Recap | Make It Right: The Series | s01e12

It’s finally the MIR season finale and the recap is arriving two¬†whole month after! Yay! ūüėÄ ūüėõ

Tbh, I had seriously given hope that I would ever finish this recap but two things happened that motivated me to finally finish this damn thing -> 1. SOTUS arrived¬†(we will also recap that, of course) and 2. It’s a long weekend where I live and I had some extra time at hand. So, let’s finally finish this journey that we started together (lol and Spoilers, obv).


In this finale, we see some couple start their love journey, some reconcile after their fight, while some go their separate ways. The director ties up some loose threads and also sows seed for story lines for the next season.

Let’s start with Frame and Book. They are given the shortest amount of screen time in the finale but they also get the most cutest scenes of them all. It’s all about that honeymoon phase after the confession for them. They stare at each other lovingly, Book brings Frame food, feeds him, kisses him, etc. There are so many cute moments packed together in just few minutes that it’s better if you just watched it (or re-watched, in my case) and savor it.

Our other¬†couple (Rod and Nine) also continue to act cute (when is anything not cute in MIR? I mean, except the other hetero stuff that no one cares about). Rod brings Nine a gift (a hybrid of Nine’s face and batman’s body .. this show man .. this show) and tells him he appreciates his kindness and thanks him for being his hero. I really don’t get why Rod is latching so much to¬†this ‘hero’ stuff but I’m happy that Rod has found someone genuine who cares about him and loves him.

The couple for whom things don’t work out is the one with Lokmo and the other girl whose name I can’t remember and the love triangle with the two girls and P’Tan. We have been anticipating Mo’s break up for a while after we saw his girl friend getting¬†offered a job to seduce Yok by Yok’s mother but it was still painful nonetheless. The only thing that’s keeping me sane is the hope that he will be offered a better story line (and a better beau) next season. The love triangle on the other hand – oh forget it, I just don’t care about them.

Anyway, moving on to the¬†heart of our series, my OTP¬†– TeexFuse. Last episode, Tee and Fuse were fighting but like any two people in love they just can’t stay away from each other. Fuse finds himself in front of Tee’s house after school and after hesitating for a few seconds decides to go in. They come face to face but apart from staring lovingly, they don’t talk to each other (the pain!) and all we are left with is the incoherent love lorn talk¬†of the drunk P’Tan.

The next morning, Fuse arrives early at school and decides to sing a song (obv! didn’t you know that that’s what one does when one arrives early at school? pfftt) and with the power of Fuse’s love (!) and the power of music (!), Tee instinctively knows it’s Fuse calling him, sings with him (from the grounds outside) and sprints towards the music room. (By this point,¬†if you are still surprised that by this sort of thing¬†then you are watching the wrong show). Tee¬†doesn’t go in but just listens from outside with love and satisfaction in his eyes. Fuse finishes the song, reminisces about the past encounters with Tee and comes outside but Tee has vanished.

The whole day Fuse is sad and lost and keeps remembering the amazing moments that he had with Tee. The show (and the story) comes full circle when later, Fuse finds himself locked in the same spot where he was locked in the beginning of the series. He is heartbroken and cries reminiscing about the good old days. And, the episode ends with our main hero РTee Рcoming at the right time to rescue him with that infectious smile of his and a warm hug (and of course, a whole lottaaaa louvveeeeee!!!!).

The Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • I want someone who looks at me like Book looks at Frame. +100


  • I want someone who feeds me stuff like Book does to Frame. +100


  • I want someone who kisses me with love like Book kisses Frame (and covered from three different angles). +100


  • I want someone to bring me thoughtful gifts like Rod brings to Nine. +100


  • I want someone to be there for me when I am lost like Tee is there for Fuse. +100


  • Basically, I want someone to love me like Tee loves Fuse. +500


I am not desperate for love and attention, I swear. ūüė•

Total: 1000


  • You’re telling me that Fuse didn’t see that some one was listening to him the whole time when he reviewed the footage later? This could have saved all the sadness if he knew Tee was right there all along. I mean, it would have cut down the sweet moment later at the end as well so, only¬†-5.


  • Is it just me or does everyone feel like tasting that Gyoza thing? Damn, that is clever advertising! -10


Total: 115

Verdict:¬†A decent season finale. No cliffhangers – so that’s good at least.

GIF of the episode: Happy Ending ~~


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Recap | Make It Right: The Series | s01e11

Hello, my lovelies. Apologies again for the tardiness. However, I was busy doing <insert excuses here>. Fear not, we will definitely get through the final two episodes! Let’s recap.¬†(Spoilers obv.)


The penultimate episode of MIR starts where the previous one had ended – with Rodtang mourning over Fuse and Nine being there for him. They talk and bond. Nine is completely smitten but Rod is not quite there yet (he’s getting there slowly). This is illustrated by the bizarre dream sequence where Nine is the fisherman and Rod’s the fish. He doesn’t seem too happy to be with Nine in the dream.

