He is quite adept at flirting.
  • He was Tee’s classmate back in the day.
  • He likes Tee (obv.)
  • People used to tease Tee and Cid as lovers! (Omg, so cute)

But of course, Tee seems a little guarded with his emotions and doesn’t jump as quickly as our friend Cid. I hope that this leads to somewhere.

The best part is of course, the look on Fuse’s face, when he realizes that Tee already has a lot of options besides him! HAH!

Then, there’s some thing about Yok using Lukmo to get back at his mother. He literally wraps Mo as a present and gives it to his mother, who obviously goes berserk. I have no idea where this story line is going. I feel his mother is at least right in some ways, like not the homophobic part but the part where this 15 year old is moving in with this boy friend of his?? Kids these days, am I right?

Arbitrary Points Counter


  • Suck it. Suck it real good. xD +100


  • Get me a boy friend that takes care of me like this. +50


  • Your face when your bae take cares of you and cooks for you. +50


  • Doesn’t this guy look like Lee Jong-Suk? Cute as. +10


  • Boy, bye. +50


  • Oh, hey there. Do you want my pen? +500


  • People, the first contact has been made. +100

first touch.PNG

  • Eat your heart out, you little boy. +100



  • Fuse boy, you made the wrong choice today. -1000
  • One last time. 😦 -100


  • Rodtang, the character, is turning out to be a little b*tch, right? -20

Total: -160

Verdict: Not. I mean, where is the good kind of drama? Where are the cute high jinks? Where is the good kind of comedy? Where’s the romance? It’s just sad and melancholic now. However, the introduction of Cid, and Book and Frame’s cuteness made the episode bearable. (Also, skipping past all the hetero and Yok and Mo story lines definitely helped.)

Next episode: Tee moves out from Fuse’s house while Mo moves in with Yok.

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Recap | Make It Right | s02e02

No preamble today. Let’s recap (Spoilers, obv.)

So, we start episode 2 in the bathroom (where else?). Yok is pooping while Mo is on the other stall besides Yok trying to woo him. It’s all very romantic /s. With farts and poop-splash noises as the soundtrack of their romance, Mo finally manages to get Yok’s phone number and declares his intent to pursue Yok.

To be honest, the dialogues in these scenes are actually pretty funny and quite good (or at least the translations). But, but, but, the splash noises man … I don’t even know what to say. Anywho, even though I’m not happy, Mo is definitely happy with the progress he’s made and even though he gets teased about it, he’s still in good spirits.

Meanwhile, Rodtang is just chilling in the basketball court. You know, now that he’s famous and stuff – I guess, he can just chill. 😛 Then, in the midst of that chill sesh, the music teacher (I’m assuming) comes and starts to give some constructive criticism about the band’s performance from the previous episode. He says that they need a little bit of heart and soul in their music, which is currently missing. Rod’s “friend” promptly blames Rod and says that since he’s busy doing all other shiz – they haven’t been able to practice. Rod then asks the teacher to help them improve and the teacher agrees.

I have so many questions – a. Why is that teacher so young/hot? b. Why is he so interested in this particular group? c. Was he watching them perform last episode? Why wasn’t I paying attention? d. Is it bad that I think that this teacher and Rod should start getting it on? Haha.

Anyway, after this interaction, the basketball team comes (with Nine) to practice in the court. Apparently, Rodtang is also in the team but hasn’t been coming to the practice as Rod’s trying to do it all (drums, drama, band, basketball, etc). And, the guy named Lamom (legit – the coolest name ever) isn’t happy. He starts shouting at Rod and they nearly get into a fight. Luckily, Nine interferes and protects Rod and covers for him.

Meanwhile, the it couple of the moment – Book and Frame – are busy playing house. Surprisingly, Frame is now cooking for Book and tending to his needs and all in all, is very caring. This is illustrated further when Frame gets some messages from his fan club in the middle of their homely dinner and ends up deleting them and blocking them instead of reading/replying. He then goes on to tell Book that he’s not that sort of guy anymore because he now has a boyfriend! (Awww … this reminds me so much of 2 moons.)

