Recap | SOTUS: The Series | s01e02


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A second recap? After 2 months? I would say – right on schedule! Lol. So, let’s recap. (Spoilers, obv.)

So, what happened this episode?

  • Freshmen vs. Seniors

Hazing takes centre stage in this episode. Now, I would like to get this off of my chest. I do not like hazing or any form of it. Whatever reasons they give to justify it – like maintaining discipline or having respect for the seniors, it is total BS. Hazing is a form of bullying which can be very detrimental to people’s mental health. I have personally experienced some of this and I can tell you, it doesn’t lead to me falling in love with the head hazer and living happily ever after. /rantover

Anyway, moving back to the story, the juniors thankfully echo my views and express their displeasure about the hazing and seniors in social media. The seniors then have a meeting to talk about this issue. Instead of talking about how to solve the problem, they mention that the hazing should be harsher. I mean, I do not understand what do they achieve by doing this? Like, wtf is this even?


Kongpope is of course mentioned in this meeting but P’Arthit comes to the rescue by saying that they shouldn’t be harsher as teachers are watching, etc. There is also a dispute happens between junior Wad and senior P’Prem. P’Prem feels Wad didn’t respect him and Wad says that they should earn their respect and they should respect the juniors as well, yada yada yada. Same thing. We won’t delve into it for much longer because SOTUS itself forgets about this whole thing quickly in the coming episodes.

  • Kongpope vs P’Arthit

After getting a verbal scolding from their seniors, P’Arthit decides to be extra testy with the juniors. When he sees Aim without his name tag in one of those compulsory gatherings, he loses his shit. He explains that it is there for a reason and it will help them learn each other’s name (and bond), etc and starts screaming at Aim.

Now of course, student 0062 – Kongpope has to defend the defenseless and starts arguing with P’Arthit (what’s new?) about the name tag. Then, P’Arthit orders everyone to turn their name tags over and challenges Kongpope to name each one of the people around him. P’Arthit clearly underestimated how petty Kongpope can be cause that girl is prepared.





He shows off his skills and names almost everyone but alas, luck isn’t on his side. He stumbles on the last one and fails to identify one girl. (Her name is May. She will be important later. So, pay attention). Seizing the moment, P’Arthit berates him for not identifying that one girl. (P’Arthit can be just as petty!)

He then proceeds to tear her name tag (why though?). Our hero again sacrifices himself and gives his tag to her (idiot noble hero). P’Arthit isn’t happy about this and killer looks are exchanged between him and Kongpope.


But, the soft hearted P’Arthit leaves a new tag for Kongpope on his locker. Aww!

Side note: I felt that this whole conflict was unnecessary as it was resolved really quickly.

  • Even more hazing

Under the guise of discipline, seniors continue to torture the juniors by making them do weird drills, and chant weird things. I really don’t understand how this promotes unity. Actually, no. After thinking about it for a while, they might just unite together against them as hatred brings people together. I’ve seen it happen.

In the middle of one of these chants, one girl suddenly faints and P’Arthit rushes to help her. Now, this was also really problematic for me. The solution to this problem is to not have these kinds of problems in the first place. If P’Arthit cares so much about the well being of the juniors, why is he making them do all these stupid things?

Side note: This is hilarious (not the hyperventilating but the ‘device’ used to help that poor girl). But I guess in emergencies it could work?


  • Moon and Star

Aim also gets injured during the drills and Kongpope takes him to the infirmary where a senior girl is attending the injured students. (Seriously? Thai dramas don’t have nurses/doctors in their infirmaries?)

Anyway, she then asks Kongpope to participate in the university beauty contest (for a lack of a better term). Clearly, Kongpope’s good looks, charm, and savior behavior hasn’t gone unnoticed.

When P’Arthit also comes to the infirmary and P’Fang (the senior girl) tells him about this, P’Arthit’s reaction is hilarious:


Then, P’Fang asks him why did he nominate Kongpope in the first place (lol!). He quickly says that yes he nominated him but now he thinks it was a wrong idea.

In the end, we get to see the caring side of P’Arthit as he gives the junior boys food and shows compassion. However, I still don’t see why he needs to do this. Why couldn’t he just not do the hazing in the first place? Anyway, we can definitely see the attraction for P’Arthit growing in Kongpope’s face.