However, this is all about to change. Rod and Nine go to a storage room to store those amazingly-amazing band-stick thingies. It’s there where Nine ‘saves’ Rod from a falling box and literally becomes his hero. And obviously, he gets injured while doing so and obviously, it’s Rod who¬†performs the first aid. This brings them even more closer.

On the other side, Fuse is still being clingy and stalking Tee on Facebook. He sends him a text but doesn’t get a reply and gets a – ‘I’m busy and I have to study’ – when he calls him.¬†So naturally,¬†like any other person, he questions his busy-ness with the Facebook¬†evidence and blames Tee for ignoring him (lol .. so¬†relatable). Anyway, the next day it’s his turn to ignore Tee. Tee tries really hard to talk to him but Fuse acts like a total diva and blatantly tells him not to disturb him. His smug and satisfied look was quite funny to watch. But, we all know that¬†they love each other and we can see that both are hurt and in pain when they are apart. Although, I’m not worried as it’s like The Boys‚ĄĘ said – This is a fight between a married couple. They will sort it out themselves and we shouldn’t intervene.

Meanwhile, the story of Book and Frame progressed a lot in this episode. At first, Book still refused to talk to Frame but Frame ingeniously partnered up with Book in a class project where they finally had a chance to talk and figure out the misunderstanding. It’s there where Book admits to his feelings for Frame and Frame also opens up his heart to Book and tells him not to break it. For context, this was¬†because Frame (like Book) also had his heart broken before by a girl.

These girls I tell you, all so heartless! Hurrah for boys+boys. ūüėõ

Finally, in the Plot C and D that nobody cares about, Fuse’s sister and Mook (I learned her name!) kinda-sorta kiss. I’m sure it was a one-time experimental thing but Tee’s brother sees this and he freaks out and goes into heartbreak frenzy mode. Yok’s mom, on the other hand, sends a girl to sleep with him in his room. Lol. Where can one find such mother? Do tell me.

The Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • It has been confirmed that this school really doesn’t have any nurse or doctor in its infirmary. Bad for patients but great for plot progressions as we get to see students perform first aid on their SOs. +50


  • Fuse stalking Tee on Facebook and arming himself with evidence to use in a fight is literally all of us. +50
  • Is it just me or did Fuse’s (Peak)¬†acting skills get¬†better when he was acting all pissed and screaming at Tee on the phone? +10
  • Savage #1. +10


  • Savage #2. +10


  • Classic Frame doing what he does best. +15


  • #swag +20


  • I always forget they are all still teenagers. +10


  • I want someone to love me like Book loves Frame.¬†+20

post card

  • I wish boys,¬†I wish! +500






Total: 695


  • BDSM anyone? -10


  • This is the exact face that we made when the whole fishing thing¬†happened. -50



  • It’s the 11th episode of the series and their bags are still empty af. -25


  • Let’s face it, that box in the storage room wouldn’t have hurt Rod or Nine. -15
  • VFX blood magic. -10


  • $380 for those beauty products? No, thank you. -10
  • It’s really funny when you think about teenagers spouting sentences such as ‘I don’t believe in love.” ūüėõ -20

Total: 140

Verdict: A very average episode, story wise.

GIF of the episode:¬†Boom! You’re pregnant!


Next episode: The end.

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Recap | Make It Right: The Series | s01e10

CaptureApologies for the tardiness my fellow fangirls but I was quite occupied¬†this week. Also, I’m obsessed with this new K-drama called¬†‘W’ (#hype).¬†I mean, it’s really really good and quite age-appropriate for me (unlike MIR ūüėČ ). Anyway, this MIR episode is all about heartbreaks. Let’s recap.¬†(Spoilers, obv.)

Tee’s brother¬†ūüíĒ Fuse’s sister ūüíĒ That girl

First of all, wouldn’t it be kind of incest-y if Tee and Fuse got together and then, their siblings got together as well? Hmm.

So,¬†in this episode, we learn that ‘That girl’ likes Fuse’s sister and Fuse’s sister (I really need to learn their names, don’t I?) doesn’t like that ‘That girl’¬†likes her. Apparently, she has known about this for a while and just wants to be friends. Meanwhile, Tee’s brother is oblivious to this fact¬†and interjects himself in their conversation and tries to act all cute and flirty. It just results in awkward situation between the three of them. The whole thing ends in a heartbreak with ‘That girl’ crying alone in a storage room as Tee’s sister clearly doesn’t like her that way. Even though I don’t like this C-plot, I felt for the poor girl. Been there, done that. Keep your head strong as this too shall pass.