Then, we see Yok hatching a plan with Christina to get back at his mom for giving him grief about being gay. And, I think that plan involves Yok making Mo as his boyfriend as we see him asking Mo to move in with him and giving him an underwear as a present.

I mean … again … so many questions. a. Do these teenagers not have any parental supervision? b. Are they so independent/mature that they decide to live alone/move in together on a whim? c. Are all of their parents so rich that they can afford individual condos for their children? d. How are these teenagers so sexually active and mature? (I’m just envious, that’s all. Haha)

In the land of Tee and Fuse, Tee has conveniently moved to Fuse’s house to “tutor him” (again, none of their parents have any problem with this). And they even setup a future plot point here when Tee invites Fuse back to his condo. We can see that out of these two, Tee is definitely the happiest  as he is looking forward to spend more time with his beau. But, it’s MIR and they can’t seem to tolerate seeing Tee this happy. So, when they’re on a date and Tee is about to say something cute and romantic, MIR thrusts Jean back into the picture. Apparently, the guy Tee and Fuse saw with Jean was just her brother and she still thinks that Fuse is her boyfriend.

The episode ends with a long montage of Tee being sad and melancholic.

Arbitrary Points Counter


  • Tee’s  – surprise~~. His English is so cute. +20


  • Boom Moments. +50


  • Batman, Superman, Ironman? – No, I want to be YOUR-man. Hahahaha. I know it’s bad but this was the good kind of bad. +50
  • These two are #couplegoals. +100


  • Also, when did Book become so hot? He was definitely cute but I don’t remember pausing episodes to stare at his face. +100
  • I live for Boom’s happy face and expressions. +100


  • Even though he acted like a b*tch, Lamom has such pretty eyelashes. +25


  • Jean’s brother is so cute though. I mean, even though he looked interested in Fuse, I think he should be Tee’s boyfriend. +10



  • Splash – splash. -100000
  • Yes, I know Line produced the series. So, any sponsoring thing is inevitable. But, they literally shoehorned the tutorial on how to use Line Messaging Services twice in this episode. -1000
  • The fight between Rod and Lamom seemed so fake. -100
  • The thigh grab and the underwear gift from Yok was not for me. I don’t support this unholy union. -50


  • Why can’t MIR see Tee be a little bit happy? And, he even got a sad and lonely montage! Ugh, and he’s also such a martyr, sacrificing his happiness for that of the others. -1000

Total: -101,695

Verdict: Not. Literally, nothing exciting or of any significance happened this episode. People were just randomly coming and going in the show. People were giving advice and no one seemed to be actually following it. I don’t know. I think they just ran out of story, it seems. And, why is everything/everyone so sad and miserable. That’s why, I’m paying attention to these weird details, which otherwise I would have been too busy too notice. The only good thing about MIR right now is Frame and Book and Boom (not Tee, the character). Hopefully, MIR can recover as the season goes along.

Next episode: I don’t know. I was so bored, I just closed my browser.

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Recap | Make It Right | s02e01

*For L.M.*

Yes, I know it’s 8 weeks late and I know I can never ‘Make It on Time’ for ‘Make It Right’ 😛 but hey, better late than never right? I’ve many many excuses (one of them being 2 moons) but let’s not get into that. One important thing though, since I’m also recapping 2 moons, it will invariably affect my recaps for ‘Make It Right 2’. I know it’s a different type of BL show but I can’t help compare the two and make snap judgement. Haha. Also, before we begin, thank you to the creators and the actors of the show, the uploaders and subbers, and the fans themselves!

For today’s recap, we will just discuss what’s happening with our major characters since the last season and my opinions on it (as I have a lot of it). (Spoilers, obv.)

Tee x Fuse:

Okay, first of all – HOW IS FUSE STILL IN RELATIONSHIP WITH JEAN AND HOW IS TEE STILL OKAY WITH THAT? Didn’t we resolve this already last season? If they repeat this whole thing, I’m going to be super pissed. And also, Fuse is poor now? I don’t know where they are going with this but I don’t like it.