  • Seniors vs Seniors

When Aim leaves Kongpope’s notes in the uni building, Kongpope decides to go back and get them. While doing that he secretly sees the seniors being hazed by their seniors on how ineffective they are at their job, etc. This of course makes Kongpope a little more sympathetic towards P’Arthit. While returning towards his dorm, Kongpope runs into P’Arthit and continuing the tradition of delivering fantastic-trademark-worthy lines, he says this gem:


Side note: I can see that my recap for this episode has become unnecessarily long. I will try to shorten it next time. 😛

Ratings: 3/5. It was a pretty boring episode but I guess it is slowly building up the characters and settings. We will see how it goes.

Next week: Kongpope falls in love.


Recap | SOTUS: The Series | s01e01


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Well hello, hello, hello. It’s me, again! Just in the time for the holidays! The one who is forever late and forever behind the schedule. And this time, we will be recapping SOTUS – The Series. I hope I can finish this one on time. Lol. 😛

Set in a university, SOTUS is a BL story about the-bully-from-the-outside-but-a-giant-teddy-bear-with-softest-heart-inside senior (P’Arthit) and the-opinionated-and-the-rebel-supreme-who-doesn’t-want-to-follow-any-of-your-damn-rules junior (Kongpope). Let’s recap the first episode. (Spoilers, obv.)

It’s a happy day for the new students at Faculty of Engineering. They are at a new university, everyone’s friendly, they are dancing and having a fun first day and then BAM! Everything goes downhill from there. Did they think that it would be that easy? Hell no. The Red Devils (seniors) enter the assembly hall (with a dramatic music, no less), look menacing and explain why they are there (but hey, so many familiar faces in that crowd).


They talk about something regarding discipline, the wheel, the locket or something.


Basically, they are there to just haze the juniors. They want the newbies to get 1000 signatures of their seniors in a week (!). Everyone is disappointed but no one dares to speak up except of course, our Mr. Rebel Kongpope. He is clearly not having it. He tries to reason with P’Arthit but gets shut down quite quickly. They have to do it whether they want it or not. (And, you instantly realize that this won’t be the only showdown between them.)

The new students then start to ask their seniors for their signatures. Some dance while some perform push ups for the signatures. It is quite weird and sort of humiliating to watch them do those things even with that funny soundtrack.

Side Note: Hottest senior award goes to this guy. Wow. 10/10 would bang.


One of the students, Aim, the-one-with-the-lost-puppy-face, is clearly struggling to get signatures. Our hero, Kongpop, sees this and of course has to save the day by offering to collect signatures for him. While I don’t like this savior-behavior, he does make a valid point about being forced to do things that you aren’t suited to do. He also clearly knows that people think he’s hot and works it to his advantage. P’Arthit sees this and isn’t too happy that he’s helping Aim with the signatures and starts arguing with Kongpope. Although, it seems that he has memorized Kongpope’s name and student number quite quickly, eh (just sayin’)?

As a punishment, Arthit makes Kongpop stand up on top of the cafeteria desk and say that he likes men and also to go around the place asking guys on a date. It is pretty humiliating and that smug face is quite funny to watch.


However, we know that Kongpope won’t rest easy and will have his revenge. This comes later in the junior assembly, where P’Arthit is chastising them for not knowing who their classmates are and other discipline related business. Girlfriend, I didn’t know the names of classmates even at the time of my graduation, how can you expect them to know that in the first week? Smh.

Anywho, Kongpope is ready to fire back and tells P’Arthit that he doesn’t need to worry if P’Arthit gives him the gear or not as he will just make P’Arthit his wife and as we all know, anything that belongs to a man also belongs to his lover.






Whattt??????? I mean, damn son! The balls! Everyone, including me is shocked and P’Arthit naturally gets riled up but others hold him back.

This back and forth continues on the next meetup in the field as well. P’Arthit is ready to take out the anger on everyone as some of the juniors didn’t bother to show up for this meeting. However, Kongpope (who else) then stands up and says that even if they’re not here personally, they’ve sent in their hearts. P’Arthit isn’t impressed and asks all of them to run 54 laps around the field. Kongpope declines and when P’Arthit asks why, he says that they’ve only sent the hearts to him and not anyone else to fill replace the heart that was given to P’Arthit earlier.



I mean?????? Where does he come up with this shit?

Rating: 4/5 — just for those dialogues of Kongpope.

Next episode: More hazing.