Book¬†ūüíĒ Frame

The ongoing fight between Book and Frame continues this episode as well (escalates more even). It’s just one misunderstanding after another. Book is in the classroom cleaning with some of The Boys‚ĄĘÔłŹ and The Boys‚ĄĘÔłŹ being boys start to tease Book about his ‘relationship’ with Frame. Book gets really pissed and starts to yell and asks whether it was Frame who told them about their ‘relationship’. The Boys‚ĄĘÔłŹ quickly apologize seeing Book’s anger and explain that Frame had nothing to do with it and they just saw how close Frame and Book had become and were just joking. This calms Book down and he realizes his mistake. (See? Now, was that so hard? No. You just have to talk to people and not assume things.) However, this happiness doesn’t last for long. He calls Frame and sets up a meeting at the Siam (where else?). He also buys some CD and greeting card as an apology. But, when he goes there, he sees Frame holding hands with another girl and just loses it. He screams at Frame and blames him for – well – everything. Now, we know that Frame was just helping out a friend (who is a girl) and there is nothing going on between them. Had Book been a rational person and just trusted Frame and asked him about this situation, none of this would have happened. You just need to talk things out people.¬†Book, repeat after me. Communication is the key. Communication is the key.¬†Got it?

Tee¬†ūüíĒ Fuse¬†ūüíĒ Jean¬†ūüíĒ Rodtang

This foursome, on the other hand, is a little more interesting than the rest of them (but just as frustrating).

I don’t understand why Fuse continues to play both sides and doesn’t end the relationship with Jean. He knows he loves Tee (not Jean) and has said as much to Tee already but he still acts naive and innocent and continues to suck from both their bottles (literally). This act is getting old for me and I’m getting tired of it. It’s time to choose Fuse and you better choose the right one.

Anyway, Jean comes to visit Fuse and brings lots of goodies with her. At the same time, Tee brings a ‘strawberry smoothie’¬†and other snacks as well. It’s basically the high-school version of impressing and seducing your bae with as much things as you can buy. Fuse, of course, is just enjoying this attention and tries to please both of them. This gets even more complicated when Rodtang arrives for the band practice and there’s three of them vying for his attention. Poor Rodtang gets distraught when he finds out that Fuse really IS going out with a girl. Last episode, he just heard it but this episode, he witnessed it live. It breaks his heart (and mine).

Meanwhile, Tee is over this situation for now. He isn’t happy and tries to put a distance between him and Fuse. (Although, I’m sure he’s doing¬†this because of some stupid gentlemanly reason like, how he wants Fuse to be happy or some shiz like that.)¬†On the other hand, Fuse acts¬†all¬†stupid and tries to be cutesy and convince Tee to spend time with him. Fuse, listen to me. Sometimes you have to be serious and accept responsibility, okay? You are acting like a dumb blonde. Stop it.

Rodtang ‚̧ Nine

The only relationship that showed signs of working was that of¬†Rodtang and Nine. As I mentioned earlier, Rod is heartbroken. But, Nine comes to the¬†rescue and gives Rod the much needed¬†company. Here,¬†Rod realizes that Nine has always been there for him (unlike Fuse) and he’s been ignoring Nine and pursuing something that wasn’t right for him. Yes! Finally!! It’s like Taylor Swift said Rod.

You woke up and found that, what you’re looking for had been there the whole time.¬†You belong with him.¬†You belong with him.


PS. After re-reading what I just wrote,¬†I do realize that I’m being way harsh on¬†this episode. I don’t know why this happened. It’s not as if I don’t know the type of show MIR is but still, it’s just frustrating to see the characters I care about do same stupid things time and again. I don’t know. Sorry fam.

The Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • That rice Tee’s brother brought is organic. Of course. He¬†also drove to a farm somewhere to get it for Fuse’s sister.¬†Sure. +10
  • Yok is super lucky to have a friend like Christina. +40


  • Look at those slits. Look at those legs. Damn. +50


  • Of course, Tee knows Fuse’s favorite drink. The ‘strawberry smoothie’. +25
  • Did you notice that Tee didn’t get jealous when he saw Fuse with Jean but got¬†jealous when Rodtang came in the picture? Like, he doesn’t consider Jean as his rival at all. He knows who the real competition is. Lol. +50
  • When asked tough questions, Fuse turns to¬†his hubby for permission before he answers. Perfect execution.¬†+500



  • That long-stick-thingy looks legit. How much do you think the prop department of MIR paid for that? +10
  • Boom’s side-eye #345. +100


  • Frame’s friend (who is a girl) in Siam is so pretty. +10
  • I ¬†know this scene is supposed to be super serious but just look at it. Hehe. +25