Anyway, throughout the first episode of the second season, we see Tee head over heels in love with Fuse. He is the optimist, the martyr, who is very considerate of everyone else’s feelings except for his own. Fuse, on the other hand, I don’t really know what he is doing tbh. He has just become this whiny b*tch, who says he’s going to break up with Jean but the moment he sees her with another boy, changes his tone and wants to fight. Of course, Tee manages to calm him down but we will see if he keeps his promise to Tee. Ugh, boy, you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

Book x Frame:

I don’t know how but Book and Frame are apparently living together now. And surprisingly, they have become my new favorite couple in the show. They are in love, they are sexual and there’s a sense of progress there, unlike Tee and Fuse. Yes, Frame is still a horny-ass sex addict and Book is still a little insecure and shy BUT we also see growth there. Frame is now a little more considerate of Book’s wishes and feelings and Book is a little more daring (that butt grab? I was about to die!)

Even though it has the most prettiest boys and the cutest story, 2 moons is so chaste that I feel like I will get my virginity back after watching the show. But MIR – it isn’t afraid to push that sexual boundary and I also commend the actors for committing to it. I don’t even think we will get a kissing episode in 2 moons anytime soon but MIR had the main couples sleeping in the first episode itself!

The Boys:

So, apparently, the three boys live together as well. I don’t know why the writers decided to do that but … yeah. In this episode, Mo is still a little heartbroken from that event last season. So, his friends advise him to try out dating guys instead (such good friends). And of course, Frame gives a thumbs up for this idea. Then comes the ridiculous story line/meet cute that I’ve ever seen in life where Yok (the creepy guy from last season) and Mo cross path.

Look, I’m not denying the type of show that MIR is. It’s campy, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it’s not afraid to offend people. HOWEVER, there’s fun-omg-such-a-guilty-pleasure-camp and MIR camp. Yok wants to take a dump. He is clutching his stomach and farting while Mo, really has to pee. And, they both are in search of a toilet to relieve themselves. In this rush to get to a toilet, they collide with each other (in slow motion) where Mo falls on top of Yok. And, just like that another couple is born.

I … I … I give up, MIR. You win.

Nine and Rodtang:

So, in season 2 of MIR, Rodtang is famous (and is a singer). Don’t ask. Even the show doesn’t know why. Nine is still in love, while Rodtang – I don’t know what’s happening there.

Arbitrary Points Counter


  • MIR, Y R U baiting us like this? +20


  • When Nine presses the elevator button for Rod and uses the stairs – it was sweet. +10
  • #couplegoals +50


  • Bed bath? Yes, please. +20


  • Boom’s famous eyebrows. +50


  • The boys imitating Book. +20


  • I. Need. Some. Water. Ugh. Doesn’t this remind you of Daniel Craig’s scene in Casino Royale? +5000


  • And of course, after seeing Book, Frame is like – yeah, nah – let’s have sex.+20


  • The infamous butt grab scene. +1000


  • Tee and Fuse’s teacher is so cute. +20
  • Matching T-shirts are still a thing with these two. Although, swapping would be better? +100



  • I love camp. I love cringy and cheesy stuff. The only reason this is here is because I don’t believe it. Yet. -100


  • Listen to your sister, Fuse. -100


  • Why is everyone doing the “ass-digging” thing? -20
  • Why does everyone live in the same damn condo? -10
  • Okay, MIR – I would like a warning before you play a woman moaning in a porn scene in one of your episodes so that I can mute the volume and avoid the suspicious looks of others in my vicinity.  -100
  • So, you want to tell me that these boys watched Book and Frame smooch and have sex? -50


  • The “meet cute” between Mo and Yok. -10000


  • Fuse losing it because Jean is with another guy. Ugh, get over it. -100

Total: -4170

Verdict: Not. MIR is veering on the side of becoming a little boring (except for the Book and Frame story line). So, I hope that future episodes are a little more exciting. Furthermore, 50+ minutes per episode, without anything happening, is a little too long in my opinion.

Next episode: More of the same thing. Jean looks like she is still in the picture.

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