  • Rodtang¬†‚̧¬†Nine. +100


  • And, this bonus scene at the end. Awwww. +100


Total: 1020


  • Do you really think¬†that bringing rice is a good idea to impress a girl?¬†-10


  • Apparently, Fuse’s sister and ‘That girl’ have no problem with this and they even cook the rice and eat it like it’s nbd. -5
  • Fuse’s sister is clearly taking advantage of ‘That girl’. And in the end, she just tosses her aside like a used rag. -20
  • Tee’s brother doesn’t know how to read the situation and how to stop talking. -5
  • I don’t know if this was intentional or not but this meta picture where ‘That girl’ is wearing ‘Make it Right’ t-shirt while being in the ‘Make it Right’ show doesn’t work (unlike in Love Sick (if you remember that), when the fangirls’ comment was really tongue-in-cheek and worked perfectly).¬†-15


  • I guess I’m not 15 anymore and don’t find this funny at all. Esp. the sounds.¬†-100


  • So, the students have to clean the classrooms in Thailand? Isn’t that child labor or something? ūüėõ -10
  • This scene perfectly describes the situation Fuse is right now. He needs to make a choice pronto. -100


  • Also, Fuse needs to seriously chill and give Tee some space if he’s not making the decision soon. -50

Total: 310

Verdict: The only reason this episode was bearable was because of Rodtang and Nine.

GIF of the episode: And, this scene of course.


Next episode: Rod and Nine become closer.

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Recap | Make It Right: The Series | s01e09


First of all, I would like to thank the drama gods for listening to me and bringing back Rodtang in the picture. I finally got to see the return of my beloved Tee’s side-eyes and sulky face. Thank you once again. Now, let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

The episode starts with a scene where Tee’s brother is trying to be cute and is flirting with Fuse’s sister. Well to sum up the whole thing, it ain’t working bruh. You gotta try harder and maybe, get some tips from your brother? He is the one scoring all the points lately.

Anyway, moving on. We then get a classroom scene where all The Boys‚ĄĘ (minus Tee (and minus Mo (where is Mo, btw?))) are #justchilling and talking about their girlfriends. As usual, The Boys‚ĄĘ are ribbing Fuse about Tee but he is pretty chill about it. Then, Frame goes to Book and starts being all cutesy and asks what he can bring him from cafeteria. Now obviously, The Boys‚ĄĘ start to tease them about this and unlike Fuse, Book isn’t happy. Seeing Book’s discomfort, Frame reprimands The Boys‚ĄĘ but the damage is already done. Book gets really angry and blames Frame for telling their secret to them. Bring all the angst!

For me personally, even though I could sort of believe Book’s reason for the outburst, I didn’t find the actual pacing of scene believable. I don’t know if it was the acting or directing or something else, I just couldn’t see that fight really happening between them so suddenly. Anyway, after that we get a lovely scene where Frame is waiting for Book but Book is ignoring Frame. Both of them look heartbroken. They need to end this fight real quick.

Now, onto the fun bits. Nine is conducting some sort of band practice and is fed up with Rodtang as he’s not following orders. Then, Fuse turns up at the practice scene as a substitute and tells Nine not to worry and that he can convince¬†Rod to practice. Rod is obviously very happy to see Fuse and is ready to teach Fuse how to turn those large-stick-with-balls-at-the-top type thingy. He also utilizes this opportunity to flirt with Fuse. They have a sort of ‘intimate’ moment and at the same time Tee appears and witnesses the whole thing. He is not happy and we get the classic Tee side-eyes. But, in the end, Fuse manages to win him over and make him smile again with his funny antics. And, for reasons unknown, Fuse, Tee, Nine, and Rod all decide to go to dinner together.

In the next scene, we get a quick update about Yok. His mother as usual is not happy that Yok is fooling around with guys. So, she seems to recruit Mo’s girlfriend to seduce him. Lol. It’s going to be such a fail. Can’t wait to see this plan backfire.

Back to the main story, those four guys are all having dinner and Rod continues to flirt with Fuse but thankfully, Nine holds back Rod from coming too much in between Tee and Fuse. When it’s time to go back, we get one of the greatest TeexFuse scenes ever – the bus scene! Basically, it’s a crowded bus and Tee takes this opportunity to hold Fuse’s hand while Fuse rests his head on Tee’s chest/shoulder.¬†Seriously, it’s the most cutest scenes they’ve done together till date. During the ride, Tee asks Fuse if he has feelings for Rod and Fuse makes it clear that he only has eyes for Tee. Yayy!

Now, throughout the episode, Nine and Rod continue to flirt with each other. Nine was quite happy to tell him that Fuse has a lover and he shouldn’t waste his time. When Rod forgets his keys to his condo (how convenient!), he comes over to Nine’s house to sleep. Rod tells Nine that he will stop pursuing Fuse and basically, just calls Nine his hero. And, to my surprise, Nine fist pumps the air and celebrates this victory. He likes Rod! It seems like they are going to be a couple now. Yayy as well!

The Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • Everyone in their class knows about and ships TeexFuse. +10
  • MIR channeling their inner Korean soul. +5

giphy17 giphy16

  • Fuse fabulosity.¬†+15


  • Rod finds every opportunity to flirt with Fuse. Does the juice taste much sweeter Rod now that Fuse has tasted it?¬†+10

giphy18 giphy19

  • Do you know why I kept¬†the moments between Fuse and Rod in the HOT section? It’s because of what comes after those moments. Behold, Boom’s (Tee) side-eyes. You don’t want to disappoint Tee, Fuse. +100



  • In the end, Fuse manages to make Tee¬†smile with his silly antics. +10


  • Rod trying to come between them is so cute. Also, notice Tee’s disdain. +10


  • Boom¬†is a gift that keeps on giving. +50


  • PDA alert. +500



  • I don’t know if you guys have noticed this but when Boom talks to Peak romantically, his voice turns very sexy – like really really sexy. +500


  • Nine is clearly feeling the love. +10

giphy26 giphy27

Total: 1220


  • Go back and watch this kid in the background. Deliberately slow and so so distracting. Lol. -5


  • The glasses that Book is wearing during the classroom scene doesn’t really suit his style. -10
  • During the “fight” between Book and Frame, all I could focus on were those tiiinnnnyyy shorts that the boys were wearing. I mean seriously, those slits – they show a lot of skin. It’s really hard to concentrate with those long legs on display everywhere. -10 for me not being able to focus.
  • Those read receipts. Oy. Been there. Book is savage af. -50


  • I find it hard to believe that it takes that long to learn how to twirl that long stick thingy. -5
  • This scene is kind of sad and poignant. Yes, let him go Rod. You don’t need to hurt anymore as you’ve got Nine now.¬†-25


  • Also, even though I live for Boom’s reactions, it’s still sad for me to see him so hurt and disappointed. -25
  • Someone needs to tell Yok’s mother about¬†Grindr.¬†-10
  • This is for Mo’s girlfriend (I forgot her name). Gurl, didn’t your mother teach you to never follow strangers? -15
  • Too much sweet things can be bad sometimes. You’re trying too hard Fuse. Need to tone it down just a tad bit. -5


  • When you find out your crush has a lover. Poor Rod. -10


  • When you take all the frustrations¬†out on a cute puppy. Poor Rocky. -20


  • Pimples? On Rod’s face? BLASPHEMY! Have you seen that gorgeous milky white face of his, Nine? It’s without any blemishes! -100
  • Also, this sponsored thing where these young guys (they are just 15 and 16!). talk about wrinkles and aging and creams is getting on my nerves.¬†-100

Total: 390

Verdict: A solid episode with lots of Boom.

GIF of the episode:¬†Boom is love. Boom is life.¬†‚̧


Next episode: Lesbians are coming to the show!

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Recap | Make It Right: The Series | s01e08


I feel that as the time goes, the episodes in the series are getting better and better, specially for Book and Frame. I was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief this week and enjoy the moments without feeling conflicted about it. Anyway, let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

We start with Book and Frame first. Frame visits Book in his condo and basically, apologizes for his behavior earlier (you know, for¬†that thing that he did). I was super happy to see him concerned about Book’s well being. We also learn that Book has recently broken up with his girl friend and has dated a guy in the past (which didn’t go too well). I think that this has made him hesitant to start a new relationship with Frame. But at the same time, we can see that he is secretly happy that Frame is giving him attention even though he pretends to be annoyed by it.

On the other hand, Frame is completely into Book. He is constantly trying to vie for his attention, compliments him and after hearing about his failed date with another guy, tells him to try again and date him. We also get a wonderful scene where he describes Book as a beautiful star, how he is perfect and how he is totally attracted to Book. I was crying, you guys. That scene was beautiful. They then go to the mall (as one does in Thailand everyday) where Frame continues being Frame and is quite forward and flirty and Book continues being Book and plays coy and just smiles sheepishly every time.

The second pairing of this episode – Yok and Dew continues to be annoying. They are vacationing in Yok’s dad’s resort. Yok is excited to spend time with Dew but it turns out Dew just thinks of Yok as a friend (!) and isn’t even gay (!). Yok is understandably upset but his mom comes in the picture causing even more drama. They create a scene where Yok’s mother scolds him for bringing a guy to the resort and chastises Dew for being a greedy gold-digger. They all leave the resort unhappy and looking sad.

Now, on to our main leads. Tee and Fuse are also on holiday this episode and are at the same resort. Fuse’s family is¬†there (with Tee) to surprise Fuse’s dad. In the hotel room where they are staying, a small boy comes in saying that he is instructed to give¬†free dessert to¬†couples and that’s why he has come here. The child is super chill and just accepts the fact that a M/M relationship is normal and that Tee and Fuse are a couple. Tee and Fuse have come to a stage in their ‘relationship’¬†where they don’t even deny it and then go onto this whole ritual of feeding each other those sweets as a couple. It was amazing. The way they speak to each other in such loving and hushed voices throughout the episode is just – ahhhhhh.¬†I’m just filled with happiness and glee.

In a different scene, they start talking about their relationship.¬†Tee is still concerned about Fuse and how he has a girlfriend and how that complicates things. So, he doesn’t want to hurt Fuse¬†by continuing this ‘relationship’. But thankfully, Fuse tells him to not do that and not let things get between them. He tells him to listen to his heart and just be happy.

We also get a bonus pairing this episode in the form of Nine and Rodtang. I am happy that Rod has found a new guy to go after but I am equally sad of the fact that he won’t be there to form a love triangle between Tee and Fuse. I live for jealous Tee and his side-eyes. Anyway, Nine is the vice-president of the music club and wants Rod to come to the practice. Rod, in turn, tells him to take him to a park if he wants Rod to show up in the practice. In the end, we get a lovely scene where they spend the day in the park and talk. I feel that¬†romance is brewing there.

The Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • I love how this show uses the actors’ t-shirts to get their point across. Here, Book’s shirt adequately represents his current relationship status (not for much longer though). +5


  • Frame continues to be a total flirt and pull shiz like these. +50



  • Like us, Book isn’t immune to Frame’s charms. +10


  • That line about Book being a beautiful star. Wow. You’re right Frame. Book IS a beautiful star Frame. All the nerds who do their homework and have nice habits rejoice! +10
  • After such a line, we’d be overwhelmed too Book. No need to be embarrassed.¬†+15


  • I. Can’t. Even. +100


  • Tee and Fuse are totally done¬†with the sister’s antics. +10


  • Tee’s adorable sigh when they collapse together in the same bed at the hotel. +5
  • That kid in the hotel. +5
  • The way Tee and Fuse’s look at each other intensely throughout the episode. +30
  • Fuse’s dad is cute. Them genes. +10
  • This elaborate ritual is everything. They are already like husband and wife. Bless them. +100

giphy5 giphy6

  • Fuse is ready to make their relationship Facebook official. ūüėČ +50


  • He is also quick to take advantage of the romantic environment at the resort. +25

giphy9 giphy10

  • Tee and Fuse in love. +100¬†

giphy7 giphy8

  • Tee’s legs smell nice eh Fuse?¬†I’m sure they do ūüėČ +15
  • They also have no shame and just continue to flirt in public. +10


  • Toey (Book)’s sheepish¬†grins¬†kill me every time I see them. It’s soooooooo adorable. +50

giphy14 giphy13

  • Someone needs to feed me desserts like this as well. +20


  • Book’s backhanded comment to Frame about him talking to other people while they were on a ‘date’ was incredibly well done. Subtle yet effective. He came to play.¬†+50
  • Rodtang is the most enterprising person I’ve ever seen. He convinces Nine to take him out even though Nine was the one who wanted Rod to come to the practice. (+10)¬†And, of course Rodtang doesn’t answer people’s phone in one ring.¬†(+10)
  • The episode ends in a positive note with this beautiful picture. There’s something there but we’ll see how it goes. +10


  • Last but not the least, Dew’s body. Enough said.¬†+50


Total: 750


  • Guys, Yok is creepy¬†af. -20

creepy face.PNG

  • His mother is being a total bish. -30
  • But, I also agree with her and think Dew is just using him for money. -10
  • Tee needs to stop being so rational and considerate of everything and everyone. Listen to Fuse, Tee! Be selfish for once. You have every right to Fuse. -50
  • Okay, this is just me being pedantic but the show not showing Tee and Fuse kissing directly is pissing me off. Is it just me? -100
  • Rodtang, come back. I am sorry. I need you to play the third wheel with Tee and Fuse.¬†-20

Total: 210

Verdict: HOT! And, with three great couples, it was bound to be one!

GIF of the episode: There were many but this one takes the cake for sheer cuteness and romance.


Next episode: Yok’s mother plays the villain.

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Recap | Make It Right: The Series | s01e07


After spending most of the time on Book and Frame last episode, this episode it’s all about Fuse and Tee. We get a lot of aww moments and rapid fire one liners. Let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

First, let’s get Book and Frame out of the way. So, things seem to be¬†getting back to normal between them. Book is¬†clearly in love with Frame but Frame is still wishy-washy about it. He shows concern but still doesn’t confess or commit to Book properly. In the school scene, we can see that Book clearly cares for Frame as he brings water for him and has that longing look in his eyes. But, in another scene, Frame is playful but doesn’t accompany Book to watch the documentary and chats with another girl right in front Book. We will see how it goes in the future for these two.

Another story line that got introduced this episode was of Tee’s brother and Fuse’s sister. Apparently, Tee’s brother likes Fuse’s sister but she doesn’t like him. Her friend though seems to like him instead. Hetero love confuses me.

Now, back to our main story. Last episode, I thought Fuse and Tee had sex but I was wrong. They were just talking at bed after showering or something. Although, they do have sex later (so, I wasn’t fully wrong?). Anyway, Fuse is quite concerned about Tee and is wondering why he’s avoiding him. And, in a surprising development, Fuse confesses to Tee about all his feelings. He says he likes Tee and his touch (!) and sees him as more than a friend. And, Tee of course tells him that he feels the same way. He tells him about the kiss he saw between Fuse and Jean and how it affected him.

Tee: I felt so bad as¬†I had no rights¬†to be jealous. I just want to be the only one to be able to kiss you. Fuse, you are more than a friend. For me, you’re my everything.

Awwwwww. And then after a long loving stare Tee tells him:

Tee: Can I be yours tonight?

Damn, Daniel!

Then the confession is sealed with a kiss and consummated. ūüėõ¬†The morning after, they continue the passionate love-talk.

Fuse: How come it ended up like I was yours all night long?

Tee: I belong to you, you belong to me. It’s the same. In the end, we belong together.

And, after Fuse jokes about wanting to ‘top’ Tee while having sex, Tee gets serious and says:

Tee: I can give you everything.

I can’t even.

After all the sex, they are late to go to school and instead spend the day going out and about and eating (of course). There’s an awkward moment when Jean also appears in the mall but the rest is them being cute and cuddly. They go home late and get scolded (playfully) by Fuse’s mother. Tee asks to stay the night (they are having a lot of sex, aren’t they?) and they have a lovely family dinner. It’s cute.

I have to say I’m in such awe of Boom. He is a great actor. I can see the longing, the love, the happiness, all through his facial expression. He is the one who sells the relationship between Tee and Fuse and wants me to root for them. I know something will happen to them (it’s a drama after all) but I hope their¬†happiness lasts forever.

The Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • That longing stare by Fuse while Tee is bathing. Fuse is in love with Tee. +5
  • Damn right, Tee reads National Geographic! What do you think of Tee, huh? He’s not your regular stupid teenager. +25
  • Fuse stakes his claim on Tee. +20
  • Can I be yours tonight? Yes, yes you can Tee. Forever and always. +1000



  • That satisfied smile of Tee the next morning. +5
  • This was sponsoring done right. “If you want to smell, you can smell me all day.”¬†+10

giphy29 giphy30

  • Fuse and Tee wear matching-couple t-shirts without even realizing it. It’s destiny. +50


  • Fuse is always ready for a photograph. +5


  • Of course, Fuse is the one who takes pictures of his food and posts it to Instagram. (+20) and of course, Tee¬†doesn’t have time fo dat. (+20)
  • This cute interaction. +15


  • But, I think you look more delicious! +20

giphy35 giphy36

  • Fuse’s mother is fabulous. +20

giphy32 giphy33

  • Book is carrying books. Lol. +5


  • Book makes sure that he looks alright before he goes up to Frame. +15


  • Hand holding. Check. Snuggling. Check. +10
  • Frame¬†knows how to keep Book interested. He’s the Casanova¬†after all.¬†+10


Total: 1235


  • Do we need a love story between Tee’s brother and Fuse’s sister? Hetero love confuses me. -20
  • When Tee says he wants to be kissed instead of kicked, Fuse sort of mimes the kiss and says – how’s that? Now, I don’t know if it was a deliberate not-kissing part or was it supposed to be a kiss part but didn’t fully become a kiss? Do you catch my drift? Either way, I was disappointed for not getting a kiss. -30

Total: 50

Verdict: This episode, HOT reigned supreme. So many cute moments, so many gifs~~!!

GIF of the episode: This kiss is everything.


Next episode: People talk about their feelings.

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Recap | Make It Right: The Series | s01e06


Okay, let’s just get this out of the way first. The hotel scene, the way that was edited/presented, it was RAPE! I don’t know when I became an internet SJW as I wanted to completely ignore it but I couldn’t. I’m assuming they just tried to show a hesitant Book but what I saw was him saying no till the end of the shot. Yes, in the morning everything is fine and he’s even smiling but a No is a No, you guys. If only they could have shown a tiny bit of smile at the end of scene of him giving into the temptation but alas, it wasn’t the case. So, for this episode, I’ve decided not to include Book and Frame’s hot/not moments from the points list (and there were so many as more than half of the episode was devoted to them). It hurts me to do this as I’m rooting for them as well. ūüė¶


Anyway, let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

At the start of the episode,¬†we see a little more background on what actually happened during the previous episode. Jean guilt tripped Fuse and made him kiss her. But, what we also saw was that Fuse is still in denial about his love for Tee. When Jean says Fuse doesn’t love her anymore, he gives in and says things will be better and he will try to be the same Fuse as he was before. But we all know that’s not gonna happen because #teamteeandfuse4life y’all.

In Book and Frame’s case, we see that Frame is really drunk when these two decide to hook up in a hotel. (Side note: Did the said hotel pay the series for a sponsorship deal where they were advertised as a hookup hotel? Lol.) We also saw that Book lives away from his parents and his father seems to be an abusive husband to his mother. I loved that scene because Book’s character was a¬†little bit fleshed out and¬†we see his motivation to go and try gay sex (which makes the sex scene even more disappointing, so that’s pretty sad).

And, then comes the sex (rape). As I’ve already said before, it was mishandled completely if they wanted to show a loving relationship between the two. In the morning ¬†after the sex though, everything appears to be fine. In the shower, Book is reminiscing about Frame through flashbacks and Frame seemed ¬†happy as well. There are shirtless scenes and Frame is attentive and caring (but still horny)¬†and tells him he won’t have sex if Book doesn’t want to.¬†WHERE WAS THIS CARE YESTERDAY?

Anyway, while showering Book starts bleeding a little and they go to a hospital immediately. Frame is quite concerned here and we see the good side of him. He holds his hand and gives him advice how to behave in a one-night stand (this was quite funny). He also tells Book that he’s bisexual and starts chatting to other people on the phone. This makes Book pretty jealous. When Frame is dropping off Book to his house, Frame tries to kiss Book and ask him out on a date but Book seems hesitant. I think he realizes that Frame is quite the playboy and is a total flirt and he’s trying to protect his heart by not falling for him. And, in this scene, I can believe that Book wants it but is just a little shy because of the way the scene was filmed. This looks playful and believable.

We then move to Tee and Fuse. Due to some parking problem or something, Tee and Fuse are in the same place at the same time. It is so adorable to see Fuse get excited when he learns this and he immediately goes to talk to him. In the way, he gets hit by basketball (thrown by Tee, no less) and they go to the nurse’s office¬†together. There’s no one there (obv.) and Tee performs the first-aid (obv.). It is a cute moment but Tee then realizes that he’s still hurt from the night before and is a little bit angry. He realizes that he needs to get away from Fuse because he won’t be able to handle it if he stays there. OMG, you guys. He is me. He is us. All the pain. All the feels. So, like a rational human being that he is, he decides to leave. Fuse begs him to stay (which was I think a little selfish of him) but Tee doesn’t.

It is then time to go home. Fuse gets a call from Tee’s friend, who is concerned that Tee isn’t acting normal and tells Fuse to take care of him. He’s pretty happy to receive that call and to be associated with Tee. Now, he just needs to realize that he loves Tee and not Jean and everything will be okay. Then, he sees Tee and begs him to let him go to his house. It’s really cute the way he tries to win over Tee’s affection. In the end, Tee gives in and they go to his house and have sex (so casual). We see that Fuse is¬†still confused (even though he just had sex with Tee) but Tee is not. He says to Fuse that he is the most important person in his life right now. OMG. THIS BOY. He’s gonna be the death of me.

The episode ends in quite an ominous tone. The end quote says that – “Some friends are gifts while some are lesson”. Now, I’m even more confused. Is this supposed to mean that Frame is a bad guy and Book is not supposed to be with him? Did they mean for the rape scene to BE a rape scene? I don’t know you guys. Am I overreacting? Tell me. Pls halp.

The Arbitrary Points Counter:


  • Tee’s brother is so cute and concerned about his well being and understands the pain. +10


  • Fuse’s excitement when he learned that Tee was in the same place where he was. ¬†+15
  • Like a dutiful friend that he is, Mo is super supportive and¬†tells Fuse¬†to ‘go greet your hubby’. It’s so cute. +15

giphy13 giphy14

giphy15 giphy16

  • Even when he’s hurt, Tee’s still concerned about Fuse and immediately goes to help him when he’s knocked down by the basketball. +5
  • This ongoing gag about no one being in the Nurse’s office is very funny and an ingenious¬†plot device. +10
  • Of course, Tee knows how to perform first-aid. +20
  • Tee’s friend is super concerned and calls Fuse to tell him that. +5
  • Fuse’s sheepish smile when Tee’s friend tells him that there is something going on between Fuse and Tee. +15


  • Fuse’s skills on the pole. If nothing works out he can have an alternate career. +25

giphy19 giphy20

giphy21 giphy18

  • Fuse¬†works hard to win over Tee. +10
  • Tee¬†is the epitome of grace and empathy and feelings, etc. He is hurt yet he still loves Fuse. He knows he shouldn’t be with Fuse but still gives in to his antics. My heart goes Boom Boom. ūüėõ¬†+50


  • And look how good they look together. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this pairing is pairing done right. +50


Total: 230


  • The hotel scene was mishandled. What they showed was clearly a RAPE. And, I’m not okay with that. -‚ąě
  • Fuse needs to stop lying and telling Jean that he still loves her. His heart belongs to Tee (just see his reactions when he is around Tee). -15
  • Drinking and driving!! -100


Verdict: NOT.

GIF of the episode:¬†This was the starting point for Fuse’s alternate career. ūüėČ


Next episode: Tee and Fuse are in bed. Again.

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